There is an extensive proof that Infrared Saunas can have a positive effect on people who use them for as few as 30 minutes a day – that's all it takes! Infrared rays penetrate our tissues deeply and have the ability to reverse signs of aging as well as provide relief from chronic pain of any kind.

Some people are taken aback by the fact that you do not sweat almost as much as a regular sauna – people think that because of this, it's not working. However Infrared Saunas do more than heat the air around your body; they actually heat your body from the inside out which has beneficial effects on all types of diseases and ailments.

For example, whereas regular saunas have tension to irritate people with skin ailments or diseases, Infrared Saunas will ease, and at times, cure certain skin irritations and ailments.

Need more proof? Many people have reported significant decrees in everything from cholesterol to blood pressure and insomnia and chronic muscle pain. Some people will use their Infrared Sauna to relax and some use it to help ease the effects of menopause.

In addition to the conditions mentioned, people have reported relief from mitochondrial myopathy and the disappearance of skin moles.

Also, people who suffer from painful boil breakouts (for which there is not a proven cure) have noticed that common use of the Infrared Sauna prevails boil breakouts and has the ability to heal painful boils and reduce scarring. Try it for yourself if you need more proof!