The best way by which one can release stress is through a dry sauna. Dry saunas help the body release body sweat. There are actually three things that happens to your body while spending your time at the sauna: getting rid of body toxins, helps regulate body temperature and it keeps the skin soft and clean. So a mere fifteen minutes of sauna time rids your body one liter of sweat. Sweat that is pure of heavy metals, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants. We all know how exposed we are to several pollutants ever since we were born. Thus, our bodies take a beating from it.

However, dry sauna benefits not only the physical side of the body, it also benefits the psychological aspect of the person. That fifteen-minute sauna time relaxes the mind and releases not only the toxins inside the body but also the toxins inside the mind. Saunas first came from Finland and it was used to warm up the body from the freezing cold outside.

The main reason why people prefer going to a dry sauna than a wet sauna is there is little humidity which makes the body sweat. However, people who waved from a wet sauna to a dry sauna said that it takes time to get used to it. There is no longer any steam or smoke inside the sauna. What you have is a clear environment which is more convenient for those who are claustrophobic or those who use sauna time as bonding time with friends.