Many people have never heard of Infrared Saunas; these people are also unaware of the extensive health benefits that frequently using an Infrared Sauna can have on a person. First, and most importantly for many people, they promote weight loss. How?

The energy from the infrared ray penetrate deep – up to two inches – into your body. The rays heat up your body's core, heating your organs and tissues, thereby increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

Infrared rays have also been proven to fight cellulite that can accumulate as you get older. One of the main causes of cellulite in women is poor circulation. Infrared rays have been known to improve circulation and therefore will help your body fight the distribution of cellulite.

Infrared Saunas have also been proven to strengthen your immune system, improve your strength and energy level, repair skin that suffers from acne or eczema, help you gain control of your cholesterol and blood pressure as well as relieving pain from arthritis or other ailments.

Truly, there are not many activities that can have such a positive effect on a body as spending 30 minutes a day in an Infrared Sauna. People who have decided to purchase an Infrared Sauna have not noticed immeasurable improvements in everything from sleep to heart issues; from cured tendonitis to relief from chronic back pain; from easing the effect of menopause to fighting and reducing the signs of aging.

Everyone is realizing the positive effects of having and using an Infrared Sauna.