Finally, after 5 years of avoiding hairstylists and your mother's scissors, you had earned enough strength to let go of you waist length mane for that perfect haircut you had seen in some haircut magazine. Slowly and hesitantly, with money worth 4 weeks of starvation, you enter some exclusive spa that promises its clients ultimate spa services fit for a goddess.

So you explain clearly in detail what look you wanted to achieve, and you even bought that magazine with you. The stylist nods in understanding. The scissors move in swift motions and you see your locks of your hair falling. Wait. That is one oversized lock falling then another one follows. Something has gone really wrong. You've gone from Virgin Mary to baseball boy in minutes.

What Should You Do About This?

Do not be afraid to speak up if the style you get is not what you wanted. Do not just accept that nothing can be done to change it or alter it in some way There is no better time to fix the cut than right then when you are still at the salon. Hiding away and accepting will not make it better and is not the answer.

Explain to the stylist as clearly as possible what you dislike and then ask what options are available for you to change it.

If the stylist is not exactly the approachable and helpful type, ask to speak with the manager or owner of the salon. Since you are a paying client, you are entitled to receive a level of service and satisfaction.

However, it may just be normal that you get deserved when the hairstyle does not turn out to what you expected it to be. Do not be so hasty in making greater revisions that you may just regret.

Give yourself some adjusting time to get used to your new hairstyle. Look at the mirror again, it may not be that bad, it may not even look bad at all. When you did make up your mind about it, and you really do dislike your new do, consult your original stylist first. If that does not work, then it's time to see a new hair care professional.

If they cut your hair too short, accept the fact that you can not glue your hair back or return it back once it has been chopped off. Neverheless, instead of arguing with your best friend or mother, vent out your concerns to the right persons. You may even save other people from another haircut fiasco like yours.