Wax is an ingredient that is used for various purposes. One of the main uses of this is in making candles. However, did you know that there are various types of wax? In making candles, the most commonly used type of wax is paraffin wax. However, those who are conscious about their health do not prefer candles made from paraffin wax because they are not clean. When burning, you would notice that paraffin wax candles have black smoke coming off of it. Also, they leave behind black soot. Just imagine yourself inhaling that black smoke. You would not want that, now would you?

There is a clean alternative if you love candles but hate the fact that there are those which do not burn cleanly. This alternative is candles that make use of natural wax. Yes, there is such a thing known as natural wax. The various natural waxes actually come from plants or sometimes even animals. However, the main animal wax that is used is beeswax.

Beeswax is another type of wax and it comes from bees. These insects actually use beeswax in creating their hive. To have some beeswax, those who culture bees usually take the hives out and then remove the honey. When all the honey inside the hive is removed, the hive is then melted and that is the wax that is used in creating candles. Of course, that has to go through some processes first. The melted beeswax is filtered to remove any impurities. Beeswax is usually yellow in hue. Another type of natural wax is carnauba wax. This one comes from Copernica Carifera and that is a plant. It can be found only in Brazil's northeastern part. To get to the wax, the leaves of the plant are harvested. They are then boiled and the wax then floats.

Soy wax is also another natural wax and this one comes from soy beans. This was discovered just in 1991. To get the wax of soy beans, they are first crushed to extract the oil. The oil is then hydrogenated to create the wax. Soy wax has been one of the popular ingredients in natural candles.