Infrared Saunas heat it's users by emitting infrared heat, unlike traditional saunas which use steam. They are usually in a wooden box or a small wooden room. If you are in a warm climate, infrared saunas can even be used outdoors in the open air.

There are many reason that you should use an infrared sauna included, but not limited to, the following:

1. Pain Relief: Infrared energy can penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, heating tissues and reducing muscle spasm, achiness and joint problems. Many fibromyalgia patients use infrared sauna as a way of managing their pain and aches.

2. Dextoxification: With the deep penetration of an infrared sauna, the heat aids in the removal of toxins stored in the fat cells. Toxins such as alcohol, nicotine, sodium and mercury can build up in your system causing all kinds of medical problems.

Detoxifying with the sauna will help remove those toxins in an easy, pain free environment.

3. Weight Loss: When your body has to work hard to maintain a constant temperature, weight loss occurs through increased blood flow and sweating. The average infrared sauna session burns around 350 calories, the equivalent of running 2-3 miles!

Although there are many more important reasons to use infrared saunas, these are the three most intriguing. Patients spend thousands of dollars each year on pain management resources.

Why not get the most for your money with a sauna that can not only manage your pain, but help with your overall health by helping in weight loss and detox?