A swim hot tub is a swimming pool that can be installed in your home, or backyard. This single unit serves a hot tub, a hydrotherapy center, an underwater gym, and a swimming pool. Owing to these very benefits, a number of home owners are now choosing to install a swim hot tub in their homes. Owning a private pool is far more hygienic and convenient than driving down to the local health club.

The health benefits:

There is a lot of medical evidence to suggest that water does have several healing powers. Hydrotherapy is used for mental and physical well being in a number of indications. For instance, warm water is used for arthritis relief and water jets that have been strategically placed in such pools to help reduce stress and fatigue. A dedicated underwater exercise routine everyday can help keep stress, diabetes, cardiac problems, insomnia and even obesity at bay. A number of obstetricians recommend hydrotherapy for its pre-natal health benefits.

Enhanced relaxation:

Many parents are investing in home-based pools to give their children a more active lifestyle, and to also teach them how to swim. Not just that, working professionals have realized the pressing need for a healthy de-stressing tool at the end of a hectic day at the workplace. A swim spa has proven to be an answer to all of these concerns. These spas are ergonomically designed, and are fitted with several accessories that help you exercise underwater. Apart from swimming, these accessories can be used for performing different and varied exercises such as walking, jogging, stretching, rowing and strength training.

New features:

Low impact exercises carried out in the weightlessness of water help to burn more calories and increase cardiac output. These stay-in-place exercises can be transported to suit your routine. A number of companies are constantly engaged in researching new techniques to add new features to a swim hot tub. For instance, there are pools available with an adjustable current. This gives you an authentic river-like experience while swimming.

The convenience angle:

As more and more people find it difficult to make time to drive down to the gym, investing in a private underwater gym gives you unparallel benefits. It's safer, more hygienic, convenient and definitely more cost-effective in the long run. Today, the market offers swim spa models that have two or three different zones. One zone functions as an endless lap swimming pool, while the other can be used as a dedicated hydrotherapy unit, and another separate zone could be used for workouts.

With increasing health problems, there is more than one reason why people of all ages need to switch to an active lifestyle. And a swim hot tub has emerged as a perfect way to do just that.