Getting rid of your underarm smell is an urge that may not brook waiting. Few things are more embarrassing than underarm smell. In fact, it is so embarrassing that people often focus on some quick measures that will give them a short term relief rather than on treating the root cause of the problem and getting rid of the underarm smell so effectively that the problem will never surface again.

Invariably, the first reaction to the problem is likely to be using a deodorant. You know that you are not trying to solve a problem but only to cover it up. Covering up can never be a solution on a long term basis and even as short term measure, it may have only limited effectiveness. Sometimes, you may be using a strong perfume to stifle the underarm smell and the pungency of this perfume may turn out to be even more unpleasant than the smell you are trying to cover up!

What causes underarm smell? Obviously, it is the result of excess sweating. And what causes the excessive sweating? A quest for an answer to this question is more likely to help you overcome this problem than attempts to cover up your underarm smell. Excessive sweating is mainly caused by toxins in your system. These toxins com from your food. A quick way to get rid of the toxins is to drink a lot of water. Water intake will dilute the toxins and make them ineffective on the one hand and will flush them out of your body on the other.

Spicy food can be a cause for these toxins. Reduce consumption of spicy food and you can see a lot of improvement after a while. I will consistently advise that you consult a physician who will be able to provide the most effective prescription based on the results of an urine test which will clearly indicate the constituents causing the problem.

Although I have been advocating a long term solution for getting rid of your under arm smell, I can also suggest a few highly effective short term solutions.

1) Taking a bath once or twice a day and washing the areas under your arms with a pleasant-smelling soap will go a long way in moderating the smell. You will have relief at least for a few hours.

2) The problem of excessive underarm sweating is often compounded by the presence of hair under your arms. Shave the hair off repeatedly.

3) Ensure that you wash your clothes regularly. The vest and shirt should especially be washed well. Dipping the washed clothes in a fragrant solution after washing will also be a good idea.

4) If you want to use a deodorant, then use rosemary oil dissolved in water.