Anyone who has ever spent time in a sauna contemplating their navel, or anyone else's for that matter, will tell you that it can be one of the most relaxing experiences that you can go through.

Relaxing in a sauna when it comes down to it make up only one of its advantages. Saunas are good for you and your health. People who make it a point of sitting in a sauna once or twice a week at least will soon show as well as feel the benefits. Their skin will become clearer and less taut and they will lose weight. Not at an outstanding rate, but weight that will stay off in the long term.

In the frenetic times in which we live, the ability to switch off is a gift. And there is no better place to switch of than in a sauna, The ideal time to spend in a sauna should be between twenty to forty minutes, and if you can manage to get there every day you will feel like a new person in no time .

So what are the benefits of Sauna? The obvious benefits are overall improvement in health, weight loss, improvements to your blood circulation as well as clear skin.

The history of saunas goes back centuries, although its popular use in modern times is accredited to the Scandinavians and the Finns in particular. For these hardy people, the Sauna is a way of life and a meeting place for all the family. It is not unusual for three or even four generations of Finns to be crammed into one sauna, and to complete their fun day out by diving naked into a pond of freezing cold water.

It may sound strange but you can be assured that the Finnish people benefit tremendously from this health regime. Statistics show that the life expectancy in Finland is almost 79 years on average. So maybe they know something that we do not.

Not many people know this but there are actually three methods used to heat a sauna. These are:

  • wet heat,
  • dry heat
  • infrared heat.

For many years dry heat was the most popular method. By burning wood was on a stove people were capable of sitting in the sauna for long periods, while gradually building a sweat. For those who did not have the time or wanted a more dramatic sweat, water was poured on the coals, causing steam. Less dramatic, but probably more effective, infrared heating simply heaters up the sauna within minutes without the steam aspect. You have your choices!

Although the fact is that in the United States more and more people are discovering the benefits of saunas. A “good sweat” as it is known has become a part of many people's lives in the United States.