Inch Loss Body Wraps – How Should You Use Them?

If you've been wondering how to use an inch loss body wrap for maximum effect this is the article for you. In this article we're going to explore the benefits many people have seen using an inch loss body wrap as well as how to do it at home …

Across the internet claims of using body wraps for inch loss up to 30 inches and beyond are not uncommon. While many of these so called claims may be true, they always seem a little bit exaggerated to me because I've only ever lost a couple of inches per wrap.

I myself love to use body wraps if not for the inch loss then surely for the tightened skin and great time I have while using them.

The process in using them is pretty straightforward and will be easy to follow once you get the general idea. The first step in using an inch loss bodywrap is to gather the necessary ingredients,

You'll need:

  • A crockpot
  • Wrappings
  • Clays, essential oils, and minerals
  • Possibly some music for relaxing, and a prepared place to do the bodywrapping .

The next step is to combine the ingredients in the crock pot and heat them with a half gallon of water. After they're combined and heated you add the wrappings and let them soak in the ingredients. Once you feel the wrappings are thoroughly soaked you can start the wrapping process.

It took me a while to understand this but I learned a secret about body wrapping after many hours of testing and I'm going to share that secret with you now.

The secret is … That the key to the whole wrapping process is to wrap your target areas more tightly than the rest of your body, using a tighter wrap.

Now that you understand the secret and understand the bodywrap process you should experiment and come up with the best inch loss recipe for you.

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How Body Wraps – You Can Feel Leaner and Healthier

If you have been wondering how body wraps work and how to choose the best body wrap for yourself, you have come to the right place. Before we discuss the why of Body Wraps, let's talk a little bit about where where they found and how to find the best one for you.

There are three primary ways of getting a body wrap:

At a salon or spa

Purchase a ready-made kit or formula

Make your own at home.

If you have never had a Body Wrap at a spa which caters to and pampers clients, you have missed out on a real treat. There are a wide range of spas, ranging from a beauty parlor which includes Body Wraps in the menu to very exclusive spas located in expensive resorts. The very best spas will offer a custom formula or a series of formulas based on your skin and body conditions. These will include mud wraps or baths, herbal wraps, seaweed wraps, mineral wraps and baths and moisturizing wraps or a combination of these qualities. These treatments truly define “pampering yourself”.

There are numerous kits or formulas available in a kind of one-size-fits all offering. I am not demeaning them as I have used them and offer them to my clients and newsletter subscribers. Some of them are quite good and I will use a couple of them if I am in a hurry or just do not feel like making my own. Feel free to contact me for my current favorites.

Other than receiving an expensive treatment at an upper-end spa, I much prefer the wraps I am able to make myself to the pre-made formulas. I have done a lot of research on wraps and have written an e-book about them, so I feel somewhat qualified to comment on home recipes and formulas. There are a couple of benefits associated with making your own formulas, very low cost being just one of them. A big plus is being able to do it at home and not spend the whole day getting a wrap. At home I can have all the privacy and “alone time” I desire or I can invite a friend or two and make it a fun party time. The largest benefit to be derived from making your own wraps is in being able to develop recipes that are just for you. These can make you feel absolutely wonderful in a way no off-the-shelf product can.

There are Body Wrap formulas for releasing toxins, slimming wraps (inch loss) skin beautification and treatment as well as for relieving aches and pains. Many of the ingredients for these different wraps will overlap so a slimming wrap will also help remove toxins and help rejuvenate the skin. Almost all of the wraps will help heal aches and pains although some work better than others depending on the ingredients.

Two primary purposes are being fulfilled by the wrap in most instances. First, the herbs, minerals, oils and clays open the pores stimulate the skin so that it releases toxins. This will dehydrate you something so plenty of good clean water should be consumed during a wrap to keep the cleaning going. Be sure you drink plenty of water for 3 or 4 days following a detox wrap to continue flushing out the toxins released by the wrap. You will feel cleansed and rejuvenated in a way nothing can match.

With your pores open and ready to receive nutrients, the wrap supplies oils, minerals and nutrients to the skin to revitalize it and cleanse it. If you take just a little time to form the best wrap for your skin and body you will notice skin tone and tightening like you have probably never had. I love it.

Take an hour or so and pamper yourself with a body wrap.

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How Body Wraps Work

If you've been wondering how body wraps work to make you look and feel better this is the article for you. In this article we're going to discuss the many benefits of body wraps and exactly what is happening when you pamper yourself with a body wrap.

The first thing to consider about body wraps is how they work their magic on your skin. As I understand it body wraps work by using the secret of Compacted Absorption!

What's Compected Absorption you might ask?

Compacted Absorption is a phrase for a two step system that happens simultaneously when using wraps on your body. It's really a very simple concept to understand and can be fun as well.

The first part of the formula is Compact

Compaction happens when you wrap your body tightly using the wraps. From my understanding the interstitual fluid in your body is pressed out or sweated out leaving you with spaces between your cells. The tight wrappings compact them together leaving you with a more toned body.

The second part of the formula is Absorption

Absorption generally occurs simultaneously with compaction. The whole Idea of ​​a body wrap is to draw out toxins using essential oils, minerals and herbs to leave you feeling refreshed and looking better. By soaking the wrappings in the solution of oils, minerals and herbs and then wrapping your body in them you're allowing them extended contact with the skin.

This extended contact in turn allows the absorption and toxin removal we talked about earlier. Remember before embarking on any body wrap experience to be sure and check with your Doctor to learn about the possible side effects for your body.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Far Infrared Sauna?

Most people often consider weighing to be quite undesirable, but experts feel differently. Sweating under the proper circumstances can be very beneficial, and can even play a huge role in keeping the body healthy. When your body sweats, it regulates its own core temperature, and rids itself of waste material and unhealthy toxins. Far Infrared Saunas are ideal for this detoxification process as they help to purify the body of its stored toxins.

Our skin is an organ, and just like any other organ in our body, it needs to be able to get rid of waste material. However, skin tend to not be as active as other elimination organs in the body such as the kidney, or the liver, and needs assistance in riding itself from these toxins. This is why an Infrared Sauna can be so valuable to the health of the body. Most of the toxic cells and viruses in the body are typically weaker than your normal active cells, which means they have a very little tolerance for heat. While the Infrared Sauna begins to heat up the tissues in the body, the body naturally fights disease faster and helps speed up the recovery time from infections.

Far-Infrared waves provide concentrated radiant energy, similar to the energy of the sun, which can increase blood flow, and heat internal muscles and tissues. This assists the reduction of swelling and inflammation in your body by improving lymph flow, while also reducing soreness. The Infrared Sauna also works with the body to flush out dangerous toxins and metals that may have built up over time. Dangerous metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum are often found in our bodies at dangerous amounts, even though we are completely unaware of this. The Infrared Sauna can also sweat out dangerous chemicals and pesticides that may be in the body, as well as alcohol and even cholesterol.

Infrared Saunas can also be an excellent primary or secondary treatment option for many health problems. Getting regular Infrared Sauna treatments can help reduce chronic fatigue, chronic back pain, improve digestive health, and strengthen the overall immune system. It can also improve your lymphatic flow, increase blood and oxygen circulation, and provide pain relief from chronic problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint stiffness. Not only will the infrared beams be busy killing organisms like bacteria and parasites in your body, but they will improve your skin and speed up your metabolism as well.

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The Wonders of Body Wraps

Most people are not aware of the powers of body wraps until they set foot in Bay Area. The body treatment is really worth it and one could really derive some therapeutic benefits from it. But have you ever wondered how a body wrap is done? And why it is giving us some therapeutic benefits that no other spa treatment could give?

Originally, a body wrap is a treatment that utilizes Ace bandages of plastic wrapped tightly around the body. Such procedure is said to have originated from the process of vasodilation and is found to be effective inducing weight loss. There are various types of slimming body said to promote temporary loss of weight.

Nowadays, however, body wraps are seen as a SPA treatment where your body is slathered with a mask made of algae, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion or cream. After which they will wrap you for 20 minutes to keep you warm. After 20 minutes, the wrap would have removed and the mask slathered on your skin is rinsed off. Additionally, Bay Area body wrap usually ends with application of lotion. This treatment is sometimes called and also known as a body cocoon or body mask.

Since wraps uses algae, seaweed, mud or clay, they are seen as detoxifying treatments by nature. Bay Area body wraps help rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation. In addition too, the use of shea butter and rich lotions in Bay Area Body Wraps as hydrating treatments are now seen as effective in softening the skin.

A bay area body wrap would usually begin with exfoliation. This could be done through dry brushing or salt scrub. You will be instructed to lie down on whatever you will ever be wrapped in – often plastic or mylar, but sometimes towels or sheets.

There are many benefits to body wrap, not just Bay Area body wraps. Aside from helping you lose weight and rejuvenating your skin, body wraps are also known to help certain injuries cure sprain, strain as well as a number of skin conditions. A visit to the spa would not be complete without a body wrap.

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Manicure Kit – Your Personal, Ultimate Pedicure & Manicure Kit

Caring for the nails on your hands and feet should never be any less important than caring for your skin, after all, nails are just skin hardened to protect the soft nail tissues under your nail beds. Nail care has been around for thousands of years beginning with pedicures and manicures done to Egyptian royalties by servants to make their hands and feet look pleasant.

Today, giving manicures and pedicures have become much easier as a manicure kit is sold with practically everything you need to beautify your nails. They range between $ 2 to hundreds of dollars depending on the number of cleaning tools included and the materials they are made with. Some manicure kit even includes hand or foot spa essentials, not to mention nail colors and artificial nails.

Nothing beats choosing what's inside of your own manicure kit. You get to pick the brands and the knick-knacks – all the right supplies; all within your budget.

Can not Do Without
– Nail Clippers
– Nail file or emery board (or both)
– Cuticle clipper
– Cuticle pusher
– Wooden Cuticle Sticks
– Cotton Balls
– Nail Brush

– Cuticle remover
– Nail Polish Remover
Antiseptic ointment
– Cuticle Oil
– Hand Scrub
– Foot Scrub
– Hand Sanitizer
– Hand & Feet Lotion
– Pumice
– Basin (that your feet could fit into)
– Assorted Nail Colors
– Base Coat
– Top Coat

We do not want to get overboard by stuffing your manicure kits. You can buy the regular ones and just add other materials that would be helpful in maintaining your nails. The idea here is to gather these supplies so you will not have to worry about professionals doing what you can always do yourself at the comfort of your own home or when you are away to travel. Plus you can always save money by doing it yourself with your own manicure kit.

Manicures alone can range between $ 5-500.00, while the materials listed above could set you back $ 150.00 at the most dependent on the brands you choose! Considering that you'll be using these for a very long time and the tools are not going to touch any other skin, it's almost a steal.

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How to Do a French Manicure

A French manicure is a style of polishing the nails where white paint is applied to the tips of the nails and the rest of it is given a transparent color.

Things needed: Warm water, nail polish remover, cuticle cream, nail file, nail polish, cotton balls, moisturizing lotion, wood stick, cuticle cream, paper towels and nail trimmer.

o Firstly, remove all traces of your old nail polish with acetone remover. Next file your nails. Soak your hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles. Shape your nails evenly and neatly with a help of a nail trimmer. You can shape them into rounded squares by smoothing the edges.

o Apply a cuticle cream and with the help of a wood stick push the cuticles back. Next massage your hands and wipe them with neat paper towels.

o After drying your hands, apply a base coat and let it dry for a minute. Now, carefully paint the tip of each nails with white color. Depending on the thickness and opaqueness of the polish, a second coat may be necessary. Always allow the polish to dry between coats.

o Once the tips of the nails are dry, apply a translucent nude color polish on to the entire nails. Again, a second coat may be essential depending on the thickness of the polish and as always allow the nails to dry meticulously.

o Finally, apply a clear top coat to guard your manicure. To extend the lifespan of your new French manicure apply an extra layer of top coat every night. Assure you give enough time for the nails to dry completely. Allow at least thirty minutes for it to dry.

French manicure is good for nails with moderate or short length. Most cosmetic shops sell readily-assembled French manicure kits for home use. However, if you are not confident to do it yourself, visit a beauty salon and get it done once. Although it is a little expensive it is still worth the effort.

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How to Ear Candle – Wax Removal Through 5 Ear Wax Candling Steps

Ear candle wax removal is a process that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Ear wax candling has been reported to be an effective ear wax remover, as well as providing sinus and mental health and peace to many practitioners. You can pay from $ 50 – $ 100 for this process, but when performed correctly, can be done inexpensively at home. Just be sure to follow these 5 how to tips.

1 – Choose a candle from a reputable supplier.
When you buy ear candles, make sure they are food grade paraffin or all natural beeswax. The use of inferior product may not be dangerous, but will certainly be ineffective. There are also different scents which can supply the user with a pleasant aroma while ear candling, making this an even more pleasant experience.

2 – Always have a partner.
Ear candle wax removal is a pain-free, peaceful process, but should never be done alone. The person ear candling should lie comfortably on her side, and be prepared to spend 10 – 15 minutes in this position. Many users have said they have such a feeling of peacefulness, they actually fall sleep!

3 – Protect from wax.
Although very few practitioners report discharged wax on their clothes or skin, almost every one was not taking the proper precautions when ear wax candling. Simply place a towel or cloth around the ear to protect your clothing and skin. (I have a cotton cloth I cut a hole in and trimmed to fit me perfectly!)

4 – Tilt the candle.
This is where almost all wax problems occur. Tilt the candle 30 – 45 degrees while ear candling so that any wax drippings will fall harmlessly onto your protective cloth. Do not worry, there is very little if any wax dripping, but this will ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

5 – Trim the wick.
As the candle burns the cone curls up. To keep the air flowing properly apply this rule. Cut the wick off halfway continuously through burning. Your assistant may want to keep a small bowl of water to let this burnt piece of cone fall into.

Also called ear coning, or ear candling, ear candle wax removal is one of many alternative health processes that many people use every day to optimize their overall physical and mental health. Follow the tips above to ensure you have a peaceful, safe and effective ear wax candleing session.

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The Rewards of Using a Pedicure

Everyone has times in their life when they are stressed out because of work, school, or even something that has happened between family and friends. When this happens it is necessary to find a way in which you can relax and allow yourself to unwind. This is something that both men and women need to do and one of the best things to do is to get a pedicure.

Many people believe that pedicures are only for women – but there are some men who can have them done also. The simplest types will massage your feet, wash them, and remove and rough patches of skin.

They will also trim your toenails and make your feet look and feel great. When you go to the right salon you will be treated to wine and maybe some snacks while you sit in a chair that will massage your worries away.

This is a great way to beautify yourself while spending time together and unwinding from the stress of the week. It is also a great thing to do with your daughters or close friends. However, it can be expensive sometimes making it difficult to get them on a regular basis. Without you could do it yourself.

There are special types of pedicure foot spas that you can purchase which will allow you to soak your feet in warm water and allow it to bubble and massage your feet as long as you need it. This is great to have after a long day of work on your feet and can be used by anyone at anytime. You can even use this to create a special evening for your loved one and create a home spa day for them.

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What is Body Wrap?

Originally, the body wrap was a treatment where plastic wrap and other types of bandages were wrapped tightly around the body in order to induce weight loss through a process called vasodilation. While the effectiveness of this particular application of the body wrap was much debated, it became popular and remains popular to this day, although not quite so much as the new version of the body wrap which is a wrap filled with all manner of body creams, lotions, mud or seaweed and sometimes even clay and algae. Once the individual has been covered with body lotions and creams, they are wrapped for 20 minutes and kept warm. Afterwards the product is rinsed off and lotion is applied to the patient. This is sometimes referred to as a body mask or a body cocoon, meaning that the body is basically covered, wrapped and slathered with lotions and oils for an extended period of time.

The body wraps that utilize clay, mud and seaweed are intended as detoxification treatments that rid the body of toxins by stimulating the metabolism. The body wraps that utilize body creams and rich lotions are intended as hydrating treatments that help soften the skin and create a general sense of relaxation. Usually, before the body wrap begins, the subject is exfoliated with a salt scrub or dry brushing and treated to a deep tissue massage. All of this attention and effort leaves the individual relaxed and completely rejuvenated at the end of the session. The effectiveness of the body wrap can not be argued with, as those who have utilized them are extremely satisfied with the process.

Once the body wrap is complete, the product is left on for 20 minutes while the subject continues to keep warm. This is, of course, with the intention of sweating out the toxins and allowing the lotions and products to see into the skin and moisturize the epidermal layer. Once the time is up, the body mask comes off and the individual is unwrapped. For this reason, most body wraps take place in some type of wet room, shower room or a room equipped with a wet table or large tub shower. Regardless of the particular process, the individual is completely washed down and rinsed off at the end of the session and there is generally some type of application of body lotion or cream to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate the body.

There are a few issues to watch out for the body wrap. The entire process can leave you feeling drained and extremely exhausted. This is large because of all the toxins being dropped out of your body. Along with the toxins will come a significant amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Make sure that you are completely up to date on all of your vitamins and minerals supplements in order to ensure that you're not left exhausted and worn out after the body wrap experience. Those who are claustrophobic may have problems with this type of treatment.

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Spa Day

I am an organized person and sometimes I have to write things down on a Notepad before committing to a computer and then sending it to my Blackberry Storm for a quick reference when I am shopping. So I turned everything off in my house and tried to remember the steps we used in Cosmetology class for Facials. But here's the thing it has been 14 years since the basic steps and new technology and methods were added.

Let's do some research shall we

Well they did not add too much the only thing they added, if your skin needed it, was Microdermabrasion. Looking it up I see it is used if there are any kinds of scars (acne eg) on ​​your face and if your skin was just looking dull. Well I deal with both of those. Then I started to research salons to see how much they cost to do that procedure, and well since I am not exactly rolling in the dough yet let's see what Sally's Beauty Supply has …

Ta Daaaaaa

Sally's always comes through. They have a kit just for me called i-Skin Intelligent Microdermabrasion System. It got some great reviews and it had refills available in the store if I should ever run out which is a plus!

I took that sucker home treated myself to a nice Noxema (makes my skin feel clean!) Cleanse, then a steam on the interior steamer, a little microdermabrasion action, mint julep masque (), witch hazel and Purpose Skin lotion (another post). My skin feels like cashmere, for now! Let's just see how it looks tomorrow morning. Made a cup of hot lemon water, said a prayer and tucked myself into bed …

Good Morning Sunshine

Woke up to my phone alarm. Always forget to turn it off on my days off. Promptly got up went to the mirror and voila. My skin looks amazing! My scars look way lighter my skin looks even toned and still feels like cashmere!

I would even recommend this to my worst enemy it's that good … So on a scale of 1 to 10: 1 being it is not even worth it to 10 made my pretty toes curl I give it a …


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Eyebrow Shaping – Waxing

Waxing your eyebrows is a method that can be adjusted to fit your time and budget. There are do it yourself kits that can be bought at any drugstore, department store or online or you can have this performed at a salon.

If you decide to do this yourself, there are two different types of waxing.

The first is a strip wax method. You will apply the wax going in the direction of the hair growth. You then place a strip of cloth or paper on the wax area and press in. Then with one quick pull you rip the wax off going opposite of the hair growth. This will remove large areas of hair at once.

The second type of wax hair removal is similar but using a warm wax. Be sure that you do not put the wax on too warm or this will result in burns. When the wax is of a good temperature you will place the wax on the area and allow it to cool. You then do as the other method and pull the wax off opposite the growth of the hair with one quick motion.

Waxing can be inexpensive if performed at home. A wax kit can cost around forty dollars and can do several treatments. Eyebrow waxing can last four to six weeks. The more often the hair is waxed the thinner it can become. However you will need to allow the hair to grow out to 1/4 of an inch (the wax needs to be able to grab onto the hairs).

You may feel uncomfortable doing the wax treatment yourself. There is some skill needed to get the correct shape needed for your face. An error in waxing can result in an unhappy look for several weeks. If you do the waxing yourself start small. It's always easier to remove more hair and impossible to add back hair. If you seek out a professional ask your friends who they may recommend. Treatments at a salon can cost around $ 20 plus tips. Doing this every four to six weeks can add up in cost.

There are several ways to shape your eyebrows and searching for the one that benefits you is the best possible thing. Look to your budget, time and pain tolerance to determine you eyebrow shaping method.

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Brazilian Body and Bikini Waxing

Brazilian Bikini Wax

There is no shame in Utah or Salt Lake County. Did you know that the entire idea of ​​Brazilian Waxing was based on a Porteguese explorer named Paro Vaz de Caminha when he wrote of a voyage taken noting those who say saying, “Their private parts were so exposed, so healthy and so hairless , that looking upon them we felt no shame . ”

But really … who cares about the history of a Brazilian Bikini Wax? The important questions to ask are where can I get a Brazilian wax in Utah and even more importantly you need to ask yourself is whether or not when you look up your private part are you ashamed? Ha … that's personal, right? None of my business.

To be frank, the main purpose of this article is to inform you of what to expect when receiving your Brazilian wax. But I am here not to simply inform but also to provide opportunity. If you would like the opportunity to experience first hand the removal of your hair from that special place visit your top salon and spa located in Orem, Utah. It is Seasons Salon and Day Spa.

Enough questions directed to you. Let me answer a few for you. First off as I am sure everyone is wondering:

  • Does a Brazilian Bikini Wax hurt?
  • Of course it does. But there are times when it hurts less than others. For instance, do not get a wax job when it is that time of the month. If you are women you know that a period does not just cause emotional pain and suffering but also physical.

    Any time when you are not on your period would be advisable. For both you and your Aesthetician!

    Just as a side note taking a few Ibuprofen just before coming in really can help out. The pain will still be there but it will be short lived and worth it.

  • What hair is actually removed?
  • In Utah, Salt Lake County, or really anywhere your Aesthetician is going to remove what you want removed. All of it if necessary. The whole idea behind this type of waxing is to rid yourself of any unwanted hair. The brazilian bikini wax includes all of what would be considered a “bikini” and then everything else; front and back.

    Simply ask for the full Monty and mark my words you will get it. But if you are feeling a little apprehensive start off with something less venturous and work your way up.

  • How long does my hair need to be?
  • Can you pinch it? Then you are good to go. Get rid of that. Typically the best length will be somewhere around a half of an inch. The only case in which you should worry about the length is if the hair is shorter than this. If it is any longer do not worry about it. We will trim it when you come in.

  • Where can I receive a Brazilian Bikini Wax?
  • If you would like to receive any type of body waxing you will want to visit a specialty salon and spa. Any spa with a Master Aesthetician will do. If you are looking specifically for waxing services you will need to attend an actuall spa. Common locations for a spa are located in Salt Lake City such as Waxing Gurus. In Utah County you will also find many locations. Sometimes it is not really where yo go but who is providing the service. For myself it's the Seasons Salon & Spa; that would be where I would recommend.

  • What can be expected afterwards?
  • Not very often will you hear that bleeding is good. But in this case it is. As I learned, while attending Dallas Roberts Academy of Esthetics in Provo, Utah studying the Utah Wax techniques, the bleeding is a sign that the hair will actually never grow back.

    Every good thing comes with a price. Now obviously it is the goal of any Aesthetician to make your hair removal experience the best ever. But lets be real. You are removing hair from the follicles. For a Brazilian bikini wax some effects can be slight irritation, redness of skin, sensitive bumps, and on occasion ingrown hairs.

    Remember these after-effects decrease the more you Brazilian. And really, they only occur on occasion. The first time I received a Brazilian bikini wax it was clean without any of these mentioned effects.

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    Permanent Hair Removal Solutions – Stop Plucking, Shaving, and Waxing!

    For most women shaving and fighting the never ending battle against stray hairs that pop up where they should not or where we do not want them. Men also have unwanted hair problems too, most often on their backs and chests.

    Have You Ever Thought About Getting Permanent Hair Removal ?

    If you are tired of waxing, tweezing, shaving and plucking then maybe you should look into a more permanent solution?

    Permanently removing hair is not as cheap as shaving, plucking or waxing but it is a way to free yourself from the bother of constantly going on “hair patrol” Permanent hair removal methods, once completed actually destroy hair follicles so hair growth is perpetantly permanent .

    Electrolysis is the most common method of permanent hair removal and has been shown in studies to be 90 – 93% effective. With this process electricity is directed into the hair follicles, one at a time. This process destroys the hair follicle and future future hair growth.

    There are other methods of removing hair such as flash lamps and lasers methods which are more effective for people with dark hair. The results you see with these methods may be temporary. Some people experience regrowth of hair but hairs typically tend to come back thinner and less noticeable.

    No matter which removal treatment you end up going with for permanent hair removal, you should be aware that multiple treatments will be necessary for the procedure to be considered completed. Currently there is not any method of permanent hair removal that can be guaranteed 100% effective for all people who seek treatment.

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    Do it Yourself Saunas – For Glowing Healthy Skin

    We're all aware of the benefits of sitting in a steam sauna, many of us fantasize about this very act on those cold winter mornings while we're on our way to work. Aside from getting warm, a sauna is filled with hot steam which causes you to sweat and opens your pores. When your pores are wide open you are better able to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. This deep cleansing action gives your skin a healthy glow, stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin because of the heat and clears your sinuses.

    Saunas are not just great for your body though, they're also great for your face and if your skin is too sensitive for exfoliant scrubs then a facial sauna can work almost as well in making your skin look healthy and soft. The skin on your face is significantly thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body and so it requires less time in a sauna to see results. You can in fact have just a domestic sauna there are professional products you can purchase that work just for this purpose or you can make one out of things you already have in your house. A pot of boiling water and a towel can work just as well as an overly expensive face spa designed specifically for this purpose.

    To make yourself a simple facial spa – you simply boil a pot of water and throw a towel over your head and shoulders and the pot, hold your face over the steaming liquid for approximately ten seconds or so. Then remove the towel and allow the cooler air to circulate for ten seconds again before returning to the steam. For even better results you can add essential oils like tea tree oil which is a natural cleanser to the water so the steam will be filled with this healthy oil. Repeat the procedure for seven or so minutes and you will find your skin smooth, glowing and supple.

    Once you are finished with your facial sauna, you may want to use a gentle exfoliant since all that dirt has already been loosened scrubbing it off should be easy. If your skin is too sensitive for an exfoliating scrub then a gentle cleanser would be your better bet. After cleaning you want to use a moisturizer with an oil base to seal in the moisture in your skin. The best part is that you'll have to wear less makeup and will be a lot happier with your skin once you keep regularly having saunas.

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