Infrared saunas do not use steam instead they use infrared radiation to heat the individual or individuals within the sauna. The regular saunas run much hotter than the infrared saunas and only heat more the surface of the skin.

Regularly sweating in an infrared sauna can help get rid of toxins in the body and also improve blood circulation. Some other health benefits include: weight loss, lower blood pressure, relaxation and pain relief.

Due to increased blood circulation you also get the added benefit of healthy looking skin. To add to that due to improved health you can age better and possibly live longer.

The ideal temperature in the sauna is between 104 to 140 degrees. The user does not experience heat shock as they would in a traditional sauna. The heat deeply penetrates the skin. It heats the skin directly without heating the air. This allows a person to stay in the sauna for thirty minutes or more.

The infrared sauna is a great way for handicapped people to get a cardio workout without having to exercise. There are certain people who should not use the sauna such as, pregnant women, hemophiliacs, people with enclosed infections and people with recent acute joint injuries.

People who are taking medications, have multiple sclerosis, lupus or adrenal suppression should consult their doctor to make sure it is alright to use the sauna.

The prices to buy a sauna for your home are between $ 1000- $ 3,000. This price usually includes the shipping. The prices to use a sauna at a spa run from $ 40.00 for one session to $ 175.00 for five sessions and $ 330.00 for ten sessions.