I have a major problem with some nail salons. Most people do not know this because they were never educated concerning the credo blade. Here is a little information you may appreciate.

We have all seen the news reports concerning the cleanliness of the spa chairs, but they have never mentioned the “deadly” credo blade! The credo blade is the little razor like tool that the nail tech uses to scrape the dead skin from the bottom of your feet. I'm sure you've experienced the nail tech scraping your heals and the soles of your feet with that little amazing tool. Well that amazing little blade can cause you problems you just do not want. It's correct name is the CREDO BLADE and it is illegal to use it some states. This blade not only gets rid of dead skin but healthy live skin as well. This is the reason your heals get hard in a few days after you have had your pedicure.

For you CSI Fans, you know you can not clean off blood, not even with bleach. So, if the client before you get cut from the Credo Blade and they use it on you and you get cut that last clients blood is now mixed with yours !!! Do not be the next victim of a bacterial infection because the last customer had Hepatitis C !!!

Basically, your nail tech is LAZY because he or she does not want to work hard and wants to rush you in and out (it's all about the numbers) as quickly as possible. What your nail salon tech will not tell you, is the best way to get your feet smooth and soft is to use a FOOT FILE. It is not expensive, you can buy it from anywhere. The foot file can be disinfected. It's also healthier. So the next time you get a pedicure tell them not to use the Credo Blade.

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