If you are looking for a way to completely relax and unwind from your busy workweek, a day spa offers a number of intense and soothing massage therapies. Professional technicians at the spa can offer you a medical massage where they use rhythmic movements that are gentle and are effective for removing excess fluids and waste materials that are usually in the deep layers of the skin. You could also receive additional massage therapy treatments at the spa, including:

– A Sports / Medical Massage- This massage relieves pains, chronic aches and injuries that may result from a strenuous activity and can prevent injuries and improve sports performance.

– A deep tissue massage for individuals that have tension points around their neck, lower back and shoulder. Helps dissolve the nodules and knots through the body.

– Eastern medicine massage that heals the body through your pressure points located on the foot area.

– Japanese massage therapy that restores natural healing of the body. Provides customers with stress reduction, increased energy and toxin release.

– Pre-natal and post-partum massage-pre-natal massage given after the first trimester to relieve general backaches, lower back pain, fatigue, abdominal pressure, edema and more. The post-partum massage given after birth helps the body return to normal.

The day spa may also offer a number of effective skin treatment systems that will help prevent and treat skin conditions such as acne, excess folds and wrinkles, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries and more. You can look younger, refreshed and relaxed with only a few sessions, and the results of the treatment can be long lasting. You can inquire about skin rejuvenation treatments that reduce acne scarring, reduce the appearance of large pores, get rid of black and white heads, provide all-over exfoliation and much more.

You can also check to see if permanent makeup services are offered. This service will save you a great deal of time each day with not having to put on eyeliner, lip color and eyebrows. You can be ready to go anywhere in a snap with professionally applied permanent makeup that consist of only state-of-the art products.

Whether your desire is a relaxing and soothing massage, or you need a technician at the day spa to apply one of their skin rejuvenation treatments for acne, dark spots, or large pores that you have, call and schedule an appointment. You can feel and look better than you have in years, and leave feeling energetic and refreshed.