Ear candle wax removal is a process that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Ear wax candling has been reported to be an effective ear wax remover, as well as providing sinus and mental health and peace to many practitioners. You can pay from $ 50 – $ 100 for this process, but when performed correctly, can be done inexpensively at home. Just be sure to follow these 5 how to tips.

1 – Choose a candle from a reputable supplier.
When you buy ear candles, make sure they are food grade paraffin or all natural beeswax. The use of inferior product may not be dangerous, but will certainly be ineffective. There are also different scents which can supply the user with a pleasant aroma while ear candling, making this an even more pleasant experience.

2 – Always have a partner.
Ear candle wax removal is a pain-free, peaceful process, but should never be done alone. The person ear candling should lie comfortably on her side, and be prepared to spend 10 – 15 minutes in this position. Many users have said they have such a feeling of peacefulness, they actually fall sleep!

3 – Protect from wax.
Although very few practitioners report discharged wax on their clothes or skin, almost every one was not taking the proper precautions when ear wax candling. Simply place a towel or cloth around the ear to protect your clothing and skin. (I have a cotton cloth I cut a hole in and trimmed to fit me perfectly!)

4 – Tilt the candle.
This is where almost all wax problems occur. Tilt the candle 30 – 45 degrees while ear candling so that any wax drippings will fall harmlessly onto your protective cloth. Do not worry, there is very little if any wax dripping, but this will ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

5 – Trim the wick.
As the candle burns the cone curls up. To keep the air flowing properly apply this rule. Cut the wick off halfway continuously through burning. Your assistant may want to keep a small bowl of water to let this burnt piece of cone fall into.

Also called ear coning, or ear candling, ear candle wax removal is one of many alternative health processes that many people use every day to optimize their overall physical and mental health. Follow the tips above to ensure you have a peaceful, safe and effective ear wax candleing session.