In female intimate waxing there are generally three treatments choose from – Bikini line, Brazilian and Hollywood. How far each of these go is very much up to the therapist and the clients preference. What one therapist calls a Brazilian another may just see as being a high Bikini line. There are no standards, or guidelines as to how much hair is removed for each of them.

Female intimate waxing has been around for a good few years, and if therapists can not agree on names there is even less chance of agreement for therapists offering male waxing.

Not long after male intimate waxing Started to become well known the British press covered the phrase “Back, Sack and Crack” as a catch all for intimate waxing. Even here there is disagreement as to what is meant – does the 'Back' refer to a complete back and shoulder wax, or just the buttocks using 'Back' as an abbreviation of 'Backside'.

For male intimate waxing the term Hollywood has never really taken off, the most common name I see around is Brazilian. It has become an all-encompassing intimate waxing description. Personally I am not a fan of the name 'Boyzillian', it does not sound very professional and sounds like you do not take the treatment too seriously.

Another name that I have heard a few times, particularly in the US, is 'Manscaping'. However this quite often refers to all male treatments, such as a back wax.

There are various options for salons with regards pricing and promotion of these services. The first is to name and list just about any combination of waxing you can and give a price to it. I find this then leads to a rather long list that can be quite confusing to clients.

Personally I prefer to break it down slowly as follows:

  • Speedo Line : The male equivalent of the bikini line. This removes the hairs from the crease at the top of the leg
  • Groin : The penis, scrotum, pubic triangle, and perineum
  • Buttocks : Just the buttocks, taking the hairline to the top of the cleavage but not into the crack
  • Crack : Removing all hair from the cleavage inwards to the anus and perineum
  • Brazilian : All of the above

I then make it clear in my pricing and at the start of any treatment consultation that the client can change the waxing as they wish. For example a lot of clients prefer not to have the complete pubic triangle removed and so the price for their treatments will reduce accordingly.

The most important aspect of marketing and offering these services is to maintain a professional standard. This means using the correct medical terminology, for example penis and scrotum. Avoid the use of slang names, even if the client uses them always use the correct term yourself.