Traditional saunas heat the air around to a very high temperature. Regular saunas are so dangerous that they have to post warnings on the outside. You've seen them. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or have any other diseases, you are discouraged from entering the sweltering sauna.

Furthermore, people with sensitive skin or skin ailments find that traditional saunas will irritate and cause their skin to break out or become red and burned. Some people have even reported problems breathing or feelings of claustrophobia when in traditional saunas.

In addition, people who own a traditional sauna report record HIGH energy bills because of how much energy it takes to keep it heated. Overall, the suggested benefits of traditional saunas FAIL to outweigh the risks involved in exposing your body to such an extreme heat.

Infrared Saunas, on the other hand, have proven that they are not only safer, but they have the ability to reverse the conditions that people suffer from. Instead of heating the air around your body, infrared rays actually penetrate your body's tissues and heat from the inside out.

Because of this, the temperature of Infrared Saunas, although warmer than a regular room temperature is at no times inconvenient for the user. Also, people who have upgraded from a traditional sauna to an Infrared Sauna have seen a significant DECREASE in their heat bills every month.

So, not only is it cheaper in the long run to own an Infrared Sauna, it will also make you a healthier, happier person.