People experience different problems every single day. It will be impossible for you to find just one person without any difficulties. In fact, you will not be considered normal if you do not undergo several obstacles that will test your patience and temper. With this, human beings found their way to escape from what they perceive as their reality. Some will indulge themselves in different types of media. Reading pocket books is not just a past time. For others, they see themselves watching romantic or fantasy movies so that they will have the feeling that there is something better than what is happening to them.

A lot of people release their stress by eating food. This is somehow natural because food does not just keep you busy. It has taste that will make you forget about the different things that you are undergoing. It will help you a lot if you are familiar with comfort foods. This will help you get rid of the different problems you have. You will be able to control your emotions and your actions if you know that you are not easily swayed by the feelings that govern your body. You will often see that men drink alcoholic drinks after a break up with a girlfriend. According to an old joke, men do this because they are trying to forget the sweetness of the girl by drinking alcoholic drinks which are in nature, bitter. A girl, on the other hand, eats bunch of chocolates. According to the old joke, they do this because girls want to forget the bitterness the guy caused her. Find out more of the foods that will help you release the burden that you feel when you experience difficulties.

Eisenstein (2004), listed several foods that were considered to release the stress people feel. There are 10 foods listed in the paper. It will be hard to list them all here because of its volume. Still, it is surprising that asparagus was listed as number one. You will seldom see people who eat this green vegetable to release the heavy feelings that feel inside. However, studies show that it is high in folic acid. This element is the one responsible for stabilizing the moods in the body. You will certainly feel neutral when you are eating this. This does not automatically mean that your stress will be taken away immediately and be replaced with ecstasy. It does not work like illegal drugs.

The second food that was mentioned was beef. Among all the other meat, this tastes the best. The function of beef is to provide the body high levels of zinc, iron, and B vitamins, which are also known to help stabilize your mood. The old notification that beef causes minimal good to the body is not entirely correct. In fact, beef stimulates the body to have high amounts of protein.

Dairy products like milk and cottage cheese are next on the list. People who put milk on their cereal at the morning will most likely to generate a high level of stability especially to people who experience stress a lot.

Chocolate and other sweets are not on the list. This is also surprising because people will find pleasure eating these kinds of food. In fact, foods that are high in sugar were not considered to be part of the group that releases stress from a person. It is now harder to identify whether the food you eat only makes you happy or really releases the stress that you are actually feeling. Alcoholic drinks were also not on the list. It is even advised not to drink when having these types of problems because there may be tenders that you will do things that are not good for you. Considering all the ideas that were written above, it is good to take good care of the body before incorporating into the different vices that food may cause. Health is wealth. People who have a fit body will find it easier to get along with life. The body is a place for human beings to exercise what is rightfully their. It is just right and good to take care of it by simply looking at the food that is needed in the body.