Day spas provide customers a safe, nurturing, caring, serene, and clean atmosphere. They offer services that benefit anyone. Facials, massages, treatment rooms, you name it! The only difference of a Day Spa from other spas is that they work on a daily basis. People usually go there to avail and complete a service in 1 session.

That is why it is termed as a day spa because it only caters to services on a daily basis unlike other kinds of spas. In contrast to this statement, destination spas offer similar services but they are done in a hotel or in hotel like settings where people stay for one or more days. Here, they are accommodated for treatments that can be done overnight.

Typical services offered by Day Spas are: a facial which includes facial cleansing done with different kinds of products, massages which people get for relaxation and therapeutic services, waxing which removes undesired body hair using a thin layer of hot wax, body treatments that include body wraps, aromatherapy, and body scrubs which remove dead skin cells, and skin exfoliation treatments that included microdermabrasion and chemical peels which remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin as well.

Medical Spas, also called med spas, are a type of day spa that does medical and aesthetic procedures with the supervision of a licensed health care professional, usually a medical doctor. They offer treatments that are not offered in usual health spas. These treatments can only be performed under the supervision and administration of licensed medical practitioners.

The treatments performed are dependent on the scope of practice of the licensed medical practitioner. They include laser and intense pulse light procedures that removes undesired body hair through the use of xenon light treatments, medical microdermabrasions, photofacials, botox and restylane injections, and medical peels.