Before you book your next appointment at a professional salon for a bikini wax, it's important that you understand the waxing processes that are available to you. Consider if you want to remove all the hair in your pubic area, or if you only wish to remove the hair from specific spots.

Following are the four most popular types of bikini waxes.

1. Brazilian waxes-Choose this type of process when you'll wear a Brazilian cut bikini, and you do not want to have any visible hair in your pubic area. Sometimes women will have all their pubic hair removed except for a small triangular shape in the front. Brazilian waxes typically involve removing all the hair from the bikini line, from the front to the back.

2. Standard bikini wax-Choose this type of process when you wish to only have the hair removed that's outside your panty or bikini line. Most women choose the standard bikini wax when they just want a quick removal of their pubic hair (like a touch-up, rather than a total Brazilian wax), or when they're having a bikini wax for the first time.

3. French bikini waxes-This type of waxing process removes all the hair from the front, except for a thin strip of hair that runs in a straight vertical line. However, the hair is not removed from front to back; just the frontal hair is removed.

4. Full bikini waxes-Somewhat more decorative or creative, most women will have their pubic hair removed from the sides, and the reminder of the hair is trimmed short, giving the appearance of a distinct line or design; a heart shape is often popular for this type of bikini waxing process.

Once you know which type of bikini waxing process you'd like, you can tell the salon attendant, and you'll be confident that you're speaking the same language that she is. The last thing you want is to be surprised after you've paid for your visit.