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An Overview of Health Spas

Working hard for long hours everyday can lead to stress and fatigue. Workaholic people are more likely to get stressed out due to their working routine. It could be caused by too much pressure from work, tension at home, or any worries that a person might have. This could be bad for your physical and mental health. You must find a way to effectively relieve you from stress. One good way is to visit some of the best health spas in your location or area.

Health spas are just like any spa but their services are more concentrated on your overall health and wellness. Their services are designed to promote healthy mind and body. Health spas offer different kinds of therapies that will improve your health. Some of the best health spas are located near a spring or a lake where you could get mineral or alkaline-based waters. These waters are believed to have miraculous and healing properties. Health spas use these pure and clear waters for their therapies like healing baths, oils baths, and other bath rituals. Sometimes they even encourage clients to drink the water.

Exfoliation is another spa therapy most health spas offer to promote natural beauty. Natural materials like salt and seaweeds are used as scrubs for exfoliating dead skin cells from your body. They also offer different kinds of body wraps using different natural things like minerals, seaweeds, milk, and honey. Seaweeds are also used for their facial treatments because it can contribute a lot to skin's health and beauty without any harmful side effects like irritations.

Some health spas offer services to pamper the hands and feet like reflexology. This is a process of applying some pressure to different areas of the sole of your foot. The therapists are trained to master these areas. Each area is said to be connected or related to an organ or part of the body.

Of course massages will always be present in any kind of spa. There are many kinds of massages and you just have to choose what is best for your needs, preference, and pleasure. A massage will give you total body relaxation. It could calm your mind and body and could help you from stress. It could relieve you from pain and could be helpful in treating or healing certain ailments.

Falling sleep during a massage session is a common thing because the massage will help your body muscles relax and clear your mind from different thoughts. When you wake up, you will notice a light and invigorated feeling. Health spas usually use oils and stones for their massages.

To promote better health, health spas also offer different fitness programs and classes like yoga, meditation, and physical activities like walking, hiking, and swimming. Enrolling your self in a fitness class is better than trying to lose weight on your own. Health spas have trained instructors to guide you with the program and can help you in monitoring your progress and achievements. And you could meet other people who have the same goal of shedding off some extra pounds. This could give you the motivation to pursue your weight loss program.

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Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

If you suffer from certain medical conditions or just want to treat your body to an all-over healthy experience, then far infrared sauna therapy is for you. Infrared saunas use a special type of light wave to penetrate and warm the core of the body, safely and naturally promoting health in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Infrared sauna therapy requires regular sessions. Ideally, a person would use a sauna daily to see the best results. The first few sessions should last no more than 30 minutes, working toward unprecedented 50-minute sessions. Of course if you are pressed for a short session of even 20 minutes is beneficial. You should consult a doctor before undergoing therapy to make sure you do not have any health conditions that prohibit sauna use.

Infrared saunas help our bodies detoxify themselves. The skin is an eliminative organ, but is largely underused in most people. All of us are exposed to chemicals every day that are absorbed into our skin. Laundry detergents, body lotion, deodorants, air pollution, unhealthy preservatives in food, and even rays from the sun all leave traces of toxic chemicals and metals in our bodies. The skin's natural function is to help us get rid of this excess, but it often is not effective enough on its own. Infrared saunas help our skin do its job. Induces perspiration in a sauna regularly regularly purifies our bodies and carries away passages of chemicals like nickel, sodium, copper, and so on.

Infrared sauna therapy is useful for improving circulation. Blood vessels expand, lowering high blood pressure and improving health in people with heart conditions. Research shows that regular infrared therapy enables heart patients to live longer. Poor circulation is the root of many health problems and discomforts. Even headaches can be traced back to poor blood flow.

With better circulation comes healthy weight benefits, as well. Infrared saunas induce perspiration. Sweating is work for the body, so the heart rate increases. When the heart rate goes up, the body is getting cardiovascular exercise and is burning calories. A single session can burn 500 calories. For those who are not healthy enough for strenuous physical activity, infrared sauna therapy can be a good alternative. Lots of people use infrared saunas to help manage their weight in a safe and natural way.

Stiff joints and sore muscles are relaxed in an infrared sauna. Athletes or exercisers will appreciate rejuvenating in a sauna after an intense session. They will be able to rest their mind at the same time that their tense or sore muscles are recovering and relaxing. If the soreness is a result of illness or injury, people can still benefit from infrared saunas. Pain-related conditions like arthritis, bursitis, and myalgia are all alleviated by infrared sauna therapy. Even menstrual cramps are assuaged in an infrared sauna.

Infrared sauna therapy is also a great stress reliever. Scheduling regular time to relax in a sauna does a great deal for your mental well-being. You can use your time in the sauna to meditate, relax, or listen to soothing music. Infrared sauna therapy has great relaxation benefits and improves mood. We all feel better after spending time in the sunshine, which is very similar to infrared light. This is because of the absorption of all the healthy infrared waves. Saunas have even been suggested to improve conditions like mild depression.

Far infrared sauna therapy is a safe and natural way to detoxify your body, increase blood flow, relax tense muscles and joints, and relieve stress. By using the unique properties of infrared radiation to our advantage, we can enjoy all these benefits every time we step into an infrared sauna.

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Tips to Reduce Waxing Side Effects

Waxing may seem like an easy option to remove unwanted hair but it comes with many side effects. Taking into consideration your skin type and the technique, waxing should be done be done without haste and with cleanliness. Discover ways to reduce pain and skin sensitivities by scanning the article below.

It is necessary to understand your skin type if you are considering hair removal techniques. Amongst other techniques for removing hair, waxing is more long lasting and some say it helps to get rid of the sun tan too.

Process of Waxing for Hair Removal
Waxing is done either with cold or hot wax. Sprinkle some powder before applying the layers of wax in order to reduce the pain. Apply along the growth of the hair in thin lengths and strip with cellophane or clean strips of cloth. Using plastic or cellophane strips is considered more hygienic. Then pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove the unwanted hair. Use astringent as a disinfectant after the waxing procedure is complete.

Waxing Side Effects
Some common side effects of waxing are listed here below:

  • Painful
  • Red rashes here and there
  • Hair breaks
  • Inflammation
  • Bumps
  • Scarring

Waxing Side effects and Skin Types
The waxing procedure is not recommended for people suffering from the following skin conditions or problems:

  • Irritated, chapped or sun burnt skin
  • Skin with pimples, rashes or moles
  • Dry and peeling cracked skin
  • People who have enlarged and twisted veins
  • Persons suffering from diabetes or improper blood circulation as waxing can lead to increased chances of infection
  • If you already using drugs like Retin-A that can make your skin sensitive for waxing

Tips to Reduce Waxing Side Effects
Some tips that can help you reduce the chances of discomfort and pain after waxing are listed here below:

  • Avoid sun exposure immediately before and after waxing
  • Wear loose and natural fabrics to avoid skin irritations
  • After about 24-48 hours of waxing, cleanse and scrub the skin off all the dead skin
  • If you are already suffering from any skin ailment like acne or rashes then let them heal before waxing

Taking care of all the above details can help you prevent waxing side effects. However, some people suffer naturally even after taking undue precaution and care. The only way to tackle these few seconds of pain and distress is to tell yourself – “there's no gain without pain”.

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Steam Saunas For Beautiful Skin

Very few people are born with perfect skin. The majority of us struggle to control or disguise zits and various skin issues, including acne, often with little success. What many don`t realize is that a steam sauna could be the solution they are looking for, a way to get that beautiful skin they`ve been dreaming of.

How Your Pores Work

Our skin is a very useful organ. The pores open and close, depending on temperature and need. Waste and toxins are eliminated through these pores and as long as they are functioning correctly, the skin tends to stay fairly clear and problem free. Unfortunately, the world we live in is full of pollutants and dust which clogs the pores and leads the elimination of waste. The toxins build up in the pores and often get infected, causing pimples. In addition, if you have allergies to certain toxins that can not be eliminated or that are not removed from the skin on a regular basis, you may end up with rashes and other skin problems. Often, the creams and cosmetics that we use on our skin to cover up blemishes and to try and correct problems are part of the issue. They contain chemicals and ingredients that help to clog the pores and promote zits, often creating even more skin problems. While you don`t hav to give these things up completely, it is a good idea to have a cleansing sauna on a regular basis to flush out the pores and restore balance.

Steam Saunas: Great for the Skin

The heat of the steam sauna opens the pores, particularly in the face. The wider they open, the more likely it is that the pores will be able to release the materials that are clogging them up. The steam is excellent for helping release the extra dirt and waste that needs to be removed, as well and will clear everything out.

Another great benefit of the steam from a sauna is the fact that it stimulates sweat. The heat increases sweat production and since this is the way our bodies get rid of everything, it provides what is essentially a deep cleaning of the largest organ on your body, the skin. After a sauna, you can expect your skin to be clear, your pores tighter and with repeated use, a general healthy glow. Most people notice the most improvement in their face, but the entire body will benefit from regular steam saunas.

Making the Most of Your Sauna

There are certain techniques to improve the quality of your saunas and to ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefit. By using these, you`ll find that your beautiful skin is easier to maintain. If you opt for just a domestic sauna , why not add some herbs to the steam? This can have different effects, depending on which herbs you use. Lavender is calming and soothing, for example, while peppermint is more stimulating. Less common herbs such as basil will help cleanse the skin. Showering after the sauna is of utmost importance, since this rinses away sweat and the grime that has been released. Using cool water will help close the pores again, making it more difficult for dirt to accumulate. The smaller pores will also create a tighter skin and give you a healthy look. Steam saunas are a good way to ensure that your skin stays healthy. The heat and steam works with your body to deep clean the pores and bring out toxins. When done on a regular basis, you`ll find that your entire body benefits and you`ll have skin like you always dreamed of.

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Naturally Natural Wax

Wax is an ingredient that is used for various purposes. One of the main uses of this is in making candles. However, did you know that there are various types of wax? In making candles, the most commonly used type of wax is paraffin wax. However, those who are conscious about their health do not prefer candles made from paraffin wax because they are not clean. When burning, you would notice that paraffin wax candles have black smoke coming off of it. Also, they leave behind black soot. Just imagine yourself inhaling that black smoke. You would not want that, now would you?

There is a clean alternative if you love candles but hate the fact that there are those which do not burn cleanly. This alternative is candles that make use of natural wax. Yes, there is such a thing known as natural wax. The various natural waxes actually come from plants or sometimes even animals. However, the main animal wax that is used is beeswax.

Beeswax is another type of wax and it comes from bees. These insects actually use beeswax in creating their hive. To have some beeswax, those who culture bees usually take the hives out and then remove the honey. When all the honey inside the hive is removed, the hive is then melted and that is the wax that is used in creating candles. Of course, that has to go through some processes first. The melted beeswax is filtered to remove any impurities. Beeswax is usually yellow in hue. Another type of natural wax is carnauba wax. This one comes from Copernica Carifera and that is a plant. It can be found only in Brazil's northeastern part. To get to the wax, the leaves of the plant are harvested. They are then boiled and the wax then floats.

Soy wax is also another natural wax and this one comes from soy beans. This was discovered just in 1991. To get the wax of soy beans, they are first crushed to extract the oil. The oil is then hydrogenated to create the wax. Soy wax has been one of the popular ingredients in natural candles.

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From Soy Wax to Soy Candles

You have probably heard of soy. Well, a lot of people have. After all, this bean is very abundant in the environment and has been a source of many food products. What is interesting about soy beans is that it can be easily grown and it is also very nutritious.

However, who would have ever thought that from this soy bean, a candle could be produced? Yes. You may not be familiar with that fact but soy beans are now the source of ingredients for making a kind of natural candle.

Natural candles are a common preference among people who are conscious about their health. With all the stress and the toxic lifestyle that we are living in, it is just time that we started thinking about our bodies and how we can take better care of it. That is why for candle lovers, natural candles are the best option.

Natural candles do not make use of ingredients which have been concocted in a laboratory. They make use of 100% natural ingredients so that there would be less, if not none, effect on our physical being. Soy beans are one of the best sources of ingredients for making natural candles.
It was only in 1991 when soy wax was discovered when people were starting to look for a cheaper source of natural wax because beeswax was kind of expensive. See, we all thought that soy beans were for nutrition but what we did not know was that with a little processing, we can get wax from them. From then on, soy wax was used in making natural candles.

Compared to ordinary paraffin candles, soy wax candles are healthy. When lit, they do not give off black smoke. You will also notice that soy wax candles do not leave behind black soot that you can find with paraffin candles. For those who are conscious about the environment, they will certainly love soy wax candles because these candles do not add to the carbon dioxide that is already in the air.
Studies have been done to see what other differences soy wax candles have over paraffin candles. One of the finds showed that soy candles burn at around a 30% to 50% longer rate.

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Infrared Sauna – Health Effects Explained

Many people have never heard of Infrared Saunas; these people are also unaware of the extensive health benefits that frequently using an Infrared Sauna can have on a person. First, and most importantly for many people, they promote weight loss. How?

The energy from the infrared ray penetrate deep – up to two inches – into your body. The rays heat up your body's core, heating your organs and tissues, thereby increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

Infrared rays have also been proven to fight cellulite that can accumulate as you get older. One of the main causes of cellulite in women is poor circulation. Infrared rays have been known to improve circulation and therefore will help your body fight the distribution of cellulite.

Infrared Saunas have also been proven to strengthen your immune system, improve your strength and energy level, repair skin that suffers from acne or eczema, help you gain control of your cholesterol and blood pressure as well as relieving pain from arthritis or other ailments.

Truly, there are not many activities that can have such a positive effect on a body as spending 30 minutes a day in an Infrared Sauna. People who have decided to purchase an Infrared Sauna have not noticed immeasurable improvements in everything from sleep to heart issues; from cured tendonitis to relief from chronic back pain; from easing the effect of menopause to fighting and reducing the signs of aging.

Everyone is realizing the positive effects of having and using an Infrared Sauna.

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The Healthy Benefits From Infrared Sauna Therapy

In this age of information, many people are determined to take charge of their own health. One great way that we do this is through regular infrared sauna therapy. People may take advantage of this alternative medicine practice to manage a specific medical condition or they may just be encouraging general health.

Infrared radiation is similar to the light of the sun in that it is able to warm its object without warming the air between it and the object. So infrared is very efficient and very potent when harnessed for sauna therapy.

Unlike traditional saunas that only warm the outermost layer of skin, infrared light penetrates several inches benefit the skin. The healing benefits of sauna therapy are no longer just for the superficial layers of the skin, but for the muscular tissues and even the internal organs as well.

For centuries of years, saunas have been popular ways to detoxify your body. Infrared saunas provide a more effective way to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals and toxins. Infrared therapy induces perspiration that rids our bodies of all kinds of excess chemicals. It also opens up blocked pores to produce smoother, more beautiful skin while preventing future acne.

People often use infrared saunas as a tool to manage their body weight. Several hundred calories are burned in each session. Of course a lot of this is water weight which is quickly regained, but the increased blood flow from infrared therapy fosters a better, faster metabolism in daily life.

Infrared saunas increase circulation, reducing stress in those with even the busiest lives. Research even suggests that people with mild clinical depression feel better with regular infrared therapy.

Overall immune system function is also increased with this type of therapy. In an infrared sauna, the core body temperature actually raises an average of one to three degrees. This is simulating a fever, which sends the immune system into attack mode. When our bodies are compromised with bacteria or viruses, a fever is the first line of defense against them.

Suffers of musculoskeletal issues like arthritis, bursitis, or other types of lower back and joint pain say that sessions in an infrared sauna help improve their conditions. Even temporary conditions like tense muscles or tenderness after exercise are managed well in this way.

Regular periods of relaxation in an infrared sauna really can make a world of difference to your health. Do not neglect this invaluable form of alternative medicine the next time you are looking to better your health.

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Why a Portable Infrared Sauna is Right For You

Most people have heard of an infrared sauna. Infrared radiation is a form of light on the invisible end of the spectrum, which penetrates the skin of the user (much like the light of the sun) and causes perspiration. But did you know that you can take the infrared sauna experience with you where you go with a portable infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas are popular among the health conscious because of the myriad health benefits that pose. By regularly relaxing in a sauna, people lower stress, manage their weight, detoxify their bodies, cleanse their pores, and relieve joint and muscle pain. No therapy is as beneficial to the entire body and spirit as infrared sauna therapy.

A portable sauna means that you can take these benefits with you on vacation or wherever you go. If space is at a premium in your home, a sauna that you can take down and store when not in use is worthwhile. Portable models can also be significantly cheaper than building an entire sauna room, so if you are on a budget this may be the option for you.

You may pause to wonder how a sauna could possibly be portable. Would not the heating element be too big? In a traditional sauna, yes. But infrared saunas only require thin, flat carbon sheets for heating elements, which are light and easily portable.

Portable saunas are generally small, only allowing one person to use them at a time. Depending on the type of portable sauna purchased, you can spend anywhere from $ 300 to $ 4,000. They come in three main formats: domes, blankets, or boxes.

Domes and blanket models are fairly similar. Both models require you to lie down on the floor, and the sauna and heating elements are spread over you in a cylindrical dome. Try to visualize a tanning booth, and you've got the general idea.

The box is the most popular portable sauna. It looks a little like a small tent with a zippered entrance. The user sits on a foldable chair inside and fits their neck through a hole in the top of the box. Most models also have zippered openings for your hands, so users can read or have their hands free while in the sauna. The box and chair fold up flat when the session is over, looking rather like an over sized portfolio with a handle for easy carrying.

If you'd like to experience the benefits of infrared sauna but do not have the money or space that built-in saunas require, or if you travel a lot and do not want to leave your precious sauna at home, then a portable infrared sauna is for you.

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Use a Sauna – Get Energized!

Two thousand years ago, the first saunas were said to be seen in Finland. In those days, they were used to protect people from the cold by digging pits in the ground. Stones in the pit were made to become hot due to a fire that was lit. Once these hot stones were arranged around the pit, they gave warmth. With the passage of time, this concept of using heated stones was utilized by primitive people living in the northern hemisphere to provide their dwellings with warmth during certain winters. At some point in history, it was discovered that water poured on heated stones was converted into steam, thus increasing the temperature of the interiors. As a result, the inmates could remove their insulating winter wear and experience the heat trapped inside their homes. With the increase in quality of construction material, the dwelling structures retained more heat within them, and the indoor temperatures began to rise high enough to make the inmates sweat in the most different winters. As a result of sweating, they felt refreshed and energized. This prompted them to build a number of separate structures just to experience the pleasure of sitting in the steamed-up environment, which enabled them to enjoy the benefits of sweating. This is how a heat pit evolved into a sauna, as it is popular today.

The skin, being the largest organ in the human body, helps regulate heat along performing other physiological functions. The skin produces sweat in response to heat, and this sweat has a dual purpose: to cool the skin when the sweat evaporates, and to flush out toxins collected in the body. The liver and the kidneys are the organs mainly responsible for excretion. The liver filters out toxins into the urine and bile and the kidneys excrete them. There is great pressure on the liver, and this pressure can be eased-off when the skin does its part of producing sweat, in order to flush the toxins out. The skin that helps the kidneys and the liver to function efficiently.

We live in a world that is highly polluted. Many of these pollutants are ingested or externally absorbed by the body. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which are categorized as 'persistent organic pollutants', are known to cause cancer in a vast majority of cases. Pesticides and dioxins are highly toxic; and phthalates, which are used in the manufacture of plastics, can cause a number of long-term disorders. According to experts, a sauna is the most effective way of detoxifying the body among other methods. Saunas are used in hyperthermia (sweat producing therapy). This therapy facilitates the flushing out of toxins and also has a soothing effect on the autonomous nervous system, so making the muscles feel relaxed. It reduces blood pressure and is beneficial to the digestive system. When the core body temperature is raised by using a sauna, the immune system is boosted and its ability to fight diseases increases.

Individuals that have been regularly exposed to toxins can be benefitted by sauna therapy. They include farmers, drug addicts, firefighters and pilots who fly pesticide-spraying planes. American veterans, who suffered the ill-effects of being exposed to Agent Orange during the Herbicidal Warfare in the Vietnam War, are known to have benefitted from sauna therapy. Those who can not tolerate medications, either for removal of toxins or for treatment of medical problems, can also be benefited by the use of saunas.

A beneficial treatment such as the sauna treatment faces a paradoxical situation. This is because it sometimes becomes unsuitable for exactly those people who could actually benefit from it. For example, saunas may produce adverse effects in heart patients. Fortunately, technology has found an answer.

The answer to raising the core body temperature without overheating the surroundings lies in the infrared technology. Infrared or radiant heat is easily absorbed by human tissue without being absorbed by the surroundings. Infrared saunas operat at temperatures of 110 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the wide range of 108 – 230 degrees Fahrenheit of the steam sauna. Infrared saunas raise the body's internal temperature while keeping the external temperature at tolerable levels, since the external environment does not absorb more than 20 percent of this heat emanating from an inferred source. This infrared sauna not only penetrates deeper for more sweat production, but is also safe and does not produce adverse effects.

The uses of infrared saunas are not limited to just making a person sweat, but they are used in soothing muscle pain caused by sports, chronic fatigue and arthritis. They are also used in treating fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by severe pain in the muscles. Infrared saunas generate enough heat to facilitate the elimination of chemicals and metallic toxins dissolved in fatty tissues. Once these toxins are out of the fat tissues, they can be carried out of the body by sweat. This has a two-fold benefit: alleviating the pain, and removing the toxins that cause these conditions.

Apart from providing relief from various conditions with its heating abilities, infrared saunas are also used to treat people who suffer from eczema, acne, psoriasis and cellulite deposits. As a result of the internal heat, dead cells of the skin are shed, bringing to the surface the new, elastic and well-toned skin. The appearance of the skin is also improved as the deep heat melts the cellulite deposits. The infrared heat increases growth hormones and facilitates weight loss. Under standard conditions, infrared saunas can help burn as much as 600 calories in just 30 minutes.

Although conventional saunas have a wide range of benefits, infrared saunas are more efficient and effective, and ideal for the therapeutic use, since they speed up the elimination of toxic substances from the body. As a result of the detoxification process, those who use infrared saunas, end up feeling energized and rejuvenated.

While saunas do not provide a miracle cure for various physical ailments, they have an extensive history of being broadly beneficial to those who have regularly used them. In case you are suffering from a medical problem, and you are doubtful about the benefits of a sauna, or you are wondering if it is suitable for you, it is best that you consult your health professional before beginning its use.

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The Health Benefits Sauna Users Report Are Staggering

Sauna users report a multitude of health benefits. Regularly using a sauna can result in better health, clearer skin, weight loss, improved circulation, and enhanced mood. The health benefits sauna users enjoy can be achieved with daily sessions lasting between 20 and 40 minutes.

Saunas have been venerated for years as natural sources of healing and holistic therapy. Most popular health spas and fitness clubs offer saunas to their customers. People love to manage their health in this way. Sauna use is recorded as early as the 18th century in Finland, and similar forms of Finnish sweat baths were probably in existence long before that. Saunas are so popular because they induce perspiration in a completely safe, natural way to provide numerous health benefits.

The largest health benefit of the sauna is detoxification. Sweating is one of the body's natural methods of shedding toxins and excess materials like nickel, lead, copper, sodium, and aluminum. Inducing perspiration through a sauna session is speeding up the process and assisting the body's detoxification process. The unnatural preservatives in the food we eat and the polluted air we take into our lungs both get circulated around our bodies in the bloodstream. Sauna use can help us rid our bodies of those substances and chemicals.

Hot saunas also do good for our skin. Everyone knows that heat opens up our pores' that is why we should always wash our faces with warm water instead of cold. In a similar vein, the heat of a sauna opens up clogged pores and allows for the release of grime, dirt, bacteria, and makeup residue. Skin looks visibly different after all these substations have been released from pores.

Weight loss is another benefit associated with sauna use. Sweating is a form of work for the body, and it uses up calories. An average of 200 to 500 calories can be burned in one sauna session. Sometimes the reason people can not lose weight is because of built-up toxic chemicals in the body, but the regular detoxification action of a sauna often leads to weight loss. Sauna use is the only safe way to lose weight without exercise, so if a health condition makes someone unable to do much physical activity then a sauna is a great way for them to get in good cardiovascular condition.

Sauna use also increases circulation, which leads to future weight loss and numerous other health benefits. Better circulation means lower blood pressure and less risk of developing heart disease and similar disorders down the road. Since blood travels the body faster, open wounds and cuts heal faster and the incidence of scarring is reduced.

Sauna therapy also provides mental health benefits in addition to physical health benefits. Relaxing in a warm sauna is rejuvenating and mentally refreshing. It puts users in a better mood. In fact, many doctors and therapists often recommend sauna therapy for conditions like mild depression, fatigue, and mental fogginess. People with high stress levels will feel calm after a sauna session. Knotted muscles will relax from the heat, and sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes while reading or listening to soothing music may be a welcome break for many individuals.

This article has hopefully given some insight on the numerous health benefits sauna has in store for people. Sauna is really a holistic method of managing overall mental and physical health. Users report tangible benefits after regularly using sauna therapy, and science is now confirming what cultures all around the world have known for centuries of years. Sauna use is tremendously beneficial for treating all sorts of ailments and promoting general health.

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What is Infrared Sauna?

If you keep up with the latest health and wellness news, you've probably heard something about infrared saunas. Proponents say they've got advantages over traditional saunas, but maybe you're still a little confused. If you're wondering, “what is infrared sauna?” then this article will help you to sort it all out.

Saunas have been used for centuries by people around the world. The holistic health benefits of the sauna are almost too numerous to mention. Saunas induce perspiration, which purges impurities and toxic substances from our bodies. Users report lower stress levels, clearer skin, increased energy levels, and a better mood. People can effectively use saunas to manage their weight and burn calories.

Traditional saunas are enclosed in a wooden paneled room with a box in the corner. The box is filled with hot coals that heat up the air, which in turn heats up the people in the room. It's vital to keep the door tightly closed so none of the hot air escapes. Some people call these steam saunas because pouring water over the coals fills up the room with hot steam that may speed up the warming process.

However, this is a highly inefficient way to heat up the human body. So much energy is wasted heating up the air in the entire room, and that heat is a low-quality type of heat that can not penetrate very far into the skin. It produces benefits, but usually only skin-deep ones. Enter the infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are a cutting edge technology that allows people to experience the health benefits of the steam sauna on an entirely new level.

Infrared saunas do not rely on heating the air in a room in order to heat the people in it. They directly heat people, effectively eliminating the middleman. They are more efficient than traditional saunas and produce a heat that penetrates several inches into the skin for deeper and more lying benefits. They are called infrared saunas because of the innovative new type of heating element they use.

If you are still having a hard time understanding the difference between traditional steam saunas and infrared saunas, try visualizing the difference between a convection oven and a microwave oven. A convection oven heats up the air, and the air heats up your food. It takes a long time to preheat, and cooking your food may take hours. A microwave, on the other hand, does not heat the air. Because it directly heaters your food, the process is much quicker and more energy-efficient.

The oven and microwave example is only for illustrative purposes, of course. Microwaves do not work exactly the same as infrared saunas, though they are similar. It may help to look at the spectrum of light. Microwave ovens use microwaves, while infrared saunas use infrared light waves to operate. Infrared light is a form of invisible light is very similar (although not exactly identical) to sunlight. If you imagine feeling the warm action of the sun, you can visualize the effect of the far infrared sauna. Even when the air around you is not hot or humid, you can still feel very warm in direct sunlight. Infrared saunas harness the warm power of the sun but none of its harmful components, such as dangerous UV rays.

The emergence of the infrared sauna on the market has certainly caused a lot of people to sit up and take notice. They want to know what is infrared sauna, and for good reason. Infrared light gives people a whole new way to experience the benefits of the sauna for their physical and mental health.

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Breakthrough Cellulite Information Combining Velashape With the Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator

Cellulite is totally misunderstood from factual information to actually smoothing the dimples. Some think that only exercise and diet will cure cellulite, but as many skinny “exercise toting” workout maniacs will tell you, almost nothing works for cellulite (“almost”). Beauty magazines and workout guides still talk about trapped fat modules, toxins, lack of exercise, and a bad diet as the precursor to cellulite. Current treatments produce some visual improvement, and the newer FDA approved VelashapeTM has a huge effect on the cellulite, but is even more effective when combined with a body wrap.

What Causes Cellulite? Cellulite results from a hormonal disease driven by estrogen and the destruction of collagen. It is a very complex disease that includes hormones, the menstrual cycle, and enzymes. The fatty tissue in men and women is exactly the same, except the woman has a receptor that signals the body to reserve the fat for a potential baby. This monthly accumulation of the enzymes and then the menstrual cycle accounts for cellulite in women. Studies are ongoing in Asian women to discover why they do not have cellulite. It is no wonder that women experience the highs and lows of the month, as the body undergoes some 400 “periods” in a lifetime. This up and down of hormones including estrogen, progesterone and the stimulation of the enzymes is very critical to the connective tissue which holds the collagen and fatty tissue. One thing to remember, toxins do not cause cellulite nor does a bad diet or lack of exercise. Cellulite results from a hormonal roller coaster and is really a disease.

Can Cellulite be Cured? There is no single miracle cure for cellulite, but there are treatments that produce results for smoothing, toning, and firming the skin. Laser therapy, high frequency energy, and micro-current can all have an effect on treating cellulite long term. VelashapeTM, one of the newest FDA approved treatments for cellulite has produced fabulous results as it delivers heat into the fatty tissues. At the completion of a VelashapeTM treatment, often a wrap is added to make the treatment have even better results. One of the wraps recommended by the VelashapeTM treatment provider is the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator . When applied after the treatment, the wrap continues the treatment and results in possibly more inch loss and smoother skin. Applying the It Works Body Wrap after a VelashapeTM treatment includes applying the wrap, covering with saran wrap, and drinking one-half your body weight in water. The water is extremely important for moving the fatty tissue out of the body and eliminating the toxins. The wrap alone is an excellent wrap for toning, tightening and firming the skin, but when it is combined with the powerful energy of the fat busting technology, the results are very successful.

The Wrap Cellulite Recommendation If you choose the VelashapeTM route be sure to take along a wrap and a large, large bottle of water. When your choice of wraps is in question, choose the one that will clearly give you the best results with your treatment. If your budget does not include VelashapeTM, just check out the body wraps. You see, they work!

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Infrared Sauna Heaters – How They Are Different Than Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas heat the air around to a very high temperature. Regular saunas are so dangerous that they have to post warnings on the outside. You've seen them. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or have any other diseases, you are discouraged from entering the sweltering sauna.

Furthermore, people with sensitive skin or skin ailments find that traditional saunas will irritate and cause their skin to break out or become red and burned. Some people have even reported problems breathing or feelings of claustrophobia when in traditional saunas.

In addition, people who own a traditional sauna report record HIGH energy bills because of how much energy it takes to keep it heated. Overall, the suggested benefits of traditional saunas FAIL to outweigh the risks involved in exposing your body to such an extreme heat.

Infrared Saunas, on the other hand, have proven that they are not only safer, but they have the ability to reverse the conditions that people suffer from. Instead of heating the air around your body, infrared rays actually penetrate your body's tissues and heat from the inside out.

Because of this, the temperature of Infrared Saunas, although warmer than a regular room temperature is at no times inconvenient for the user. Also, people who have upgraded from a traditional sauna to an Infrared Sauna have seen a significant DECREASE in their heat bills every month.

So, not only is it cheaper in the long run to own an Infrared Sauna, it will also make you a healthier, happier person.

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Infrared Saunas – Simple Ways They Can Benefit Your Health

There is an extensive proof that Infrared Saunas can have a positive effect on people who use them for as few as 30 minutes a day – that's all it takes! Infrared rays penetrate our tissues deeply and have the ability to reverse signs of aging as well as provide relief from chronic pain of any kind.

Some people are taken aback by the fact that you do not sweat almost as much as a regular sauna – people think that because of this, it's not working. However Infrared Saunas do more than heat the air around your body; they actually heat your body from the inside out which has beneficial effects on all types of diseases and ailments.

For example, whereas regular saunas have tension to irritate people with skin ailments or diseases, Infrared Saunas will ease, and at times, cure certain skin irritations and ailments.

Need more proof? Many people have reported significant decrees in everything from cholesterol to blood pressure and insomnia and chronic muscle pain. Some people will use their Infrared Sauna to relax and some use it to help ease the effects of menopause.

In addition to the conditions mentioned, people have reported relief from mitochondrial myopathy and the disappearance of skin moles.

Also, people who suffer from painful boil breakouts (for which there is not a proven cure) have noticed that common use of the Infrared Sauna prevails boil breakouts and has the ability to heal painful boils and reduce scarring. Try it for yourself if you need more proof!

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