Cellulite is totally misunderstood from factual information to actually smoothing the dimples. Some think that only exercise and diet will cure cellulite, but as many skinny “exercise toting” workout maniacs will tell you, almost nothing works for cellulite (“almost”). Beauty magazines and workout guides still talk about trapped fat modules, toxins, lack of exercise, and a bad diet as the precursor to cellulite. Current treatments produce some visual improvement, and the newer FDA approved VelashapeTM has a huge effect on the cellulite, but is even more effective when combined with a body wrap.

What Causes Cellulite? Cellulite results from a hormonal disease driven by estrogen and the destruction of collagen. It is a very complex disease that includes hormones, the menstrual cycle, and enzymes. The fatty tissue in men and women is exactly the same, except the woman has a receptor that signals the body to reserve the fat for a potential baby. This monthly accumulation of the enzymes and then the menstrual cycle accounts for cellulite in women. Studies are ongoing in Asian women to discover why they do not have cellulite. It is no wonder that women experience the highs and lows of the month, as the body undergoes some 400 “periods” in a lifetime. This up and down of hormones including estrogen, progesterone and the stimulation of the enzymes is very critical to the connective tissue which holds the collagen and fatty tissue. One thing to remember, toxins do not cause cellulite nor does a bad diet or lack of exercise. Cellulite results from a hormonal roller coaster and is really a disease.

Can Cellulite be Cured? There is no single miracle cure for cellulite, but there are treatments that produce results for smoothing, toning, and firming the skin. Laser therapy, high frequency energy, and micro-current can all have an effect on treating cellulite long term. VelashapeTM, one of the newest FDA approved treatments for cellulite has produced fabulous results as it delivers heat into the fatty tissues. At the completion of a VelashapeTM treatment, often a wrap is added to make the treatment have even better results. One of the wraps recommended by the VelashapeTM treatment provider is the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator . When applied after the treatment, the wrap continues the treatment and results in possibly more inch loss and smoother skin. Applying the It Works Body Wrap after a VelashapeTM treatment includes applying the wrap, covering with saran wrap, and drinking one-half your body weight in water. The water is extremely important for moving the fatty tissue out of the body and eliminating the toxins. The wrap alone is an excellent wrap for toning, tightening and firming the skin, but when it is combined with the powerful energy of the fat busting technology, the results are very successful.

The Wrap Cellulite Recommendation If you choose the VelashapeTM route be sure to take along a wrap and a large, large bottle of water. When your choice of wraps is in question, choose the one that will clearly give you the best results with your treatment. If your budget does not include VelashapeTM, just check out the body wraps. You see, they work!