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Just Let Your Natural Beauty Shine This Summer

Summer is a time to celebrate natural beauty. Indeed, with such a wonderful chance to spend time at the beach or the cabin, who has time to worry about putting on makeup?

Of course, for many people, the thought of going “au naturale” can be daunting. Most of us have wrinkles, noticeable pores, and skin discoloration that we do not want ruining our fun in the sun, and taking away from our sun-kissed summer glow. And on top of that, many of us consider eye makeup a must have for any public outgoing, and can not bear the thought of leaving the house without it.

The good news, however, is that at medical spas, you can address get summer-ready in no time with effective and non-invasive procedures and products. This article will address three of the most exciting summer procedures you can get at a medical spa.

3D Skin Rejuvenation for a New You

Most of us have at least one – but probably a few – skin conditions that we'd love to live without. That's why we go to great lengths to hide them from sight, often sacrificing summer fun like swimming or sun tanning.

Thankfully, 3D Skin Rejuvenation, which is available at major medical spas, effectively addresses multiple skin conditions including: redness, wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin, and large pores. What's more, unlike other laser treatments that only address one or two conditions and therefore oblige you to combine treatments, 3D Skin Rejuvenation has all your skin needs covered!

This treatment is available to men and women of any age, and can be found at cutting-edge medical spas. While most commonly used on the face and neck, the treatment is excellent for hands, arms, and the abdomen (so you can feel confident in that new bikini). 3D Skin Rejuvenation is non-invasive, and results can be seen immediately, which means you can walk out of the medical spa and into a sizzling summer with confidence.

Pearl Photo Facials to Address Sun-Damaged Skin

Unfortunately, many skin problems are actually triggered by our love of summer. Alas, wrinkles, sun spots, and other skin can result from catching up on some rays. And while we try our best to protect our skin in the summer, sometimes our efforts still leave us with some damage or unsightly spots.

Fortunately, Pearl Photo Facials from leading medical spas are a non-invasive procedure that can reverse sun-related skin damage. And the news get even better: It only takes about 3-4 days for your damaged skin will peel off and reveal the fresh, bright, and beautiful skin hiding underneath.

Also remember that you can combine Pearl Photo Facials with other skin procedures to get the most out of your medical spa experience. That means you can take care of those other pesky skin problems, while taking a stand against existing sun damage!

LATISSE Eye Lash Enhancement for Glamorous and Low-Maintenance Lashes

With LATISSE, you can put your mascara tube aside for the summer without worrying about sparse, dull eyelashes. LATISSE is an eye lash enhancement product available at medical spas that helps you grow fuller, darker eyelashes in only 8-12 weeks. Imagine waking up on your summer vacation with beach-ready eyelashes. You will not have to worry about your mascara bleeding while in the sun or the water!

Plus, if you want to put on some extra eye makeup for an ultra-glam night on the town, it will not interfere with your LATISSE applications. So now, you can face the heat – or all of your fun summer adventures – with effective, safe and popular medical spa products like LATISSE.

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What to Expect in Medical Spa Weight Loss Plans

Previously, we've focused on many of the medical treatments available at local medical spas to help you lose weight or slim down. And while all of these treatments are beneficial, quite often the best weight loss approach is to maintain a healthy diet.

Indeed, the professional staff and bariatric specialists at medical spas regularly study nutritional science in order to identify the best foods – including combination of foods – for losing weight. What's more, these doctors and other medical experts can review your medical history, your ongoing health concerns or conditions, and your overall weight goals to create a realistic nutrition strategy that works best for you.

In the remainder of this article, we'll look at what else medical spas can offer you with respect to weight loss programs, including: the benefits of weight loss programs, what to expect when you visit a medical spa, and importance of working with trained professionals. Ultimately, all of the information here is designed to help you get healthy, feel great and look your best!

The Benefits of a Weight Loss Plan
A weight loss plan from a medical spa gives you so much more than just instructions on how to follow a diet. Rather, a plan takes into account many different aspects of your lifestyle, and identifies what steps you need to take to reach your goals. It also provides you with a realistic framework of what you can expect, helps determine what steps to take along the way, identifies the ideal diet designed to shed pounds while meeting any dietary restrictions, and displays test results that give you valuable insights into what caused Egypt causes you to gain weight.

And despite most importantly of all, a plan also gives you the motivation, guidance and encouragement you need to take – and keep – control of your weight, so that you can start seeing results!

What to Expect During your Medical Spa Visits
When you visit a medical spa for your first session, you should prepare to cover a lot of territory. Generally the process involves a consultation, followed by an exam performed by a doctor who specializes in bariatric medicine or nutrition. After that, your doctor will chat with you to collect more information about your medical history and other basic details, and then perform a body fat analysis, a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement, and any other laboratory tests or EKGs as necessary. Once your doctor and her or his team have a solid understanding of your medical history and needs, it's time to discuss various options to find a diet that will achieve your weight loss goals while, of course, keeping you healthy.

The Benefits of Going to a Doctor-Owned Medical Spa for Your Weight Loss Program
Why are programs available at medical spas so successful? It's large because each one is developed and implemented by an experienced doctor who truly understands the science of weight loss. What's more, these doctors are constantly learning, and as such they know how to separate facts from fiction, and other best practices in the field of non-invasive weight loss treatments.

Add it all up, and it simply and clearly means that when you go to a medical spa with bariatric specialists on staff, you can be assured that your personalized diet or weight loss plan will be safe, medically appropriate, and scientifically proven. What's more, you'll discover unparallel insights into your root causes of weight gain, which will help you stay healthy and happy for decades to come!

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Creative and Exciting Ideas of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tubs are very common amongst those individuals who adore creating an enjoyable and relaxing setting around their spa. These equipments are an ideal option and the simplest indulgences to loosen up, soak your body in the hot water, rejuvenate, and relax anytime during the day. Upon using hot tubs, you can freely enjoy the pleasant and pleasurable experience of the swirling waters and spa heaters in the winters. There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating like an outdoor hot tub spa. Indeed, it brings tranquil and peace in your home and in your mind. So, if you want to re-energize and refresh in tubs, install these devices in the outdoors of your home.

Advantages of Outdoor Hot Tubs: Quick Pointers

  • The cost of installation is very less as compared to an indoor hot tub.
  • These tubs are convenient and easy to fill with water and drain out.
  • They are also convenient because one does not have to bother about space constraints. By simply digging a hole in the ground one can install the tub.
  • The weight of a tub is moderate and manageable.
  • Offers hydrotherapy
  • One can relax and enjoy the benefits of this tub in mid of nature and in all seasons year-round.

Ideas for Outdoor Hot Tubs

Investing in one would cost you a good amount of money, but the long-term benefits will make it worthwhile. Discussed below are some ideas to consider before investing in these devices.

  • Create a Mood for Your Spa Setting: You can use your tub to set the perfect mood for your outdoor space. All you have to do is choose an ideal spot in the exterior of your home. In case if you plan to use it for any social gatherings with friends and family, it is advisable to place it close to your home.
  • Engage Yourself a Great View: If your property is large enough and overlooks beautiful scenery in the backyard, ensure you place your tub in a manner from where you can take a view to the great scenery. Create a space that shows the significant beauty of the nature around your home. In this manner, you can give yourself and your guests' good opportunity to watch the sunset and scenarios while relaxing in the hot tub.
  • Maintain Some Privacy: If you live in a lively neighborhood, privacy with such an outdoor spa can be othersome. Well, in that case, there are many methods by which you can create an absolute private setting for your family and friends around your hot tub spa. For one, you can set up a fence around your tub. This will block all the nosy interference from neighbors around your home. Another option is to build a gazebo. It can provide a strong sense of privacy in your backyard.

Be it an outdoor hot tubs or a gazebo, all such settings will need regular maintenance throughout the year. Nonetheless, the popularity of these devices has been increasing each year in millions of homes.

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Maintaining Health and Wellness Naturally

In recent years, there has been an influx of attention being paid to the health and wellness of many people across the globe. This is come about due to the gained knowledge and awareness of what prescription medicine may offer in terms of risk to one's overall health in time. Since mankind has used natural herbs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for thousands of years before the introduction of synthetic medicine, a return to this state of being provided by Mother earth is being sent after. When one considers that may synthetic drugs have been designed after chemicals that occur naturally, one can begin to understand that the answer most likely already exists in organic form.

Whenever the Food and Drug Administration starts evaluating certain herbs for their benefit for assisting in the recovery of a medical illness, they usually attempt to isolate the alkaloids that are thought to be the cause for improvement. When these elements are isolated, their chemical structure is also studied for the purpose of creating a “more efficient” product. Although the goal is to produce a product that does not vary based off growth conditions, such as location and quality of soil, there can sometimes be negatives that arrive as a result.

When you consider that humans are organic beings, and herbs are organic as well, you can understand that the two go hand in hand. The human body does not always react well to inorganic substances, even if they react even more intensely and for longer duration within the brain. Sometimes, the conscious mind is not aware of the function being transported out by the drug within the body until a considering amount of time after. This can clearly hinder the level of wellness one achieves and maintains.

It is of the utmost importance for one to understand what a chemical does within one's body. Not all doctors are going to be upfront about this. Many truly do not even know, for they base their foundation on medical findings that may not always be able to measure the type of effect that the brain may be undering. Sometimes, these long term negative effects are not known until long after a drug has been prescribed for a specific illness. Usually, with a bit of researching, one can find the original alkaloids being imitated and have success with a natural alternative instead of taking the risk of having long term effects like this.

Take the time to study any medications that your doctor is suggesting to take, as well as any natural suggestions as well. Both have their benefits, and well as their risks. doing so will help to ensure the path to wellness that aligns all parts of one's being.

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Medical Spa: A Treatment and Relaxation Space

A medical spa is a place to relax, decompress and detach from the stresses and pressures of daily life. Visitors typically enjoy massages, hydrotherapy, skin treatments and other aesthetic solutions. It can be a place of respect, but it also serves as a conduit to healing and medical treatment, as clinical professionals can determine the cause of pain and physical difficulty of their patients, and help find solutions.

History of the Medical Spa
In the late 1980s, the idea of ​​a medical spa came into the forefront with the advent of alpha hydroxyl acids and the original Collagen injectable. The idea of ​​performing minor medical procedures in an environment most people used as a place of relaxation and rejuvenation was compelling. It was also noted that, while patients often delay important treatments due to the stress of being in a traditional clinic or doctor's office, their fears were often allayed in a more comfortable space like a spa.

Spas also hearken back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, when bathing in natural waters was considered both therapeutic and sacred treatment to purify the mind, body and spirit. In fact, the word spa can be traced to the Latin term, sanitas per aqua, which means health through water. It also has ties to the Walloon word “espa,” which means fountain.

The Modern Day Medical Spa
Some of the treatments that are performed in a modern day medical spa include anti-wrinkle injections, Botox, chemical peels and laser treatments. Some spa health professionals also conduct breast implant operations, perform chin, face, brow and eyelid lifts, and even tummy tucks.

Only skilled and licensed professionals are qualified to tend to patients. It is crucial to do some research before visiting any spa. You want to be sure that the facilities are well-maintained, clean and up to code. Most importantly, a medical spa should be licensed. Not all regions require spas to have a license, but it's best to visit the ones that do.

One of the best ways to research a medical spa is to look them up online and read their reviews. Also, if you know anyone who has been a patient, it would be useful to ask them about their experience. As a prospective patient, you should feel free to ask as many questions as you wish about procedures you may be unsure of. Any health care practitioner should be forthcoming and helpful, and you should definitely take into consideration how attentive the medical staff is to your needs and concerns.

Medical Spa Benefits
Many people visit a medical spa for aesthetic procedures like Botox injections, facial rejuvenation and laser treatments – all of which are alternatives for more invasive techniques like face-lifts or other forms of plastic surgery. The recovery time is also a lot shorter.

Another benefit of frequenting a spa is that patients often report that they have a more natural look, compared to others who have undergone traditional surgery.

And possibly the best benefit of all is the fact that whatever service you choose to get, you're most likely going to leave feeling better about your appearance and your health.

Ultimately, you should keep in mind that the medical spa experience is all about one person: you! As such, you should feel comfortable, safe and inspired by your choice. If you feel intimidated or that you are not grateful like a “VIP” then that's probably a sign that you should look elsewhere.

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Love Life When You Relax at a Rejuvenating Spa

Life is a lot of fun. You can do all sorts of things that kids and teenagers are not allowed to do. You can hop in your car and drive across the country on a whim if you want to. You can buy liquor and have your friends over for a party. You can appreciate exotic cuisine and intimate conversation.

But life is also stressful. There are responsibilities that prevent you from hopping in your car and driving across the country. You have to go to work, and so you can not party with your friends all the time. And chances are that after a long day's work the only thing you want to do is relax, and intrict conversation is not a part of that at all.

No one enjoys being stressed. It brings your quality of life and makes it much less fun. Too much stress will drastically reduce your immune system, which makes you susceptible to all kinds of complications. Stress is truly the enemy of health. This is why it is important to destress. Finding the best way to get rid of stress is a personal endeavor. What works for one person will not work for someone else.

One of the most popular ways to destress is to visit a spa. When you go to a spa, you are completely focused on pampering yourself. There are countless treatments and procedures that promote relaxation and well-being. There are even treatments that have significant medical benefits.

Visiting a spa for chemical peels or a facial is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Chemical peels remove dirt a grime while polishing the skin on the body. This removes dead skin cells and allows the skin to have a healthy glow. A facial does the same thing, but is concentrated on the face.

Spa treatments can also often be helpful in medical situations. A medical spa can recommend particular treatments to treat certain ailments. Chronic pain, for example, can sometimes be temporarily relieved by treatments at a med spa.

Life may be stressful, but there are plenty of ways to destress when you visit a spa. Whether you are just looking to relax, or you need to visit a medical spa for a treatment, you will find plenty of ways to pamper yourself and rejuvenate. Life becomes fun again when you spend some time indulging yourself at a spa or a med spa.

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The Benefits of Spa Treatments

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to spas and doing spa treatment, some know that they are essential in this modern society, especially for stressed out people, others think that it is a waste of time and money. Well, unfortunately for the second batch of people, science now supports how spas are essential, and through this article we will go over some proven benefits a quick getaway to a spa can get you.

The first benefit is that aches and pains can be minimized; Because many spa treatments not only work on your muscle tissues, relaxing them, but they also work on your head “de-stressing” you and making you release painkiller endorphins and dopamine.

Spa treatments have been shown to significantly and positively alter our psychology – and they can relax you while improving your self-esteem and get you productive for your everyday life. Employees that went on spa treatments have shown an increase in productivity the following weeks.

One of the most significant spa benefits is the detoxification of your organs. Through your everyday life you will accumulate toxins that a getaway to the spa can purge from your body. Bloating and water retention are two conditions that are heavily cooked on a spa.

Facials and skin treatment is not just for show. Spa treatments really promote your skin's health and slow down the aging process – yes, unfortunately it can not stop it yet, although that would be great.

Blood circulation and blood pressure are two things people must keep in check if they want to live long and healthy lives, and spa treatments have a positive effect on these two variables. Hydrotherapy, massage and heat therapy are the choices to be made if you are looking for this particular benefit.

Finally, breathing and sleeping patterns can also benefit from some spa treatments, and you'll certainly benefit from sleeping better and breathing in a more relaxed way. Breathing well extends one's longevity and sleeping poorly is known to have dire consequences.

So, as you can see, going to a spa is not a waste of time and money, but something that can make you feel good on the spot and be healthy when you come back from it. We hope that we could change the opinion of the skeptics and that you will now consider going to the spa whenever you feel like recharging your batteries – or better yet, go to a spa in the Caribbean … we know a few.

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Advantages Of Waxing For Hair Removal

Waxing is an inexpensive and effective method to temporarily get rid of unwanted hair from any part of your body. It is one of the oldest methods used to remove hair from hands, legs, armpits, face and bikini area. With DIY kits available in the market, you can also do waxing at home.

Gone are the days when waxing for hair removal was only used by women. Today, men too use this method to get rid of hair from different body parts. There are several benefits associated with using wax for hair removal.

Hair can be removed from both small and large areas – There are waxing strips available in different sizes today. They help in removing hair not only from large areas like hands, legs, arms, back and chest but also smaller areas like upper lips, eyebrows and armpits.

Easy to Use- Waxing is an easy method and does not involve much hassle.

Takes longer time in re-growth of hair – When you remove hair with wax, they usually take 3-5 weeks to grow back. This saves you from the hassle of removing hair every other day. After waxing regularly, you will notice that you hair growth has slowed down or it has stopped completely for some areas. This means that the intervals between your waxing will increase and you will be less stressed about removing undesired body hair frequently.

Smooth hair – The hair that grows after wax is fine and smooth. If you use other hair removal methods like shaving, you will notice that hair not only grows faster but they are also very hard.

Soft skin – Waxing makes you feel good about your skin. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. You can easily wear those sleeveless and backless tops and dresses without worrying about unwanted hair. Waxing is a great way to flaunt soft and glowing skin.

Inexpensive – Waxing is an inexpensive way of hair removal. All you need to do is get wax, a wax heater and hair removal strips and you can use them whenever you feel like. At some occasions, you hardly get time to go to a parlor and get your hair removed. Also going to a spa every time can prove to be costly. The DIY waxing kits come in very handy and you can easily remove hair at home using them.

Waxing is one of the best ways for hair removal. It removes hair from the root and leaves you with a soft and glowing skin. If you have any skin allergy, do not forget to consult a dermatologist before using wax.

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What to Look for and How to Find the Best Massage Table for Your Practice

Looking for an appropriate table as a student or as a replacement for your current table? There are a few things you will want to consider before deciding on which table to buy.

Here are some helpful tips to utilize when choosing the best massage table for your needs and the comfort of your clients.

1. Strength & Stability.

If you are inclined to buy a cheap table just for the price; step back and ask yourself if the quality is up to your requirements? You need to be confident that the table will support your clients weight-no matter their size-without swaying, breaking, or crumbling under their bodyweight.

Check the static weight and working weight to be confident they will fit your needs. Note that if you are doing a more strenuous type of body-work, such as deep tissue massage, you will be putting your table under a greater operating load.

2. Kinds of Bodywork

Certain kinds of body-work need certain features for your table. If you perform Reiki or energy work, look for a table with high end clothing that allow you to slip your legs underneath the desk at either end. If you do shiatsu as well as other forms of massage, look for a table with a shiatsu release cable so that you can reduced the mat to the floor.

3. Size and Dimensions

Width and measurements are about ergonomics as well as your clients' relaxation. The table should be narrow enough to allow the therapist to reach across without limiting your ability to apply your specific techniques. The table should also be wide enough to ensure that your customers experience is completely safe on the table. The therapist should be able to lower and / or raise the table to the correct height for the application of proper massage therapy techniques.

4. Comfort

The table's cushioning should be sufficient enough and durable enough for your massage therapy customers to lie on the table and be relaxed for the entire massage session. Also note that there are some forms of sorts massage therapy techniques that require a firmer, less supple surface for the application of the technique.

5. Weight

If you will need to transport your table, you will want to consider the weight of the table. Is it light enough to transport the table the entire distance you will need to take it? If you transport your table often, you will definitely need a lightweight massage table. Remember the weight of the table will be different to 6 “tall and 200 lbs. Male therapist than in will will to a 5” 2 “120 lbs. Female massage therapist.

Another option is to use a massage desk cart, where you can place the table on the cart and roll it, versus carrying it on your shoulder.

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Here’s How Medical Spas Can Help You Lose Weight

The snow has melted, and the sun and heat are here! That means it's time to shed the winter weight and start looking amazing before you hit the beach – and luckily, medical spas offer numerous options to help you trim some weight in the nick of time.

These treatments include body shaping, zerona lasers, or individual medical guidance on diets that fit your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Indeed, if you just want to shave a few pounds for the summer, or if you're looking to start a journey to a healthier life, medical spas have something to offer you. This article will explore some of the most popular non-invasive weight loss options to help you make the right choice.

New Body Shaping Innovations: A Quick Way to Shape Up

TruSculpt Body Shaping is an incredible new technique that you'll find at top-notch medical spas in major cities. This non-invasive procedure targets cellulite in and around your thigh, buttocks and stomach. It's ideal for addressing specific areas, and uses radio frequency pulses to break down and remove fat cells, as well as shift cellulite to reshape desired areas.

Just as importantly, TruSculpt Body Shaping is safe, largely painless, can be performed on-site at reputable medical spas, and requires no anesthesia. It's also incredibly quick, which means that you have it done during your lunch break and then head back to work! It's a great way to shape up quickly, without rearranging your life. Results generally appear within 1 to 3 months, so get started early!

The Zerona Laser Treatment For Fast Results

With results visible in just a matter of weeks, the Zerona Laser has become one of the most popular non-invasive weight loss methods available at medical spas. It uses specifically calibrated light energy to safely penetrate outer layers of skin and target cells with excess fat. The fat is then emulsified, and leaves the cell to be reabsorbed by the body. This allows you to target fat cells in a specific area, leading to body shaping effects – in addition, of course, to shaving inches off where it counts. Typically, you can expect a treatment every 2 days, for a total of about 9-12 treatments. If you're in a hurry to slim down for summer, then definitely consider this treatment, which is available at top medical spas.

A Healthy Lifestyle is the Best Way to Stay Lean

Treats like TruSculpt Body Shaping and the Zerona Laser are great ways to slim down and look great, but you also need to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results. Fortunately, top medical spas can get you started on the road to feeling and looking great via personalized weight loss strategies. These are a great compliment to your treatment, to make sure that old eating habits do not creep up.

Plus, leading medical spas across Canada offer comprehensive services for patients, which include a full medical checkup by a doctor trained in Bariatric medicine. This includes going over your specific needs, taking into account your health history, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, and so on. From there, you'll receive a personalized action plan that includes medical treatment options, lifestyle suggestions, and personalized diet plans to help you achieve your goal.

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Infrared Sauna Vs Steam Sauna

Saunas have for a long time now been recommended for both relaxation and health reasons, but it looks like the infrared sauna is slowly edging out the more traditional steam sauna. Are they any different? Does the infrared sauna have benefits that you will not find in the steam sauna? To understand the difference between them, let us first look at how they are built.

From the outside, they are more or less alike. The steam sauna, however, which has its origins in Finland, is heated through a small stove called a kiuas. It was traditionally heated using wood but today, gas and electricity are also used. On top of the kiuas are stones. The heat from the kiuas heats the stones and to get steam, users have to throw water on the hot stones every few minutes.

The infrared sauna, on the other hand, is heated electronically using infrared light. The heating can be adjusted to the liking of the user. In effect, there is no steam but the heat that is radiated is much like the heat you would find in a traditional sauna.

So how do they differ?

Because the heat in the infrared sauna is dry, it is easier for a user to breathe. Many people complain that when they are in a traditional sauna, the steam feels like suffocating. In fact, if you suffer a chest condition, you may find that steam saunas are completely unusable.

Traditional saunas are also hotter, heating to up to 195 degrees F. Infrared saunas are much cooler, heating to between 120 degrees F and 150 degrees F. They also take a shorter time to heat, going to maximum in between 10 and 20 minutes. Kiuas, on the other hand, can take up to 35 minutes to get you enough steam to make you sweat.

Infrared saunas also have another distinction. The heat they produce will hit the skin before hitting the air around. Traditional saunas are the opposite; for you to start sweating, you have to take in heat from the air around you, another reason why many people start to feel suffocated.

There is yet another difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional one; while it takes minutes to assemble the infrared sauna because it comes with a DIY kit, the traditional sauna takes a lot longer; it could be days even when you are using professional help to get it together. That said, there are some companies that are now producing prefabricated traditional saunas that take about 2 hours to assemble.

The other thing that has been pointed out is the difference in power consumption. The infrared will typically use between 5 and 10 cents per use while the least you can get on the traditional one is about 40 cents.

While the two types of saunas differ on so many aspects, it is worth noting that when it comes to maintenance, they both require similar input. You will need to wipe down and disinfect the walls once in a while depending on how often you use the sauna.

Are there specific medical benefits of using infrared saunas?

Yes there are; as we have already seen, people who have chest conditions can use them without feeling suffocated. They are also good for people who suffer heat stroke easily because they do not go to such high temperatures and they can be adjusted.

The other benefits are the same as those you would get with a steam sauna:

  • They are a great way to get rid of toxins. The basic aim of a sauna is to make you sweat. Sweat carries toxins out of the body which means that frequent use of the sauna will lead to lower toxin levels.
  • A sauna will also help you sleep better because it aids in relaxation.
  • It has been shown that regular use of a sauna will help you shed a few pounds especially if you combine it with exercise. Because saunas help your blood circulation, you get rid of toxins and pollutants which are sometimes responsible for weight gain as they interfere with proper breakdown of the food that you eat.

Finally, whether you choose an infrared sauna or the traditional steam one, it is important that you take precaution; if you start to feel too hot or feel that you can not breathe, get out immediately.

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5 Tips on How to Find the Best Day Spa Salon

You go to the Spa salon for relaxation and to get the stress and other worries out of your system. It is very important for you to know that you should choose an appropriate place that beats you in a right way and gives best services. A small survey will help in this matter.

The following are the 5 simple ways which can help you to find the best day spa:

  • Search for the Salon:

First of all you need to search for the Spa and Beauty salons in your city through the internet or yellow pages. You can also ask your friends and family members where they prefer to have such treatments and why do they prefer that salon over other salons. This will help you to know what to expect from the salon.

  • Staff at the Salon:

Once you have the various options of day spas available, you can visit these places and meet the staff members. A perfect salon includes a friendly and welcoming receptionist, expert and gentle massage therapists, and over all polite staff. All the therapists must have a license; you can request to check their license before you go for your day spa. A lot depends on how the staff behaves and treats you, as you do not want to go to place where they are in a rush or not attentive when you are talking to them.

  • Ambiance of the Salon:

Another important thing to note while you pay a visit to a salon is to see the ambiance. From aroma of the salon to the lighting to the colors used in decoration and every other small thing should make you feel welcome and delight you. To ensure this you can ask for the tour of the salon and also check how clean they keep their equipment.

  • Your budget:

The things that we discussed till now were related to the salon, now we will see what you need to check about yourself. The budget part is a very serious part in deciding your day spa. You can compare various rates and choose the one that best fits within your budget. There are selected days at some salons where the special discounted rates are applicable to the services, check for such information and pick your day.

  • Trial Service:

If you still have confusion and can not select the salon; you can go for a small service and judge by the results for those small services. This will definitely help you to pick the best day spa.

Combine these tips with your instincts and you will get the optimum result in choosing your best day spa. Then you can go ahead and relax yourself by experiencing the pleasure of getting the best.

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Aromatherapy and Stress Alleviation

Various therapies are in vogue these days for various ailments and diseases. Aromatherapy is a traditional medicinal practice that helps to improve the emotional and spiritual being of a person. The basis of this therapy is to make use of oils and some aromatic herbs for improving the emotional and physical health of a person. As per the science practitioners, this is considered to be more of a placebo based treatment. As a result of which the effectiveness of this therapy in actual treatment is comparatively low. Neverheless strong evidences have supported the effectiveness of using this treatment in traditional healing. A good number of ailments are cured with the help of this therapy. You can also try using aromatherapy essential oils for reducing your stress.

Various Uses of aromatherapy

Several doctors and therapists opt for aromatherapy practice with clinical treatment. Dentists often keep aromatic candles in their offices for helping patients to get rid of anxiety and feel a peace of mind. Moreover psychiatrists and clinicians use essential oils for providing relief to nervous patients. In fact it was revealed in a study that Lavender fragment helps to create a change in the behavioral pattern of infants. Restless infections calm down and are rolled into sleep by the scents of oils.

Alleviates stress and offer peace of mind

The main reason why Aromatherapy helps with stress is that anxiety is more about the emotional condition than physiological. If you think that you will not stress out and take measures to calm your mind, you can immediately change your current state of being stressed. Opting for aromatherapy for over a period of time can completely help you to avoid stress. The aromatherapy is based on the use of photographed oils and their scents have a tranquilizing effect on the mind.

The process of using essential oils

You can combine this therapy with deep breathing. Furthermore you can soak in a bathtub filled with oils or light up perfumed candles to emanate a soothing aroma. If you want you can also use a mist spray diluted with a few drops of oils. Usually rose is a popular fragrance. However other flavors also work well. The professionals in the spa combine the use of oils with customized massage option. A good massage helps to release all pent-up tension from the muscles and knots the form around your shoulder and other back areas. The essential oils are also derived from plants having a curative benefit of their own. As a result when the oil seeps into your body, it has a healing effect on your worn out muscles. The scent also works wonders on your mind. Thus the combination of the triple effects helps to give you an effective approach to your physical and mental condition.

Choosing the best oils

Some of the best essential oils that help in reducing stress include Chamomile, Lavender, Pine, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Rose, Sandalwood, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon, Jasmine, Cyprus, Clary sage, and Peppermint. Get the best essential aromatherapy oils that do not cause any allergic reaction and completely alleviate your stress.

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Colon Hydrotherapy – What Is a Colonic?

“Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. Dorothy Chandler, RN and President of I-ACT

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, clean and relaxing method of removing toxins and waste from the colon or large intestine through the gentle infusion of water. The colon is a repository of all the accumulated waste in the body. Research has shown that an unhealthy colon is the cause of some of today's most serious health conditions, including cancer, heart disease and obesity. An unhealthy person can be carrying around a few kilos of imputed toxic waste material which becomes a breeding ground for pathogens such as parasites and fungi, resulting in the rest of the body receiving a dirty blood supply.

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the intestinal system.” When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and the tissues. healing can take place. ” â € ¨Dr. Bernard Jensen

Being toxic and struggling with health issues can make life on a daily basis very difficult, draining your energy reserves, making you tired, lethargic, irritable and fatigued, often leading to poor decision making, thus to more stress on the system and in one's life . The colonic experience does not just help to rid the body of toxins, but also to kick-start the system and bring clarity of mind, all of which are needed in today's fast-paced world. Clients report feeling younger, fitter and healthy and having a new zest for life, helping them to go forward to enjoy each day and deal with the many problems with which life presents them.

Why do we need to cleanse the colon?

Toxins are abundant in our food supply, cleaning products, water, air, prescriptions and over the counter drugs, personal care products, and especially in recreational drugs such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Once processed by the liver, a large percentage of these toxins must leave through the colon. Unfortunately, most people's colons are backed up with undigested processed fiberless foods and mucoid plaque. The average person has 3-4 kilos of fecal matter in their colon! How can we expect to feel our best while carrying around this toxic burden?

Every organ, gland and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the colon

According to James F.Balch, MD and Phyllis A.Balch, CNC in their book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing , “Toxins accumulated over the time in the colon circulate through the body via the bloodstream and leads to the absorption of toxins, resulting in Inoxication (poisoning) of the whole body. Symptoms of this condition can include mental confusion, depression, irritability, fatigue, gastrointestinal irregularities and even allergic reactions such as hives, eczema, sneezing and coughing and lead to more serious disorders. the colon of debris, and help prevent and treat a variety of health problems. ”

The colon is one of the primary organs of elimination in the human body. When the colon is not clean, nutrient absorption is drastically reduced, and complete elimination of waste material may not occur. When the body does not release waste material, this toxic matter can build up in the system, and negatively impact other organs. Over time, the lymph, blood, and intestines become increasingly toxic and disease may form.

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How to Find a Good Medical Spa in Your Area

We always stress the importance of finding a high quality medical spa. Finding a reputable medical spa, and a location with staff you can trust is of the utmost importance.

The single largest advantage a medical spa has the knowledge of the staff. Doctors who can listen to your needs and help identify the right treatment are an essential first step. Although essentially all procedures available at a medical spa are extremely safe and illegally to cause injury, this always ensures well-trained staff members are using the device correctly over the course of your treatment.

This article will provide an overview of things to consider when seeking out a medical spa. We'll be looking at three main areas that can be used to identify reputable place: who owns or operates the spa, what sort of training does the staff receive, and is their equipment safe and modern? We'll also identify some easy questions you can ask over the phone to help you find the right medical spa before you go.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

One of the primary things to consider is who owns or operates a medical spa. The best medical spas tend to be either owned by doctors or run by them. Depending on the treatments offered by a spa, some or all of them will require consultation with a doctor. You certainly want to speak with a doctor before any treatment that involves prescription medication, or that may have serious dermatological impact.

If doctors seem aloof or hard to speak to, it may be a warning sign. Make sure to suss out if this doctor will be able to proactively guide you through your treatment cycle in a way you can understand and are comfortable with. When you call in, you should be easily able to book a consultation with them, and they should be friendly and knowledgeable during the consultation. Beware of anyone who keeps saying 'We can fix that' – you're looking for a realistic doctor, not an over-promising salesperson.

What to ask on the phone: What medical qualifications do the owners or operators of your spa have?

Who is Performing Your Procedure?

In addition to finding a medical spa that is run by doctors, it is also important to make sure the staff who perform the procedure have been well-trained. The ideal spa should have staff who are very experienced using the equipment required for your procedure. Try looking up some online reviews about the business on Yelp or just by searching their name online with the word 'reviews'.

Many medical spas also keep before and after photo collections of former patients as a testament to the skill of their staff and their experience with these treatments. Try asking to see such a portfolio if you have concerns about the people who are performing your procedure. If they're not good at it, their results will probably be poor also.

What to ask on the phone: How much experience does your staff members have with this procedure? What is the training procedure?

Is the Equipment Up to Date?

Lastly you want to make sure that whatever medical spa you choose has modern equipment. There have been significant advances in areas like photo facials, laser skin tightening, and redness removal treatments, among others. You want to make sure that all the equipment used is reasonably modern and is incorporating the latest advances. Many of the prices for medical spa services seem high because the equipment is cutting edge and rather expensive itself, so beware of spas with unusually low prices. This often indicates the equipment is old and out of date, or that was it bought second-hand. The latest equipment for many laser based treatments is significantly less painful than the earlier models, another big upside.

What to ask on the phone: What equipment do you use for the procedure, and how long have you had it for?

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