The Many Beautiful and Natural Benefits of Visiting a Day Spa

It sees as if every day in modern society is filled with one stress after another. When you spend time at your city day spa, you can get away from it all and let yourself be a little pampered. In addition to the many excellent, non-invasive, natural beauty treatments offered at your local day spa, you will enjoy being treated like a queen for a day with fluffy towels and robes, all natural cosmetics, and a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff who job it is to help you feel great!

Massage is a wonderful way to relax and release tension in the muscles and the mind. It is also excellent for the central nervous system and for improving blood circulation. A weekly visit to a day spa for a professional massage will help rid your system of waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. If you have been experiencing aches and pains, or if you are recovering from an illness, you will feel 100% better after a relaxing, professional massage at your city day spa.

Hydrotherapy is the therapy of water, and it is a fantastic way to release excess energy and refresh your body and mind. Whether you choose swimming, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, taking the steam or all three, you are sure to emerge feeling completely renewed.

When you enjoy hydrotherapy, it has a very positive effect on the blood vessels, relieves muscle stiffness and aches, and stimulates the natural production of endorphins, which relieves pain and help you feel contented and happy. Hydrotherapy is as effective as muscle relaxants, if not more so, and it's so much better for you! An application of natural face cream while enjoying a steam bath is a great natural beauty treatment!

Visiting a day spa is like a mini-vacation. Taking a day to enjoy a steam bath, a massage, and other non-invasive beauty treatments really sets your mind at ease and releases stress and tension while leaving you feeling refreshed and pampered thanks to careful, professional, natural health and beauty treatments.

Many day spas also offer phytotherapy, which is the use of all natural herbal and plant-based preparations to help balance hormone levels without the unpleasant and often dangerous side effects of prescription medications. The use of just the right combination of natural plant extracts can help heal and restore the natural hormonal balance of women in menopause or those experiencing hormonal imbalances for some other reason. Gentle, safe and natural phytotherapy can, and should, be used both for prevention and as a gentle, natural treatment for hormone related difficulties.

After a day at the spa, you will go home feeling rested, relaxed and beautiful. You'll be ready for a quiet – occasional romantic – evening and a good night of deep and restful sleep. If you usually use medication for sleep, you will probably be able to forego it after a day at the spa. If you visit your day spa regularly, you may be able to forego it altogether. The combination of massage, hydrotherapy, and simple relaxation will work wonders to help you relax and feel calmer. If you have been bothered by headaches or other tension related illnesses, you are very likely to see a reduction in them when you visit your day spa often.

Many day spas offer a health and fitness program that helps you get into the habit of regular, light exercise and healthy eating. The professionals at your day spa can provide you with good information and support to help you shape up and lose weight pleasantly without dangerous drugs.

When you visit your city day spa on a regular basis, you will enjoy a great variety of benefits. The holistic natural treatments you receive will renew your body, mind and spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of your everyday life beautifully and naturally!

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Hot Springs to Day Spa – It Will Make You Feel Great!

In the 1930s there were well over 2000 health resorts built around cold or hot springs. Once the benefits of spending time at a spa had become well-known many people made plans to spend at least some of their vacation time soaking up the healthy waters found in the naturally occurring springs that are found in many places right here in the US Also called balneotherapy, the health filled therapy found in hot springs (even cold springs) draw crowds of people seeking a way to feel better, possibly to heal sore muscles or over stressed bones. Doctors recommend spa time to their patients who suffer from joint diseases like rheumatism and arthritis because they know the benefits to be found in those magic waters. But there actually is no magic to the springs, they are part of nature and a natural method of healing the sore and unhealthy.

Greeks and Romans first learned the benefits of natural spring waters

Since Greeks first discovered that bathing in certain waters made them feel significantly better, followed by Romans who turned the art of the bath into something spectacular, bathing in natural spring waters or tidal pools has earned the right to claim its healthy claims. Ancient Greek bath houses first found benefit in the natural mud found in and around hot springs and literally covered themselves with the dark viscous material, hoping to feel better while eliminating those aches and pains associated with bone and joint discomfort. According to Greek mythology, certain tidal pools and natural springs had been blessed by the gods and would cure diseases. The then established facilities for bathing purposes with the intent of healing and those who desired the help could go there and spend time, soaking in the healing waters.

Modern spas may be palatial or sparsely appointed

As the popularity of spas rose so did the price of a spa day. There were traditional baths using the waters from hot springs that were located in areas such as Hot Springs in Arkansas. The states of New York, Connecticut, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are also famous for their cold and hot springs. Saratoga Springs as well as Ballston Spa and Kinderhood are noted spas in New York while Pennsylvania has its own Bristol, Yellow, and Bath Springs. Virginia's White Sulfur Springs, Hot Springs, and Warm Springs beckon to all who come near. Those who travel to such locations are treated to a luxurious spa day and that means all the amenities that comfort allows. They can exercise, practice a healthy diet, and enjoy the healthy benefits found in the soothing waters.

Bath houses could be found everywhere

For those who could not or would not wish to travel far from home, the bath house could substitute as they emulated the healthy benefits of naturally occurring springs by adding salts and various ingredients into warm pools of water and allowing guests to soak in their soothing properties . Bath houses earned a bad reputation yet remain popular in many large cities due to their healthy warm waters and the use of mud therapy, exercise equipment, and a combination including manicures, pedicures, facial and body massages to help relieve the aches and pains of everyday living. Today enjoying a day at the spa remains a popular and healthy activity for all.

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Day Spa and Health Retreat

If you feel worn out, stressed, and tired due to your job, busy work schedule, or you are simply getting old, this is definitely the best time to visit a day spa and health retreat. More often than not, it is easy for you to lose contact with your sensual side simply because you are too busy attending to everything. It is up to other important people in your life to help you reconnect with your sensitive characteristics and help you renew your confidences and make you feel loved, pampered, and most all, more desirable than ever. At a health retreat and day spa, not only will you be able to have a wonderful relaxing moment but you can also take the opportunity to reconnect with your inner sensation which has been covered by stress and work related pressures.

Sensuality referers to the inner sensation you feel about yourself and not being embarrassed or mortified about the fact that you are enjoying sensitive things that help you feel more pampered and cared for like when you are getting a full massage or a facial treatment. And while this feeling might be natural for women, most men generally do not have the time to reconnect with the sensual aspects of their lives and they put their minds into it. But it does not necessarily mean that men do not deserve these things. Men are also humans and just like all humans, men also need a bit of pampering and allow them to self indulge with treats that can make them feel appreciated, cherished and renewed.

An exclusive health retreat and day spa pampering is a perfect idea if you want to have a remarkable pampering experience that will basically include facial treatment, full body massage and even a manicure or a pedicure. This will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated and will certainly be thankful for that wonderful experience. Additional pampering services may include back cleansing, body massage, hot towels, and more. All these will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed which will also make you feel younger and look better with fewer body aches and pains.

A stint at a health retreat can help improve your general health condition since their health packages can help improve your immune system and relax you from stress thought about by your current busy lifestyle. You can also enjoy a full facial treatment to improve the overall look and texture of your skin by using a variation of conventional treatments. Among the most common facial treatments done here include facial cleansing, removal of dead skin cells, skin hydration, cleaning clogged pores, facial skin tightening, and other related treatment procedures which in turn can help improve your facial health condition.

The main advantage of visiting a day spa and health retreat is that you are able to explore healthy ways to promote your wellbeing and at the same time, provide yourself with an exclusive treat you so long deserve. Pamper yourself here and find out how it will change your life forever.

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Creating Community In a Rapidly Changing World

Do you ever wonder what's going to happen to the world economy and how we'll survive the huge sweeping changes that are occurring in our world?

Do you wonder what the world will be like for the next generation? How will our kids manage? What will their lives be like?

I tend to think that in order to better our world, our day to day lives and to reduce stress, that we will have to shift the way we think and do things from doing them solo to band together and creating community in a new way. If we can shift our thinking from “Dog Eat Dog” to a true spirit of cooperation, well, we may just make it. This will be a win win situation in which everyone benefits. If I benefit, you will automatically benefit. If you refer work to me, you will receive your part in support of your actions. When you connect me with that dynamite chiropractor, I'm sure I can help you find a really good webmaster and that she could most likely hook you up with a great business coach. By networking and truly offering what we can give to support each other, we are creating a new system in which the whole and the individual benefit simultaneously.

This gives us an opportunity to live in increased integrity. If I think you will benefit from my friend's services, I would not think twice before referring you to him. I would do it for the pure joy of connecting the two of you to help you both. I would hope that we can all do this from the goodness of our hearts, but it may be a stretch until we all get there. So until we can fully make the shift from single unit consciousness to unity consciousness, let's see if we can create a system that would automatically support each of us as we move into this change of mentality.

So to start off, we can each just take a look around at the connections we already have and begin to try to see how we can support each other and broaden our networks at the same time.

I have owned to several business networking groups for over 3 years and am in the process of looking for additional ways to network, including web-based networks like facebook, LinkedIn and now I'm exploring Google plus. One of the groups I have been a part of for over 2 years is called the “Abundance Circle” and our philosophy is that anyone who freely gives will receive before in one way or another and folks, IT WORKS. I may not receive a direct referral from someone I have referred to, but I've noticed how it substantially moves things in the energetic realms and invariably I receive a call or new client pretty close to the time of my referral to a fellow circle member . We are dealing with a new way to approach consciousness, to partner with the world in a new way that produces results very often as a direct result of our goodwill.

Wishing us new connections and partnerships,


Rhonda Joy

Copyright Rhonda Joy Eagle, 2011

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Ready For A Spa Treatment?

The concept of a spa is to restore, revive and enable one to live a healthy lifestyle and is very important to those subjected to severe amounts of stress or worries.

The concept of a spa is to restore, revive and enable one to live a healthy lifestyle and is very important to those subjected to severe amounts of stress or worries. Even in tough economic times, there are still many who go to a spa on a monthly basis. Of course, not all of us could afford such visits and many of us do not needarily need a spa treatment as often.

With today's hectic lifestyle, individuals are becoming ill, exhausted and stressed to the point of risking their overall health. In these cases it is very important to relax, maintain a well-balanced diet and to get proper daily exercise. Many medical experts have cited stress as a main factor of illnesses, thus the main priority of a spa seeker is to focus on the de-stressing of the mind, body and spirit.

There are different kinds of spa treatments and services provided at spas such as a massage, facial, sauna or steam bath, pedicure, manicure and even a mud bath. Here are a few benefits you can obtain from having a proper spa treatment, going beyond the mind and spirit:

1. Relaxes the body and mind;
2. Stimulates circulation;
3. Beautifies and hydrates the skin;
4. Revitalizes and relaxes tight and aching muscles;
5. Increases metabolic rate and burns calories;
6. And Enhances the respiratory and other body systems.

While it is nice to head out the door to a facility which provides you with that special spa treatment leaving you feel like you are on cloud nine, there are many ways to get similar results within the privacy of your own home. There are many “recipes” for facials, mud baths and other wonder works; sometimes a soothing bath is all you need to re-energize your body and mind.

Be aware that if you have been drinking alcohol prior to taking a bath, the hot water will dehydrate your system, so it is not best to soak in a bubble bath without the cocktail in your hand! Also, many suggest that best results are gained from a nice soaking in the tub on an empty stomach. It is also well advised to know and be aware of the fact that some people get lightheaded after relaxing in a tub of hot water, so to eliminate this from happening, add some salt to your bath water; and why not add some lavender as well – it is very soothing and smells divine! In summary, save your money and provide your body mind, and spirit with time to relax and rest without worry or without concern for the day-to-day responsibilities. Your outlook, attitude and personality will shine like a star!

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Wellness Trends

A short time ago, a client asked for a report on trends in wellness. At first, this appeared a straightforward and modest assignment. What's complicated about identifying wellness trends? How hard could it be? I would search my opinion library, check around a bit, identify developments in spas (the Global Spa Summit group produced an excellent wellness trends report for that industry), business and elsewhere and bingo – I've got a list of current and emerging wellness trends.

Well, the task provided a bit less simple than that. Once I started systematically preparing to assemble a list of trends, I realized there were two major challenges to address: 1) what constitutes a trend? 2) What trends should be considered wellness in nature? Both challenges proved substantial.

Wellness, as you know, represent different ideas to different people and interest groups. How could I gather data on wellness trends if there were little consensus about the nature of wellness?

There was only one way to deal with this challenge, and that involved invoking a Gordian Knot-like solution. I had to cut through the confusion, which is to say, make stuff up. Yes, wellness trends would be whatever I decreed wellness trends were. Of course, I could be objective about the matter, more or less. To supplement deliberations (with myself), I would undertake a modified randomized double-blind crossover trial of a horizontal, vertical and dignified nature. I would be scientific. By accepting total responsibility as judge and jury of what constituents wellness and trends associated with it, the task of identifying bona fide trends of a REAL wellness nature would be no problem.

The first thing to do was gather material. What did others think? I find find out by asking wellness experts worldwide. I prepared a wellness trend questionnaire.

Once pre-tested and revised by a prestigious scientific panel (my wife and several carrot juice ergogenic drinking buddies), I sent the questionnaire to Ardell Wellness Report readers and the list service of a health promotion service (the HEDIR list). In addition, I placed the questionnaire at a major international website where it would be seen and completed by legions of business leaders. All participants in these three sectors saw the same five questions, to wit:

* What do you think are the most significant wellness trends?

* What are your ideas on how technology will affect wellness (ie, programs, products, ideas) in the future?

* Is wellness more or less consequential to older folks than the rest? If so, explain.

* Do you know of any program (s) that you'd consider a “model” endeavor worthy of emulation? (Please identify the program and note why you think so.)

* What kinds or areas of research would you like to see undertaken a wellness nature?

I was tempted to define wellness in a manner consistent with my own philosophy of wellness. In the latter, I favor the modifier “REAL” wellness (ie, wellness focused on reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty pursed to the quest for high quality of life). However, I realized right away this would mean there would have been no wellness trends identified – there might not even be reports of wellness sightings.

I began with a memo sent to my closest friends and wellness fellow travelers, asking about wellness trends in a letter that referred to these advisers as the “best and the brightest minds in the field.” Grant Donovan, my long-time associate (and co-author of a few books, the sponsor of many of my junkets Downunder, the co-producer of conferences and much more) responded immediately. I found myself in agreement with his sentiments about wellness and wellness trends:

“Don, not being either the best or brightest wellness mind, I can only offer a few insights from what you tell me and what I hear sitting in airport lounges and worksites around the world. , politics, hate, sport, stress, illness, personal conflict and the general lack of time most people experience come up regularly in conversation but you never hear anyone speaking about wellness. ) Disease cure and prevention masking as wellness is booming, particularly if you have your money in the right bio-tech stocks. ”

However, as the data started coming in, I was able to identify many possible trends.

The first trend is that efforts are widespread to assign consistent and clear meanings for the term. This involves rendering wellness distinct from medical treatment, health risk reduction, spa treatments and basic fitness and nutritional basics. Rod Lees of Brisbane, Australia, put it this way: “The most significant trend in the wellness movement is your concept of REAL wellness.”

Of course, a trend is not the same as a reality. Rod continued: “However, in Australia, we are still struggling with getting the traditional concept off the ground. We have a long way to go. ”

Well, we all have a long way to go but the trend is “we've started.” For decades, the term wellness has been used freely by nearly everyone who had something to sell or, in a medical context, a treatment or program to apply. It has been bandied about as if it were self-evident, which never was the case. Now it is being described to apply to a good life well-lived apart from a medical context, as a philosophy that embraces life fully and rationally. The main trend mentioned in the survey is a widespread desire among health organizations to promote a particular meaning both specific and normative.

Wellness may have many interpretations, but some, particularly in Europe, are consistent with and basically the same as REAL wellness as described in “Aging Beyond Belief.” This, as noted earlier, is a mindset or philosophy focused on reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty in the pursuit of quality of life. It is totally apart from risk reduction, disease management and the medicalization of health. It is not so different from the National Wellness Institute's definition (“Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence”) but it looks more down-to-earth. Who can get energized or organized about “an active process?” What does that mean, anyway? As opposed to what – an “inactive” process?

Lutz Hertel, staff head of the German Wellness Association, wrote about the trend most evident in his part of the world: “The key trend I note is a growing understanding and acceptance in wealthy nations that health for aging societies will come down to a matter of lifestyle choices rather than improvements in modern medicine. “The shift from risk factor and disease prevention to positive options like quality of life, meaning, purpose and ethics within the wellness provider community is a hopeful trend.”

The exact definition of wellness is not important, but the contents or elements of wellness dialogues, promotions and programs do matter. Mindsets, commitments and resolutions matter. Philosophies matter. The trend number one, therefore, and this could be wishful thinking, is an appreciation for REAL wellness, at least in some circles. Under this banner, wellness promoters are drawing attention to skill areas like meaning and purpose, ethics, an understanding and appreciation of scientific approaches to social and moral problems, celebrating the important of learning critical thinking skills, advocating an understanding of the science and dynamics of happiness and incorporating other issues that address and impact quality of life.

Increasingly, especially in the US where there is a strong movement among secularists to resist the religousity of Right Wing Christian Republicanism, there is also a backlash against fuzzy religious feel-good terms that means everything and nothing, like spirituality.

Personally, I would like to see all wellness programming tied to, that is associated with implications for things that count most to nearly everyone. This means linking wellness to politics, sex and religion in order to get everyone engaged, even at the cost of a little exclusion. I realize that this preference might take a while before it gains a foothold in corporate settings.

In the end, it is probably not important how we characterize wellness with definitions, as is what gets introduced, debated, explored and understood in a wellness context. In all the ways that REAL and other wellness lifestyle choices for a more healthy and other successful achievement are advanced, sustainability will be vital. As Judd Allen observed, “I do not see any firm trends. In my view the instability is due to a lack of recurring lifestyle change. if new interest in supporting environments takes root. There is an increasing tendency to see that efforts to promote individual initiative are combined with cultural support. ”

Wellness promoters are a diverse lot. Some are athletic, many if not most are not. Some are philosophical, some not. So it goes with every skill area – although wellness promoters are quite knowledgeable about diverse areas in the physical, mental and meaning / purpose domains. The emphasis, style, approach and priorities still vary quite a bit. It seems likely that there will always be large differences in how wellness is viewed, and a growing acceptance of this fact may be related to trend in itself.

One quality that, in my view ,ought to unite all wellness promoters, however the term is defined and advanced, is reason. This is a lifestyle value that Tom Flynn among many others has described as embracing “reason, compassion and scientific methods, absolutely powerful tools for building the good life – in this life.” (Op-Ed, Free Inquiry, April 2008.)

In future guest pieces, I may address additional trends noted from responses to the other four questions.

Meanwhile, go ahead and create a few trends of your own, preferably of a REAL wellness nature.

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Spa and Saunas – The Healing Power of Water

Spas and saunas have been around for thousands of years. That's how long people have been looking for – and luxurating in – the healing power of water. So when you visit a spa or sauna today, you are participating in one of humanity's oldest rituals.

In a sauna, your skin is exposed to dry steam that is generated by pouring water over heated rocks. A steam bath, on the other hand, features wet steam, which is created when hot water evaporates into the air.

As for a spa, it can be a hot, mineral water bath or a hot tub. The word “spa” has also come to mean a resort that specializes in saunas, steam baths and, yes, spas.

Even though saunas and steam baths are often lumped together categorically, they have clearly defined differences.

Experts say a sauna, which uses dry steam is better than a steam bath, which uses wet steam, in terms of helping the body rid itself of toxic metals and elements such as lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and sodium. Some scientists have said that sweating once a day helps to cleanse the body of toxins that could be cancer-causing agents.

Saunas usually feature bleacher-like seats, and the higher up you go, the hotter it gets. Some advice for novices: Start at the bottom and determine just how much heat you can take before moving to a higher seat.

If you're going to have a massage, have a steam bath first. The wet steam increases the suppleness of muscles.

Steam baths are also thought to be move relaxing than saunas, to better increase circulation and to place less demand on the heart.

Many ancient cultures recognized the therapeutic benefits of spas and saunas, including their ability to kill viruses, aid in weight loss and restore energy. Thanks to modern science and technology, we've discovered that spas and saunas also help rid the body of toxins and help relate certain allergies and skin rashes.

In addition, spas and saunas are successful in promoting relaxation and relieving stress. The combination of heat and hot water not only helps the skin to breathe, it also helps you to breathe more easily.

The ancient Chinese, Persians and Egyptians used water for emotional and physical healing more than 5,000 years ago. Later, the Romans spread the “spa culture” through Europe, incorporating Finnish saunas. And Native Americans made the sweat lodge an important part of their physical and spiritual purification.

There's more to modern spas than just soothing, healing mineral water.

Today's spas and health resorts offer a wide range of attractions. Many of them provide massage therapy; nutritional and dietary planning; training in yoga and other forms of meditation and relaxation; skin and beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures and facials; health education; and exercise.

Spas are often thought of as summer camps for adults. Indeed, like theme camps for kids, spas often characterized in various adult activities or concerns: weight reduction, fitness, yoga and other health-related subjects.

And while most people tend to consider today's spas a women-only retreat, men's spas, couples' spas and even family spas are popping up everywhere.

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Effective Hair Removal Options

Everybody is different, some of us tall, short, fat and skinny. There are people with very little body hair and those with a lot. Some people find less body body more attractive yet are cursed with an overabundance. There is a solution in the form of both hair removal treatments and removal products.

Hair removal treatments tend to be more expensive and can include laser hair treatment. Laser hair removal (or LHR) is a permanent (in most cases) solution to excessive hair. LHR targets individual hair follicles and makes it so the hair will never return. This is all done without causing damage to the skin but it must be done by a skilled and qualified technician. LHR can be has been used for removing large areas of hair as well as specific areas including the face. The downside to LHR is the fact that it can cost a lot of money and be quite painful. For those on a limited budget and want to forgo the chance of pain there are products available to help.

These products tend to offer a temporary fix to hair problems and include waxes, lotions, hair removal tools such as pluckers, tweezers, epilators and more. For extended relief, waxes are what many people choose to use. They are relatively inexpensive and will remove hair for much longer than if a razor was used. The problem with waxing is the discomfort associated with it.

There are many options for removing undesired hair and each individual will need a specific type of removal solution to suit their individual hair removal needs. There is a plethora of information available and it is recommended that the individual research the best solution to meet their needs.

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What’s a VibraCussor?

Technology and science are always gaining an edge in the world of wellness. New techniques and devices are becoming more popular as their benefits become known. The VibraCussor is a great development in the department of self-healing therapy. Not to be confused with a common massage device, the VibraCussor penetrates deep within the body tissues, stimulating your body's own healing properties.


The uses of the VibraCussor are quite varied. The device is used along with technique to loose tissues in the body. Muscles are not the only tissue in your body that becomes tense. Joints, fascia (the lining around your muscles), lymph pressures (infections and allergy), and even scar tissue can be treated with the VibraCussor.

The device itself uses a very different approach to “massage” techniques. Rather than side-to-side motions that relieve surface tension, the VibraCussor uses an up-and-down movement that penetrates deep into the tissues, affecting joints, muscles, and fascia which all can affect movement. Along with technique, the device loosens these tissues, allowing your body to take over and work productively (heal itself).


The benefits of using VibroCussor therapy are numerous. Perhaps you have joint problems, and have had trouble working them loose. The device penetrates deep into the joint tissue and surrounding areas, stimulating them. Fluids that lubricate the joints can enter the area and help regain motion.

The fascia tissue is something commonly overlooked by most people. Fascia is a coating that surrounds the muscle and various parts through your body, keeping your structure strong. This tissue can become tense as well. Injuries, deep wounds, and stress can tighten this tissue, restraining movement, nerves, and blood flow. When applied, the device loosens the tissue, helping to restore your body's range of motion.

The device can even benefit the overall nervous system. Muscles and connective tissue can tighten within the spinal and neck area, disabling the nervous system communication. With proper technique, the VibraCussor loosens these restrictions, allowing your body to resume proper function- heart, breathing, and other reflexes.

Some areas such as the lymph system control your immune system and can become swollen or irritated, especially against allergies. Targeting these areas with the VibraCussor can alleviate the pressure, and help your body's immune system function properly.

The VibraCussor has also been used for hand and foot remedies, loosing the joints and tissues to allow proper use of the appendages. Your feet hold you up, so how they feel affects how you walk, which affects your back, legs, and muscles through your body. These areas are constantly used, so keeping them in good condition affects your everyday life.

Long term usage

VibraCussor therapy is great for the long run. Using it to keep your body's functions working efficiently keeps you active longer and feeling good. Patients that have undergone VibraCussor therapy report having positive emotional changes, which in return, prevents stress from overtaking the body and tightening it back up. Heart rhythms, breathing, and your nervous system all work more effectively, allowing your body to heal itself quicker, and more proactively. You'll find that you get sick less often as your immune system will function better and allow you to fight off diseases before they take you down.

This device is becoming a great addition to healthy living. When used with technique, it works deep within your body's tissues, working them loose to allow for healthy circulation of blood, nervous, and lymph systems.

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Go to a Spa and Relaxation Is Yours

The modern day world is a fast-paced one, where people are juggling with various task in the limited time they have. Everyone in their own unique way is trying to push the envelope a little bit further. The physical work that entails these gruesome schedules has the ability to take away steam from even the healthiest of bodies. The dose of modern day technologies has made a lot of task easier, but at the same time the electro-magnetic waves emitted by these fancy devices have an adverse effect on the body of an ordinary unsuspecting human being. Study has revealed that the human body is more electrically charged than ever. Body massages, as mentioned in the vintage Hindu scriptures, are a good way to relax an overworked and a tired body.

However technology may have reduced the physical work of the modern-day man, the mental stress has more or less persisted for the better part of the equation. The mental stress generated by time-limiting schedules is no less than the stress experienced by a soldier post-combat. The analogy may not suffice but the symptoms do.

Recent health surveys around the world have come with devastating results, most blaming stress as the second most cause of lifestyles diseases. Most health experts are of the view that getting a full body massage is the most prudent therapy which a stressed person can avail at a spa. Getting a body massage or parts of your body massaged in a spa and salon has more than one advantage. A body massage is completely free of any side effects whatever. Almost all people appreciate a body massage after a tiring and stressful day.

Finding a spa in Mumbai and getting yourself a massage is not a difficult task either. It replenishes and refurbishes the body system with the lost energy. A body massage at any spa in Mumbai will help in resetting the circulatory system in the order itought to be. Doing so, ensures that all the key parts of the body get the required amount of oxygenated blood; and at the same time amino acid is completely eliminated from every possible body cell, giving the body and mind a lighter feel.

Thus, it can be safely asserted that it is a very useful and scientific way of getting rid of the work pressure and stress out of the body. There are many types of body massages available at any spa and salon in Mumbai; it is up to the individual to decide the one which best suits him / her. In order to learn more about these massages one can also refer to the internet space where they can find a repository of information.

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Buying Used Hot Tub Spas: Avoiding Costly Purchase Mistakes Of Previously Owned Hot Tubs

Are you looking to buy a quality used or refurbished hot tub? Ideally, you want to buy a used spa that will not give you problems. The ideal previously owned spa would be a refurbished model. Why buy a reconditioned, refurbished spa?

An ideal refurbished spa:

  • There would be a common, brand name unit (for future purchase of replacement parts, filters, and supplies)
  • Would go through a check list;
  • Would be sanitized;
  • Would have questionable parts replaced;
  • Would come with a warranty;
  • Would have a contact person for follow up concerns or issues.

What about used spas on

There are many spas on right now. The prices are very attractive (some for only $ 500.00). But what people do not realize is that most are bad quality spas (brands such as Life Spa, Life Spring, Advance Spas, Lazy-boy Spas, Coleman, Warm Springs, etc.). You will buy the spa for $ 500.00 and think you got a great deal. But beware! Then comes the hidden expenses :

  • $ 250 to get the spa delivered;
  • You need a new cover ( $ 350 for a cheap one);
  • Pump seal is leaking ( $ 150 );
  • All the pillows need to be replaced (at least $ 125 );
  • Usually one or more of the jets are shot ( $ 250 or more to replace several bad hot tub jets).

You now have over $ 1,900 in that unit that was a great deal for $ 500.00- and that is if everything else works -which is normally not the case. Remember: there is a reason people are giving them away, which leads to the next concern:

Why are they selling their used spa?

  • Are they moving?
  • Are the payments too much to handle?
  • Are they upgrading to a new hot tub?
  • Has the hot tub been a headache?

There is a reason people are giving away their used spas in private sales-they bought a cheap spa, and it has been a headache, and now they want it gone. You will hardly ever find a brand name spa such as Master Spa, Hot Spring Spa, Sundance Spa, Jacuzzi, Marquis, or Dimension One on for under $ 2,000 in good condition. If you do, buy it!

The ideal situation for a previously owned purchase would be that the previous owner was unable to make the payments, and it was repossessed. This is usually the best case scenario to be happy with your pre-owned purchase.

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6 Simple Steps to a Gentle Whole Body Cleanse

In today's busy world, it is becoming harder and harder to adhere to a healthy lifestyle the majority of the time. Social gatherings, cravings and lack of time can lead to eating less than healthy foods and drinking alcohol, an overabundance of coffee drinks and sugar laden sodas, juices and more. Once slip leads to two and all of a sudden you've given up your healthy regimen for one that has you sleepy, sluggish and unmotivated in health and fitness. Sometimes, an easy jumpstart is all you need to get back into your healthy routine. These easy steps to a gentle, simple whole body cleanse may get you back on track in the right direction.

1. Hydrate. A body that is not fully hydrated can not function at an optimal level. It's incredibly important to drink water. Not only will this help restore your energy, but it will also help your metabolism function efficiently and help your body release any built up toxins. Try adding fresh lemon juice to further enhance the detoxification process.

2. Stick to a Healthy Balanced Whole Food Diet for 14 Days. Pick lean meats such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef (less than 10% lean), eggs, duck, fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster and calamari. Stick to carbohydrates from vegetable sources such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, green beans, kale, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, lettuces, tomato, snow peas and onion. Fruits such as apples, berries, grapefruit, orange, pear and plums are great to eat while bananas, melons, pineapple and mango should be reserved for after the first 14 days. Plenty of monounsaturated fats should have been added in from nuts such as almonds, cashews, macadamia, peanuts and pistachios. Olive oil, avocado and canola oil are all great sources of monounsaturated fat. It's important to have balanced meals consisting of a protein, a carbohydrate and a monounsaturated fat. Try the “Eyeball Method” for your measuring device. This method is simple and can be used anywhere you go. Protein should be the size and thickness of the palm of your hand, carbohydrates should be the size of two clenched fists and fat should be the size of the tip of your thumb.

3. Avoid All Processed Foods and Refined Sugars for the First 14 Days. While it's a great idea to omit these completely from your diet, the first 14 days are critical in eliminating processed foods and refined sugars to break any sugar addiction and eliminate any unneeded sodium, additives and chemicals from your body. During this time you'll want to eliminate all bread, processed lunch meats, candy, sweets, Cereals, juices, pasta, rice, pre packages meals, chips, sugary salad dressings and alcohol.

4. Avoid Fake Foods. Ingesting artificial sweeteners can create a toxic effect in the body. Eliminate all artificial sweeteners from your diet. Diet sodas, sugar free candy, sugar free puddings and dairy items should be avoided. Use raw sugar or stevia if you need a substitute to sweeten drinks or for cooking.

5. Limit Your Caffeine Intake. One glass per day is the recommended allowance for caffeine each day. Caffeine is a natural diuretic so while there are some redeeming qualities about it, it will also push water out of your body which can lead to dehydration. Stick to one glass per day and grab water after the first class of caffeine adjusted.

6. Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate. Your body will be thanking you for this gentle jumpstart. It's also important to treat yourself right – body and mind. Add in yoga, a spa treatment, simple meditation and light stretching during your 14 day jumpstart.

This easy should help rid your body of unwanted chemicals and break your sugar addiction. Your body will be able to function and restore properly. You'll be on your way to feeling energized and renewed once you complete this simple whole body cleanse. Make sure consult your doctor or registered dietitian if you have any questions regarding whether or not this program is right for you.

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Pedicure Chairs and Pedicure Spas Cater To Customers Bringing Them Back Time After Time

If you own a salon or spa business a pedicure chair, pedicure chairs, pedicure spa and pedicure spas is an investment that returns your initial expenses quickly. However, before making that investment you need to do your homework so you get the type of equipment that you want. It is difficult to find many retail outlets that handle the chairs, so do research online to learn everything you need to know.

The best way to determine what you want is to visit as many spas and salons as possible. Sit in the chairs and keep notes about what you like and dislike about specific models, which ones are the most comfortable, the space needed to set them, and what features will increase the number of clients for your specific type of clientele.

Organize your list and decide how much money you can spend. Get online and research equipment with your specific desires. The type of business you own has a lot to do with the type of spa chair you need. Small individual businesses tend to purchase the lower cost models while luxury spas invest in chairs with the most elaborate features.

The space available for spa chairs and the number of chairs you plan to purchase is a determining factor. Safety is an important feature that many people do not think about until they have already bought and used the chair. All selections should be easily accessible for any type of customer, including overweight and disabled with few obstacles in the way to trip them up.

Many models have swivel seats, swing out and swing up arms. The way in which water in the foot bath circulates and drains is vital to safety. Water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and one incident of infection could cost you your business, so make sure you get the safest version available. People love luxury so the more features a unit has the more business it will draw in.

The chair itself must be comfortable, so consider purchasing one with extra padding. Spa chairs are available that have massaging features with rollers, discs and vibrators that mimic human hands for total relaxation during a pedicure. Some come with remote controls that are used by the guest or the tech.

The standard chair has piping that goes to the foot sink while another type has no piping. Those with pipes carry a higher risk of bacteria because there are more places for it to hide. Follow the manufacturers suggested cleaning instructions to avoid any bacterial problems. Non-piped selections are easier to clean and carry a lower bacterium risk because water can not hide in pipes.

Non-piped chairs are quieter making the spa experience more enjoyable. Simple chairs are available that are designed with only seating and a foot bath. One luxurious model is egg shaped and has an automatic built in massage, cup holders, magazine racks, jet stream foot massages with controlled heat, an IPOD dock station and speakers. Others come equipped with mood lighting, full body reclining backrests and other lavish options.

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The Right Pedicure Chair Can Increase Your Customer Base

Whether you are searching for pedicure supplies or the perfect pedicure chair, you can find exactly what you need online. If your place of business offers a pedicure spa service, the right chair can make all of the difference. You can offer superior service so that you build your clientele almost effortlessly.

Sanitation plays an important role when you are in this type of industry. You must make sure that all of your tools and instruments are properly cleaned in between each client's visit. There are many germs and bacteria that can spread if you do not properly wash the tools that you use. This is for their safety and also to protect you from getting into any trouble that could make you lose your license.

Always strive to make sure that your customers are comfortable. There are many different types of pedicure chairs and having the perfect one for your shop is a great way to stand out from the other competition. Imagine how quickly your business can grow when people receive happy service. When they are happy with the service they receive, they will tell friends and family about your salon.

When you are trying to make your clients feel pampered, think about the little special touches that you can do that will make your salon stand out from the rest. Try using spotted water or placing rose petals in the bowl. There are many extra Touches that people will appreciate and remember. Even lighting candles can add a special touch to your salon.

Using beautiful, colorful towels and scented lotions can be another great idea. You can also offer a wide selection of nail polish for them to choose from. Think about running specials so that they can get a free nail decal or design or some other special incentive when they refer others to your salon.

Another great idea is to offer a friend referral service. Let people know that you appreciate their business and for every new client they bring in, they can earn a free decal, or some other incentive. Imagine how quickly your customer base can grow when you offer special bonuses. Many individuals enjoy special bonuses and perks that companies offer for their loyalty to their salon.

There are many different things that you can do that will help your salon stand out from the rest. Always make sure that your salon and tools are clean. Be friendly and warm to everyone that enters your salon. Try to make everyone feel important and like one of the family. In a short amount of time, you could reap the rewards of having a super busy salon that has loyal customers.

Many professionals understand how having the right pedicure chair can help build their business. In this competitive market, it is important that you take extra measures to ensure that the customers keep returning to your salon. You will love how affordable these chairs can be and what they can do to help build your business and customer base.

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Choosing The Right Pedicure Chair For Your Spa

When purchasing the right pedicure chair for your business there are some important features and aspects of the chair that you want to make sure are there so they fit your business. Finding the right one will take a little time and due diligence but with the right amount of patience you can find the right one that will fit your business perfectly.

Choosing the right pedicure chair will depend on the type of business you are opening as well as the clientele that you expect will frequent your business. Once you figure out the type of business you have, say an upscale salon or aa spa and salon you can then go on a little reconnaissance mission and check out some of the competition.

Once you have identified the type of salon you will be opening you should now go out and look at the types of pedicure chairs other businesses like the one you intend on opening are using. You want to get an idea of ​​the type of chair as well as the style and look. You also want to see if the chair matches the current decor of the pedicure spa or if it looks out of place. You should also get an idea of ​​some of the features they have.

Chairs can come with a whole host of features some of the best ones will have cup holders and magazine racks. Others will have ways to message your clients feet and even their back while they are sitting there for a pedicure. Some chairs will do a better job controlling the heat of the water the person is placing their feet into. You do not want to have you client stick their feet in uncomfortably hot or cold water. Now that you have decided on the types of features you want you need to look into another important part of any pedicure chairs value.

Durability is a critical feature in any chair you choose. If you buy one that is not constructed well you will see loads of trouble and you can almost certainly loose business. A comfortable chair must also be well built which will mean it will last longer. You have zero time to repair a chair once its been installed so you want to make sure that the one you buy will also be around a while. Also look to make sure that it successfully removes the all of the water. Poorly constructed ones will usually leave some water from the previous pedicure which can lead to germs being passed along to other clients.

You can find a very good one for your business online. Shopping online allows you to browse hundreds of different styles and models as well as prices. You can also price the features and materials that you want the chairs you buy to have. You can also buy in bulk much easier online. Shopping online allows you to mix and match based on your salons layout.

If you are interested in higher end model packed with extra features that many other pedicure spas would have you can opt to buy one that has an iPod dock and speakers for your clients ultimate comfort. These chairs are only cost effective if you are running a luxury spa and salon. Regular salons that require a high turnover rate should consider getting ones that are both comfortable and durable but may skimp on features to save money.

There are many important factors that will influence your buying decisions. The type of salon you open will be the largest factor you should be aware of. Not all chairs are created equal and you want one that fits the type of clients you are looking to attract. A high end salon should not be skimping on feature rich chairs just to save cost while a regular salon can leave some unnecessary features out in order to lower costs.

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