1. Haircuts – There's nothing worse than a man with a bad haircut. It totally changes his personality. First impressions do count! Choose a hair salon with experience working with men's hair.

2. Gray Blending – Personally, I love this idea. It appears so very natural. For those who like “salt and pepper” hair on their man this is the ticket.

3. Men's Highlighting – This is becoming more and more popular. Hair coloring and highlighting is not “just for women” anymore.

4. Sports (Manicure) – These are becoming popular with men whose hands and nails are usually in need of some help as much as women's hands are.

5. Foot Overhaul – This is also known as a Pedicure. It usually consist of parafin & exfoliation.

6. Back Waxing – Unwanted hair on the back can be embarrassing. Waxing is a way to remove it. The good news is – it will not come back as fast either.

7. Facials – Males facial needs are quite different than women's. It seems men are more prone to blackheads and closed pores, etc. A facial is a great way to address these.

8. Hair Removal – Used to be very painful. Removing hair was usually just done by body builders and supermodels. Because of today's hair removal technology, we have come along way! Everyone can experience its advantages now.

If you're a guy and interested in treating yourself to a day spa retreat, search online for a reputable day spa that includes spa packages for men. Do not forget to get a relaxing massage to end your day.