The Gazillionth Brazilian – How Many Brazilian Waxes Did Your Esthetician Do Last Month?

The other day I was among a group of salon owners and while talking about business, the number one requested service -the Brazilian-was brought up. I was curious. How many Brazilian waxes did they think their salons did each month?

I heard a variety of answers and most of the numbers were astronomical. The one that impressed me the most was 500.

500 Brazilian waxes in one month! Not quite a gazillion, but seriously folks. Who does 500 Brazilians?

We estheticians-waxers are a curious breed. Many of you can not believe what we do most of our day and why we've chosen (Brazilian) waxing as a way to make our living.

As our conversation loud louder and more animated, it dawned on me how much an esthetician / waxer relies upon her clients for more than just a job.

If you consider the integrity of a Brazilian wax service and the personal connection the waxer must make with her client in order to put her at ease through the service, you will find a lot of talking and chit chat going on in the room. A competent waxer must be able to carry on conversation and make that primary while waxing is preformed quickly, efficiently and most importantly, as if it were not happening. Clients need to feel comfortable and connected to the person wielding the wax. Estheticians should be hired because of their personalities just as equally as their waxing abilities. You gotta be able to laugh and bring some comic relief into a first timers Brazilian waxing experience.

Most waxers will agree that they have become something a kin to a 30 minute best friend, a bartender, or even an MD … the kind with the notebook and padded cell! It's like girlfriend talk time … all the time.

Your esthetician / waxers learn so much about you and your happiness's and joys, your trials and tribulations. We look forward to work each day because we know it's the time to catch up on your goings ons. Some days, our jaws hurt from laughing. Other days, when life is not so great for some of you, we agonize over your husbands job loss or your child's hurt feelings at school.

Okay, back to the 500-the gazillion Brazilians. I could write a book … but I will not. I promise. I do, however, have some hilarious stories to share about some funny Brazilian waxing experiences that I heard that day with my coffee drinking my buddies and other salon owners. No names of course. We must protect the innocent!

Here's one many of you can probably relate with. Your first Brazilian wax. You have no one to blame. You did it to YOURSELF.

One client bought the kit from the beauty supply store, went home and eagerly read the directions from top to bottom. She could not wait to surprise her husband when he came home from work. Her toddler was engrossed in Dora the Explorer while my client went to work. Into the microwave went the wax …. then using a spatula, she spread it all over her Brazilian area. (Luckily she only had first degree burns) With a deep breath, she grabbed onto the wax and was ready to pull it off! She could not do it. She gave a little tug and yelped as pain shot through her. The wax did not come off … of course … neither did the hair. She spent the next two hours in the bathtub with fingernail scissors cutting the wax from her body.

Another client decided to try out her first Brazilian wax with the encouragement of her best friend. She booked a service at an “in home” salon and showed up to the front door with much apprehension. She was right to be nervous. After ringing the front doorbell and being met by an intense barking dog and a tiny elderly esthetician, she was led down a dark hallway to a small room in the basement. There she was told to “strip” and hop up onto the bed on all fours. The client did as she was told, hopped up onto the bed and spent the next half hour staring at a huge family portrait – ever recognizing one of the men in the portrait as an old boyfriend!

And here is a cheeky one:

One client had a “sticky” experience. As she tells it … not knowing what to expect, she went for her first Brazilian on the advice of a co-worker. She scheduled her wax after work AND before a big date with a hottie. The wax seemed to go okay but when it was all over, she was told to go ahead and get dressed … she was finished. She found this a little strange because there was no clean up or post waxing solution applied. When the last strip had been rolled off, she was told her service was over. She dressed and was immediately uncomfortable because she had a large amount of wax stuck to her nether regions. She did not have time to go home and shower, so she sucked it up and went on her date. Half way through the evening, her cheeks (and in between) started to sting. Excusing herself, she went to the ladies room and found her cheeks stuck together and stuck to her thong! She said she barely made it through the rest of the dinner and could hardly sit still through dessert. She ended the date earlier than expected and was sad to think she'd never seen her date again. But, in her mortification she just could not tell him what had happened.

The great ending to her story is that her date was eventually ended up as her husband. Being persistent he asked her for a second date and was relieved when he found out their first date had not finished early because of broccoli in his teeth, but rather wax in her crack.

Funny stories side, your waxer looks forward to your trips into her salon. Not only should you, the client, receive a terrifying waxing service but the possibility of a life long friendship should be in the works!

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Healthy Sauna Benefits – Discover the Secret

The Scandinavians have known all about sauna benefits for years and gradually the rest of the world is catching on. There are now many studies that can show that not only does a sauna session help you to relax, but it also gives you many different health benefits.

There are a few different types of saunas: those that dry heat and a steam sauna, but both have a long list of health benefits.

Saunas a particularly good at reducing stress levels, which brings a great deal of health problems. If you have ever used a sauna, then you know that you leave floating on cloud nine and completely chilled out. People with stress related conditions such as sleep disorders have often reported positive results from using saunas and find they have no problems catching forty winks after a sauna session.

Another of the sauna benefits is that they are effectively open up the pores. The heat brings the blood to the skin surface and the steam opens up pores, which allows toxins to escape. All the different creams, lotions and oils that we apply to the skin often block up our pores and keep toxins in the body. By releasing these toxins your skin is left refreshed, younger looking and it can prevent acne.

Some studies also indicate that saunas can improve your immune system. With your body's largest organ, your skin, functioning effectively it can remove toxins and infections that can make you sick.

While it is true that saunas can help with weight loss it is also true that much of this is due to water loss and will be regained immediately. However, there is substantial evidence that a sauna session can reduce blood pressure and offer a mild aerobic workout due to oxygen being drawn away from the heart and the heart having to work harder while in the sauna. It is estimated that around 300 calories are burned in a typical sauna session.

Another of the sauna benefits is that muscle tension can be relieved through saunas regardless of whether it is caused by exercise or stress. The increased blood flow to the skin surface helps to repair torn muscles and reduce swollen and strained muscles. The sweating also helps to get rid of lactic acid stored in the body after rigorous exercise.

There are many sauna benefits that can positively impact your health and they have been backed up by scientific studies. From acne to stress and everything in between everyone can benefit from regular sauna visits.

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The Origin of Henna Wax

The Henna Wax is normally combined with other natural plant extracts to come up with a formula purposely made for conditioning the hair. The hydrating treatment using pure henna transforms the hair to be much glossier along the strengthening and rejuvenating obviously ruined hair. Obtained from the leaves of the Lawsonia plant and local to the Middle East, Egypt and India, henna is the oldest and most used vegetable painting since time in memorial. It has been applied as far back as the Bronze Age for dyeing the skin, hair and nails. The leaves are dehydrated and made into a paste to figure the foundation of henna. When the leaves are ground, they build reddish tannin coloring molecules that link very well with proteins, making hair fibers stronger and for that reason mostly effective as a hair colorant instead of using chemically-based products that would never guarantee safety for your scalp and your health too. Most hair react to chemical products in a negative way indicating allergic reactions or total damage which is uncontrollable. Henna wax, is again, the best solution to prevent all these issues.

Henna treatment is frequently a very good solution for treating overly dry and damaged hair due to coloring. As compared to prices you might pay at a beauty salon for the same consequences, the henna wax treatment is very affordable and practical. A lot of the compounds used in hair products can leave hair damaged and brittle. Henna is also a good way of restoring strength and softness back into the hair. By purifying the scalp, hair can be restored into the best appearance and bring back its natural shine. The henna treatment is also helpful to people who have problems with managing tangled or badly damaged hair, same with frizz and split-ends as well.

After shampooing, towel-dry your hair well and apply the wax with your fingers and rub it down into the scalp and hair. Wrap up your hair with a moist towel for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing off. To maintain your hair in its best form, use henna treatment every week until you get very satisfied with the results and your hair gets used to the treatment. If you want the best outlet, use henna wax the same way as you apply other conditioners. Make sure that you apply the henna treatment since the assortment itself is a bit sticky.

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Portable Manicure Table

A portable manicure table can be a great investment. You never know when you may need your manicure table. You may need to get your nails done while you are on vacation and you do not want to forget as you are traveling so many miles away from home. You can use the table as a gift to your wife in order to get back in your good graces or you could scrap the manicure part and just sit drinks on the table or whatever you need to get through the day. You can find some of these tables at for around thirty dollars depending upon how many features you want. The higher end tables that give a complete and thorough washing of your hands are going to cost a lot more than thirty dollars.

You can find auctions for one of these tables at places like Ebay, but the auctions that are involved in that process are way too unpredictable. The truth is that more people get manicures than you may think. A presidential candidate back in 2004 received a manicure before a nationally televised interview and got quite a bit of ridicule for it. The people who were criticizing the candidate did not stop and think about how much they were hurting the manicure industry. The truth is that some of news people who were criticizing him actually had received manicures in the past themselves.

Getting your nails done before a concert or dinner party can make such a positive impression upon your guests, potential business partners or friends. It can really make or break a business deal as to whether you have good good hygiene or not. People within the business world notice these things when they are having conversations or conducting interviews. If you make a good impression upon everyone, it may be due indirectly to your portable manicure table.

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The Many Benefits of a Sauna Bath on All Organs of Your Body

We all have heard of sauna as a great way to relax giving the body a chance to detoxify itself. Sauna is included in various routines of health clubs, gymnasiums, etc. The effects of sauna are not only skin deep but also deep reaching as it affects all the organs of our bodies.

The sweat bath of sauna sets up a series of reactions that has a positive effect on the entire body as well as all the inner organs. It starts with the dosage of the capillaries, which leads to increased supply of blood to the skin in order to draw heat and disperse it deep inside the body. Due to this action, the heart rate increases to meet the demand of additional flow of blood and the various organs like stomach, liver, kidneys, muscles, brain, etc tend to flush out the impurities. As the pores of the skin open up by sauna, toxins get flushed out along with the sweat.

A Perfect Exercise For Your Heart

Due to this rapid flow of blood in the entire body during sauna, the heart is forced to pump blood at a higher rate causing a strain that is good for the heart. Many researchers claim that the increased volume of flow of blood during sauna keeps the blood pressure within normal limits while the others opine that the effect is purely transient in nature. There may be different views on the lasting effect of sauna on blood pressure and heartbeat, but no one can deny that the overall effect of sauna is good.

Effect of Temperature Rise

During a sauna session of 15 to 20 minutes, the temperature on the surface of skin rises up to 10 ° C, and the rise in the inner temperature is generally up to 3 ° C. This acts as a catalyst starting a chain reaction, which leads to detoxify the body. The action is somewhat akin to “fever” in which most bacteria and virus can not survive. This helps to not only rid the body from harmful bacteria but also give a chance to the cells to repair them.

The raised temperature during sauna also affects pituitary gland, among others, which leads to a better control of metabolic rate that has a direct effect on the various glands of the body like adrenal, thyroid, ovaries, and testes. All this leads to better health and a sense of well-being.

A rise in the inner temperature also leads to stimulating the functions of various glands that secret hormones. It is also noted that due to improved functioning of ovaries and testes there is a marked increase in sex drive after the sauna bath!

Effect On The Lungs

Because of the effect of sauna on various organs, the demand for oxygen in the body increases by as much as 20%, putting additional pressure on the lungs, which in turn meets it by quickening their pace. Due to higher temperature, the clogged respiratory passes are opened, giving relief from various minor respiratory problems like colds. However, sauna is not recommended for anyone suffering from pneumonia or any other acute respiratory disease.

Important Advice
Sauna should be taken under expert guidance only, and should be discontinued the moment there is any feeling of discomfort. This is not intended as medical advice and you should consult your physician if you have any questions.

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Manicure Tips – How to Care For Cuticles

Beautiful nails seem to come naturally to some women. But do not let these gals fool you – with a few basic manicure tips, these ladies work hard to keep their nails in tip-top condition. Here are some tricks of the trade you can use at home to care for your cuticles so you can have gorgeous nails too.

How to Care for Your Cuticles-

Out of all the manicure tips offered, caring for your cuticles is one of the most essential. Unhealthy cuticles suffocate the growth of your nails and make your hands look ghastly. To maintain the health of your cuticles use a good cuticle cream to remove the dead skin.

Using cuticle cream is easy; simply apply the cream on the cuticles and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Gently push the cuticles back with an orange stick. After you push the cuticles back, angle the orange stick and move it in a slow circular motion to loosen and remove dead skin. Remove any excess cuticle cream with a paper towel and wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and water.

There are tons of cuticle creams on the market and some of them may have variances in the way they are used. So always follow the directions on the label to ensure you're using the product properly.

Between constant hand washing and everyday elements, the cuticles can take quite a beating. Applying cuticle oil helps the cuticles stay moisturized to keep them from being dry and cracked. Rub the oil into your cuticles several times a week.

Specialty cuticle oils can be purchased in stores, or you can use olive or vitamin E oil. Nourishing hand and nail lotions can also be used to provide the cuticles with essential moisture.

Other Helpful Manicure Tips

Maintaining healthy nails is an everyday task. So in addition to following great manicure tips, here are some other helpful things to remember.

o Do not peel or bite your nails.
o Do not use your fingernails as tools to open cans.
o Whenever you wash dishes, wear gloves to protect your nails from harsh detergents, and excess moisture.
o File the nails periodically to remove rough, peeling, and uneven edges.
o Add two coats of nail hardener or polish to protect the nails.

No matter what condition your cuticles are in, moisturizing them and keeping them free from dead skin is the best way to promote healthy nail growth.

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Getting Your First Pedicure

When I first decided that I wanted to get a pedicure I had no idea what to expect. I had never had a pedicure, and I did not really know what they were like or what I should bring. What I did know was that getting a pedicure done professionally would be a much better experience than if you were to try and give a pedicure at home with a pedicure set.

When you go into the beauty salon for your pedicure, you should make sure that you bring a pair of sandals or similar shoes with you and also some entertainment. I usually bring a magazine but you might want to bring a book or newspaper. You should also probably bring with you your own nail polish so that when you want to top up your pedicure in the future you will have exactly the same color available to you.

If you do want to try and give yourself a pedicure at home, then it is a good idea to try and find a good pedicure set. You can find these sets all over the place, but that does not need to mean that all of them are of a good quality. Take your time to try and find a pedicure set that is of a good quality so that you can give yourself and your nails are treatments that will compare to that you will get at a professional beauty salon.

When you're getting a pedicure at a professional beauty salon the treatment is only as good as the experience, so make sure you are in a place where you can relax and enjoy your pedicure. The equipment such as the pedicure chair is also important.

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Getting a New Manicure Set

If you're thinking of buying a new manicure set then you need to be aware what they usually contain. In most cases manicure sets are easy to find and are quite cheap so it is not a disaster if you get the wrong one but you might as well find the right one the first time around just to avoid wasting your time!

A manicure set will usually have a set of scissors for cutting your nails with, a nail cleaner and in some cases there is a piece of equipment that will help you push back the cuticles of the nail. In most cases if you buy a manicure set from a shop for a few dollars it is not going to be of a very high standard.

If you want to get a better quality set then you need to spend a bit more money as you'd expect. In some cases the more expensive models will have just duplicated of things in case they break, but in other cases you will get a higher quality tool which will really help you to give yourself a better manicure. Even an expensive manicure kit is going to pay for itself in no time at all if you are regularly visiting a professional to have your nails done at the moment.

The Internet is a good place to look for manicure sets because there are so many choices. You will usually be able to find them at a better price online, although you do have to pay for delivery.

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What Good is a Portable Infrared Sauna?

Many people, after benefiting from the therapeutic infrared heat therapy due to illness, muscle injury or reoccurring painful arthritic joint diseases from medical facilities and hospitals, have turned to portable saunas. These portable infrared saunas are easy to set up in their homes and take up very little space in a room.

Ideal for smaller room of the house, these infrared portable saunas are used by people who benefit from their stress reducing heat therapy technology. These infrared saunas do more than just enhance the skin. They improve body circulation in muscles that can become stiff and unusable due to injuries, illnesses and arthritis joint pain that can home bound a once perfectly healthy person. These infrared portable saunas are often even prescribed to their patients by their medical doctors, and may be, under that case, paid partly by some insurance companies.

Many users, who once were taken to emergency rooms for severe migraine headaches, and cluster-tension headaches, now can use these therapeutic portable infrared saunas in their own home. These infrared portable saunas can increase the body's blood flow through once constricted blood vessels and sometimes lessen migraine headaches significantly to avoid strong medications at the time. People who use these portable infrared saunas for therapeutic muscle relaxation benefits reportedly have less bouts with tension headaches.

For those that have reoccurring joint pain due to age issues and old body injuries can now experience the joy of owning their own portable infrared sauna. These infrared saunas are like having your own masseuse and occupational therapist in their own home. With their detoxification, health, and complexion benefits, most people can not bear to leave home for extended lengths of time with out the use of them.

These kits are good for vacation takers, and people who spend time away on business ventures that require weeks of job dedication. With each use, these portable infrared saunas actually rejuvenate the body, refreshing the body with it infrared heath therapy, just like the high end spa facilities and at the hotel facilities. The money saved along, by using these portable infrared saunas, instead of these facilities can be a big selling point to skeptical would-be first time users. Infrared heated technology has once again given freedom to people who need it to keep them mobile and healthy outside medical facilities.

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Infrared Sauna Benefits – How an Infrared Sauna Can Improve Your Overall Well Being

Anyone who had experienced an infrared sauna therapy before will no doubt notice the overall good feeling the sauna provides. There are wonderful health benefits along the good feeling if you use an infrared sauna on a regular basis.

As many doctors and therapists know the benefits of far infrared heat they use it to treat muscular pain, sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and many other ailments. Far infrared is a safe and gentle form of radiation, and research has demonstrated that this type of radiation is most beneficial to the human body because of its therapeutic and tissue regenerative properties.

Here is a list of health benefits you can expect from an infrared sauna:

1) Weight Loss

One of the most sort after benefits of an infra red sauna is weight loss. People who use the sauna regularly will notice that they are losing weight because fats in the body begin to get burn off at the high temperature of the sauna.

2) Pain Relieve

As infrared sauna increase blood circulation and good blood circulation can help relieve pain, this kind of sauna is really effective in easing arthritis, muscular, joint pain and many other chronic pain.

3) Cardiovascular health

Far infrared strengnthens the cardiovascular system and increase circulation to help normalize blood flow. It also lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Research has shown that using an infrared sauna regularly may be as effective for cardiovascular condition as regular exercise.

4) Scar healing

With the help of infrared light blood circulation increases and in turn nourishes damaged skin such as eczema.

5) Detoxification

Infrared rays penetrate deep into your body – Japan's scientists had reported that Far Infrared heat expands our body capillaries and initiates the process of dissolving hidden toxins.

6) Immune System Boost

Far infrared strengthens the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells and killer T-cells. The increase in white blood cells and killer T-cells has been proven to boost the body's ability to fight off virus, bacteria, flu and other ailments.

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Pedicure For the Perfect Feet

Take off the old nail polish with a non-acetone remover. Assure your nails are dry before you can cut them, as wet nails can tear. With the help of an emery board, shape nails into rounded squares by smoothing the edges. Gently buff the surface of the nails and, use an orange stick to remove the dirt particles.

When you file the nails file in just one direction, as back and forth movement damages the nails. Keep your feet soaked in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Mix some sea salt to the water as it promises to rejuvenate and soften the skin. Use a scrub thereafter and scrub for five minutes. Never forget to scrub around the toes. If you have calluses, make use of a pumice stone.

Rub a rich foot lotion into the nails and cuticles [gently push the skin with an orange stick and never cut them]. Massage from the toe to the heel and use a thick layer of the foot cream to keep the skin soft for a prolonged period. Remove the excess lotion from the nails with the help of a nail polish remover or a clean tissue [using cotton buds can leave stray fibers].

Try a French manicure on your toes – here the white tips on your toes should be really thin. You can possibly make use of an old, clean eye liner brush for the thin, subtle line. Separate your toes with tissues and follow with a base coat. Wait for two to three minutes and apply a sheer pink nail polish. Assure that the bristles of the brush are even.

If you prefer a slightly dark nail polish color use two layers of base coat. Make sure that the polish does not touch the cuticles and always finish it with a top coat. Choose a thick, viscous ones and allow it to dry for at least half an hour. Since toe nails chip and crack easily, re-apply a top coat every other day to extend the life of your pedicure.

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What Are the Benefits of Infrared Sauna Kits

Infrared technology has been in wide use over many decades by the Asian and German cultures. Medical technology employs the benefits of infrared technology in their neo-natal units at their hospitals. This infrared heat technology is known to cut down on illnesses and speed up the healing recovery process of people under the care of a physician. It is even being used in pet therapy at veterinarian clinics. The health benefits of infrared technology has now advance into the wellness product line, with sunlight and other infrared saunas that people can now enjoy in their homes.

Many people are seeing the health benefits from using medically supervised infrared sauna heat. Many of these people have opted to buy their own infrared saunas or even go a step further and build their own sauna from an infrared sauna kit. There are infrared sauna kits that come with pre-built saunas. These kits can come with extra built ins like CD players, speakers, inside and outside lighting, and dual digital controls. Some consumers can also purchase start up kits that sell in the range of around two thousand dollars and up. These kits are great in-home infrared therapy; many consumers buy these kits and install them in their basements, recreation rooms, and even as freestanding bathhouse kits. These kits are an excellent purchase for people who live in cold weather environments and use these kits as therapeutic purposes of pain management, detoxification of the body, skin improvements and even for weight loss.

These infrared saunas operate effectively at 100F to 130F, and have not just just a luxury item once seen in upscale homes, but also in all homes across America where consumers feel these infrared sauna kits fulfill their need for all the health benefits obtained from their use. These infrared sauna kits can be bought from reputable dealers in land-based businesses and online businesses. Many of these companies will send you free brochures and videos that detail the top brands, the ranges of sizes of their infrared sauna kits and all those pre-fabricated saunas and build-it-yourself sauna kits. These infrared sauna kits are costly, but most come with a redeemable coupon that can be valued as much as one-third of the cost of the entire sauna itself.

Manufacturers in the infrared technology industry have kept up with their consumers' interests far beyond the typical medical treatments of infrared. Now consumers have their own portable sauna kits and infrared sauna kits for in home uses.

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Infrared Sauna Therapy Benefits

Steam saunas, though not curative, have been known for years to provide relief from many of life's uncomfortable physiological problems. Infrared sauna therapy is, however, an underused treatment that can do far more than just cause us to perspire. Its proponents tell of amazing results achieved in many areas of health care management.

The infrared sauna creates radiant light waves which heat the body and increase calorie burning. A session in an infrared sauna can burn 500 calories or more while increasing your heart rate in such a way to simulate exercise. Some cardiovascular benefits can thus be derived from regular use of a sauna. The weight loss benefits of burning calories without physical physical exercise are obvious. They are especially useful for people who suffer from muscle and joint diseases which make it impossible to engage in regular exercise.

Before sauna therapy is started you should check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to begin. After you have your doctor's blessing you can start slowly in sessions that are about 20 to 30 minutes in length. After you are acclimated to this regimen you can gradually increase your time in the sauna to 50 minutes or so.

There are many benefits other than those mentioned that come with the use of a sauna on a regular basis. All saunas increase perspiration and have the ability to detoxify our skin, but infrared sauna goes beyond this simple approach. We are daily exposed to chemicals, some that we can not even imagine. We are surrounded by fumes, dust, and chemicals that we absorb through the pores in our skin. The deep heating of infrared sauna cleanses us through our body's natural defenses and works in tandem to remove toxins from our bodies.

Infrared sauna also causes an increase in our circulation. This is accomplished by our body's ability to expand and contract blood vessels, depending on the climate or circumstances of our environment. This increase in circulation will expand our blood vessels, the side effect of which is to lower our blood pressure naturally.

Poor circulation is often blamed for simple health issues such as headache, stiffness, and soreness, to mention only a few. Again, the increased circulation that is stimulated by the infrared sauna can aid in the relief of these problems.

Painful health issues suffered by many people such as moderate arthritis, bursitis, or other inflammatory processes in the body may be treated at least temporarily by regular use of the infrared sauna. As anyone with these problems can tell you, even temporary relief is welcome. The stress of having constant pain can also be treated to some degree because when pain is relieved the mind experiences some benefit as well.

Athletes and training personnel use infrared sauna therapy after strenuous workouts because it succeeds in relieving muscle pain and stiffness following heavy exercise where other treatments fail. It also enhances the body's natural relaxation response and further increases pain relief.

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Waxing – The Method

Waxing is not much fun and is certainly time-consuming. Instead of wax, working women generally prefer to make use of a shaver or an epilator. But, they have their own drawbacks. Here are few ways to make waxing less painful and quick.

o Avoid waxing when the hair is small. Waxing the hair when they are too short can lead to uneven growth. Let the hair be at least 3 to 5 mm long before you can remove them.

o Avoid waxing if your skin is brewed or if you have a rash. Do not apply lotions or oils before you start the process. Your skin should be clean and fresh.

o If you are using hot-wax, check the temperature by applying a small amount on your wrist. Once you apply wax, place the cloth or strip on it and press it for a few seconds. Pull the strip very quickly [against the direction of hair growth] to avoid the pain.

o It is advisable to use wax strips rather than cloth pieces for hygienic purposes. However, if you are using cloth pieces assure that they are clean and do not use them more than twice.

o Apply wax in a thin layer if you are using cloth pieces. If it is too thick, there are chances of the cloth getting stuck to the wax as you try to pull it off.

o Never leave the wax on the skin for too long. Apply a good body lotion immediately afterwards as it discourages the growth of hair.

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Beauty Salon Manicures and Pedicures

How many times have you visited a beauty salon to get a manicure or pedicure? In the past, beauty shops were used mainly for having their hair cut and styled and they were only used by women. Today, they offer so much more than a simple hair cut and style. Women and men go to beauty salons to get manicures, pedicures, spray tan, facials and even a massage to name a few things. Since beauty salons now offer so much more than they ever have before, clients expect more from these establishments.

When you're in need of a manicure or pedicure there are certain qualities that you should look for when entering a beauty salon. One of the most important things to look for is a shop that has qualified employees who can provide excellent service. If the shop does not meet your expectations, you may need to consider checking somewhere somewhere. You do not want someone without any training to give you a manicure or pedicure for several different reasons.

Manicures and pedicures involve the following procedures:

· Filing and painting nails

· Nail polishing and designs

· Cuticle treatments

· Hand and feet soaks

· Hand and feet massages

Only allow a professional to give you a manicure or pedicure because it would not be safe to let an unqualified person work on your hands and feet. Both manicures and pedicures can involve trimming and manipulating the skin around the nails. This means that there is a risk of infection developing if the process is not done correctly. This is why the manicurist should be a qualified professional and sanitation procedures should be followed completely at all times.

Another reason you only want a trained manicurist to take care of your needs is because you do not want to end up wasting your money. If the person is not qualified to do the job, it would be difficult for them to provide you with professional results.

The beauty salon should have modern equipment and be set up with professional manicure tables that will help them do the job correctly. A simple manicure table comes equipped with a three-foot wide nail table on which to work. It also has an arm pad for comfort, casters and a large drawer to store the equipment. Proper lighting is a must in order for the manicurist to do their job correctly.

When you walk into a beauty salon for a manicure or pedicure, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere should be pleasant and the staff should be friendly. You should be grateful when you walk through the door even if everyone is busy taking care of previous clients. It should also be clean and organized. These are the qualities that let you know you're in a professional establishment.

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