Caring for the nails on your hands and feet should never be any less important than caring for your skin, after all, nails are just skin hardened to protect the soft nail tissues under your nail beds. Nail care has been around for thousands of years beginning with pedicures and manicures done to Egyptian royalties by servants to make their hands and feet look pleasant.

Today, giving manicures and pedicures have become much easier as a manicure kit is sold with practically everything you need to beautify your nails. They range between $ 2 to hundreds of dollars depending on the number of cleaning tools included and the materials they are made with. Some manicure kit even includes hand or foot spa essentials, not to mention nail colors and artificial nails.

Nothing beats choosing what's inside of your own manicure kit. You get to pick the brands and the knick-knacks – all the right supplies; all within your budget.

Can not Do Without
– Nail Clippers
– Nail file or emery board (or both)
– Cuticle clipper
– Cuticle pusher
– Wooden Cuticle Sticks
– Cotton Balls
– Nail Brush

– Cuticle remover
– Nail Polish Remover
Antiseptic ointment
– Cuticle Oil
– Hand Scrub
– Foot Scrub
– Hand Sanitizer
– Hand & Feet Lotion
– Pumice
– Basin (that your feet could fit into)
– Assorted Nail Colors
– Base Coat
– Top Coat

We do not want to get overboard by stuffing your manicure kits. You can buy the regular ones and just add other materials that would be helpful in maintaining your nails. The idea here is to gather these supplies so you will not have to worry about professionals doing what you can always do yourself at the comfort of your own home or when you are away to travel. Plus you can always save money by doing it yourself with your own manicure kit.

Manicures alone can range between $ 5-500.00, while the materials listed above could set you back $ 150.00 at the most dependent on the brands you choose! Considering that you'll be using these for a very long time and the tools are not going to touch any other skin, it's almost a steal.