Saunas have long been recognized for their therapeutic benefits, noted for their ability to alleviate stress and ease chronic pains, along with promoting a general feeling of well-being.

As a result, saunas are fairly commonplace in hotels, fitness centers, and health spas, and have even made their way into residential homes. However, infrared saunas, those that use infrared rays to warm the body rather than a normal heat source to heat the air, have been recognized as having even more powerful health benefits than their conventional counterparts.

This can be challenging for some to believe since when in an infrared sauna it does not feel as warm as a traditional sauna and because of this people feel that they are not getting the same health benefits. Let me explain why this is not the case.

1. For one, infrared saunas are touted for their ability to aid in weight loss. The infrared rays target the body and penetrate deeper into the tissue, heating the body in a way that causes an increased metabolic effect not found in conventional saunas, which only heat the air around you.

2. Infrared saunas also aid in cellulite reduction, as the infrared heat both stimulates blood circulation and works on subcutaneous fat, allowing the latter to be metabolized and even sweated out as it becomes liquefied.

3. If that were not enough infrared saunas also have powerful detoxification properties: the deep penetration of infrared heat has a liquefying effect on fat, which is a common storage center for various toxins and heavy metals, allowing unwanted chemicals to be released from the body through sweat.

Due to increased blood circulation you also get the added benefit of more youthful glowing skin.

All in all the infrared sauna is a wonderful tool that can provide health benefits.