There is so much stress in the air that you can feel it. Everything in your life at this present looks to have stress attached to it. Your son is receiving bad grades in school. Your daughter has fallen in love with a biker dude who is nothing but trouble. The neighbors will not cut down the limit that is hanging over the fence. Your boss expects you to complete three weeks worth of work within one week. Your wonderful husband who is provided to be your rock during this stressful time has worked related problems of his own. So, he really can not offer any assistance at this unstable and stressful time in your life. And to top it all off, your irritating in-laws are scheduled to arrive in two days to spend some quality time with the family for a full two weeks. It feels like everything is crashing down all at once. If you do not get any rest and relaxation soon, you are going to completely crash.

Does this sound anything like your personal situation? It might not be the same same scenarios, but somewhat similar. The pressures of everyday life are starting to invade upon your sanity. Even though you prepare and act like everything is okay, no one knows that you are about two bowls of chocolate ice cream away from exploding. It's not that anything is wrong with you physically or mentally, it's that you have too much to think about right now, dogged tired and need to relax.

And realistically, the things that you have to deal with on an everyday basis will not go away anytime soon. You are not asking for a complete miracle. You just want to find a few ways to sneak in a few moments of relaxation for yourself. Hopefully once you are rejuvenated, you can hit the ground with both feet and continue to gracefully handle the challenges of life without feeling tired and rundown. If you are looking for some little snatches of rest and relaxation, the following can help.

Go to the Salon or Spa

Have you ever noticed that when you are looking your best, all stress and frustration seems to go away? Go to the beauty salon and get a new look. It does not have to be anything drastic. Put a temporary new haircolor in your hair. Remember do not worry. It will look great. Your hair color will change back after it is washed a few times. Then get a manicure, pedicure and even a massage. You'll feel the stress just melt away.

Go Shopping

If you do not want to spend the day at the beauty salon or day spa, then spend it at the mall. Who says that a little retail therapy will not pick up your spirits? Once you go through the mall and purchase a few little things that you have always wanted to buy, it is sure to put a big smile on your face. It does not have to be anything that will break the bank. Sometimes it's the little things that can provide the most happiness.

All in all, do not live your life in a stressed out rut. Unfortunately, life happens. Sure, you can not just ignore all of the little things that make your life stressful. But, do not let them turn you into a total mess either. Sure others will tell you to do things such eat right and slow down. However, do something tangible for yourself that will put a smile on your face. That is one of the best stress relievers in the world.