What the heck is an infrared sauna and why would you want to use it over the usual kind of sauna?

Infrared saunas work with infrared heat (hence the name) to heat you up and get you to relax. Traditional saunas use steam heat, whether from hot water or hot rocks with water thrown over them to produce the steam.

One – They're Smaller

You can not just stick a traditional steam sauna anywhere in your home. You usually have to make a sweat lodge, build an extension to your house or visit a sauna that has already been built. Infrared saunas do not need the space and trouble of a steam sauna.

Two – They're Safer

Infrared saunas are not as incredibly hot as a steam sauna. Steam heat, heats all of the air in a room, while infrared saunas heats objects, which is far more specific. This means less than a chance of passing out and hurting yourself.

Three – They're Cheaper

You do not need to hire anyone to install an infrared sauna if you want one of the smaller models. There are many different sizes of infrared saunas made – even those those the size of a closet or shed. You can buy them already made or as kits.

Four – They're More Comfortable

It's more comfortable taking an infrared sauna than a steam sauna because you still have enough air to breathe. You'll feel warm and get all of the health and stress-relieving benefits without feeling as if you are stuck in the middle of a tropical rain forest in August.

Five – They Make You Feel Great.