Waxing is widely used by women for removing the unwanted hairs from the bikini area.

Bikini waxing is classified in four types –

American Waxing – It s removal of the unwanted hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel. This is also known as the basic bikini wax. With this type strip wax is preferred over the hard wax. It is used all over but the labia. On both bikini sides, a small applicator is used to create a clean and even line. Wax is applied in the hair growth direction. A second application wax is often performed as the hair on the pubis is coarse and grows horizontally.Wax is rolled against the hair growth direction. At last, person is asked to lift the legs so the hair near the table can be worked on.

French Waxing – It leaves a vertical strip in front (two to three finger-widths in length) just above the vulva. This type of waxing is also known as a partial Brazilian wax. With this style, the hair of the Peri-anal area and labia can be removed. This kind of hair removal style is also known as the Playboy wax or G-waxing. This method involves similar steps like those done for the Brazilian wax. It involves removing the hairs found at the lower parts and surrounding parts of the genitalia. A tiny, narrow strip of hair is left on the upper part. The hairs on the thighs and buttock region are removed depending on the person's preference.

Brazilian Waxing – This is the most commonly used style. This waxing style removes almost everything, front to the back (except a thin strip of hair on the pubis). This is an extreme form of bikini waxing. It completely removes the undesired hairs from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, and vulva. This kind of bikini waxing is also known as full Bikini wax, Hollywood wax and the Sphinx. Brazilian wax includes the labia and the area which reaches into the buttocks. The stray hairs are removed with tweezers afterwords. Now it is very common that like women men also ask for Brazilian Waxing.

Full Brazilian Waxing – This kind of bikini waxing is not popular in Brazil. In Brazil, it is considered extreme. This bikini waxing style is leaves a small strip of hair which is known in as cavado, meaning “to miss peripheral material”.

Procedure of Waxing –
The procedure starts with applying baby or talcum powder spread liberally over the area to be waxed. It brings the hot wax from sticking to the sensitive skin. The wax is allowed to harden briefly before applying. After heating it up, the wax is applied on the desired area and spread with the waxing strip. Then after, the wax is removed with stripin the hair growth direction.

Then the unwanted hairs are removed from the bikini area, buttocks, and anus. It removes the hair, wax and dead skin cells lying on the skin surface. After the wax is removed, with tweezers, the stray hairs are removed which are missed earlier. Then the remaining pubic hair are either trimmed with scissors or waxed off. The pain involved can be slight or severe and it may continue for some time from seconds to minutes. But it is felt less during subsequent treatments. Wax is a mixture of natural beeswax and and tall oil. Beeswax is very strong. It is more effective for removing the thicker, coarser pubic hairs. To minimize the pain, products like topical anesthetics are available. The result of bikini waxing lasts for up to six weeks.