You have probably heard of soy. Well, a lot of people have. After all, this bean is very abundant in the environment and has been a source of many food products. What is interesting about soy beans is that it can be easily grown and it is also very nutritious.

However, who would have ever thought that from this soy bean, a candle could be produced? Yes. You may not be familiar with that fact but soy beans are now the source of ingredients for making a kind of natural candle.

Natural candles are a common preference among people who are conscious about their health. With all the stress and the toxic lifestyle that we are living in, it is just time that we started thinking about our bodies and how we can take better care of it. That is why for candle lovers, natural candles are the best option.

Natural candles do not make use of ingredients which have been concocted in a laboratory. They make use of 100% natural ingredients so that there would be less, if not none, effect on our physical being. Soy beans are one of the best sources of ingredients for making natural candles.
It was only in 1991 when soy wax was discovered when people were starting to look for a cheaper source of natural wax because beeswax was kind of expensive. See, we all thought that soy beans were for nutrition but what we did not know was that with a little processing, we can get wax from them. From then on, soy wax was used in making natural candles.

Compared to ordinary paraffin candles, soy wax candles are healthy. When lit, they do not give off black smoke. You will also notice that soy wax candles do not leave behind black soot that you can find with paraffin candles. For those who are conscious about the environment, they will certainly love soy wax candles because these candles do not add to the carbon dioxide that is already in the air.
Studies have been done to see what other differences soy wax candles have over paraffin candles. One of the finds showed that soy candles burn at around a 30% to 50% longer rate.