Yes they are!

Many people do not realize the difference between a regular sauna and an Infrared Sauna. The main difference is that while regular saunas heat the air around your body, an Infrared Sauna heats your body directly, warming you from the core.

One example of a place you may have encountered an infrared heater before is in some hotels in the bathroom; the light that is on timer is most often, though not always, created by an infrared heater.

Far Infrared Ray is a naturally occurring energy that heats objects using direct light conversion. Studies have proven that these types of rays can not only improve circulation, but they also have the ability to repair damaged tissue through the human body.

Since this type of ray heats a body in the same way that sunlight does, many advantages of sun exposure can be felt without the risk of skin cancer. Traditional saunas also make it hard for some people to breath comfortably in the heated air. Infrared Saunas are safe for all ages and they promote healthy sweating which is a release of toxins by heating the body directly.

Not only will your power bill be lowered, but using an Infrared Sauna will allow for greater, more extensive tissue penetration. These saunas have been used to treat diseases and drug addiction, and have been found to increase flexibility and help bodies get rid of toxins. Cellular activities are immediately enhanced, which results in better circulation and, often times, an increase in metabolism.