The Rasul or Rhassoul bath, also called “Serail Bath”, is an herbal and natural mud bath with a combination of heat radiated walls and Steam technology. The original Rhassoul Powder is a Moroccan clay material, but also other healing clays and chalk can be used.

The Spa Design of such a Rhassoul always has to be completely customized and therefore always different. But although you are flexible with the shape, size and choice of accessories, you have to follow some basic and evident rules.

So here I will give you some recommendations you should consider when planning a Rasul.

Benches, floors and walls are heated, so that the heat is transferred to the user's body by radiation. The temperature of the wall, seat and floor surfaces is variable from about 30 ° C to about 50 ° C.

The cabin is also to be used as a Classic Steam Bath, with an ideal climatic combination of heat (43 ° C – 48 ° C) and humidity (100% rel. Physically correct it is a “Fog Bath”.

It has a control unit for all required functions, such as:

1) Steam
2) Rhassoul
3) on / off

  1. Steam: The cabin is used as pure Steam bath with constant operation in fixed adjusted set point down. The wall heating is off, the seat heater is in operation, ceiling lights are on.
  2. Rhassoul: first the cabin is shut down to stand-by operation, the heaters of the walls and seats are up, the light is turned on. At the start of the bathing process by pushing a key switch, the normal lighting will be switched off, the ambient light and the MP3 player (option) is turned on and the steam generator is activated.
  3. Upon completion of the entire ceremony after about 15 to 30 minutes (adjustable), first, the steam generator is turned off, then for a few seconds the rain nozzles above the seats sprayer water to make the users clean. Subsequently the operating light goes on again, the ambient light and the music are turned off.

A cabinet contains all the switching and control devices required to fulfill the above functions.

As the user of the Rhassoul rub himself with clay before entering the cabin, a small preparation room with water source and a sediment trap under the cabin door is highly recommended.

Ideally, the entire procedure is followed by a cleaning shower and then by a corresponding massage.

For the construction of the Rhassoul all structural parts are made by a fully iso-distilled material with a thickness of at least 80mm, to produce an optimum of insulation values ​​and absolute vapor strength. That means, you should build the cabin completely decoupled from the order-giving space as a stand-alone building, including all required sealing, tile and plumbing up to the turnkey and operational hand-over.