Let's face it: Unwanted facial and body hair is a bit of a problem for many women. Many, if not most, do not really talk about it much, but they do spend a lot of time – and money – dealing with it.

There are all kinds of techniques and procedures for doing that: shaving, tweezing, laser, epilating, electrolysis, and waxing to name a few. Many women with unwanted hair elect to remove it by waxing.

Home waxing is safe, convenient, economic, and leaves baby smooth skin that lasts a long time compared to some other hair removal methods like shaving. But waxing can be “tricky.” Most women understand that there is a learning curve for applying and removing the wax, but many do not realize the importance of another factor for a successful waxing: The temperature of the wax.

Many women who start out waxing at home, warm the wax in the microwave or even a double boiler. It's messy and inexact. That's where a professional wax warmer comes in.

A wax warmer looks a bit like a little crock-pot, but is specifically designed for warm wax, nothing else. A good one is thermostatically controlled with adjustable heat settings that enable you to heat the wax to exactly the temperature that is most comfortable and effective for you. And it does it every time.

A good wax warmer is also, of course, made of heat-resistant material and it should give you complete, uniform melting in a reliably short length of time, say 10 to 20 minutes. And since hygiene is always important in processes like waxing, the warmer should be easy to keep clean.

If you like the results of waxing, but are thinking you just can not get professional results at home. If it's been a little more difficult and “unreliable” than you hoped, maybe you should consider tweaking your system. Maybe all you need to get the smooth skin you want is a wax warmer.