Medical Spa Recommendations: How to Find a Great Spa Near You

If you are considering going to a medical spa in your city, it is really important to take a few minutes to research first. This is because such spas typically perform services that take a lot of knowledge and skill in order to be done properly. For example, laser hair removal and waxing can both be painful and ineffective if not performed by a professional. Therefore, learn a few ways of choosing a good location near you.

One of the best resources to check out is your friends and family, as a recommendation from them can be worth a lot. They will probably not suggest that one of their loved ones go to a medical spa that they feel is dangerous or a waste of money, so take their word for it. Of course, also take into consideration whether they have tried out any other spas, as they may not know the type of service that is standard if they have only been to one. Thus, it is often helpful to listen to loved ones with lots of experience getting services like waxing, laser hair removal, and more.

Before you choose, it is also helpful to check out online reviews. Many people enjoy giving their opinions so that others can have the same good experience as them, or possibly avoid a bad one. Most review sites are free or inexpensive, so check them out before spending your money at a nearby medical spa. This resource may end up helping you save your money, or it could simply lead to you getting great results at a local business.

You can sometimes get a referral from your doctor, depending on the services that you are interested in. Whether you have a plastic surgeon or just a primary care physician, you should ask if they recommend any nearby spas that provide laser treatment, microdermabrasion, Botox injections, and more. The best medical spa to go to is one with experienced staff members or even doctors who perform these specialist services, and many doctors are quick to recommend those who offer high quality treatment to patients.

Clearly, there are several ways to find a good medical spa near you, and they are all free or very cheap. You can choose the option that works best for you, or sometimes use all three resources to get a great idea of ​​the best spas in your city. The quality should show in your results, making the time you spent researching worth it.

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10 Occasions When Spa Treatments Could Help You

From massages and facials to pedicures and body wraps, there are many types of spa treatment that can help you in your life. Here are 10 occasions when you might want to consider visiting a luxury spa near you.

1. If you've spent the last few months working extremely hard and fatigue is setting in, you may want to use spa treatments to repair your body and re-energise you.

2. If the hard work never stops and your job comes with high stress, you may find that a luxury spa will help you relax and improve your general well-being.

3. If you've suffered a bad injury, visiting a spa may help speed up the recovery process or supplement your physiotherapy program.

4. Spa's are great places to enjoy time with your significant other or a friend, as you can get treatments together and feel the benefits.

5. If you're planning a big night out and want to look your best, you may want to book into a luxury spa to have a pedicure or manicure.

6. If you've been feeling tired or of a low ebb laTely, you may want to visit a luxury spa for a body wrap or facial to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

7. If you play a lot of sports and suffer from aching muscles, a full body massage may be in order to help you recovery ready for your next event or match.

8. If you have a manual job that heavily involves your hands, they may not be in as good a condition as you'd like. Hand treatments may help repair the damage done through your job, so you do not have to put up with rough skin.

9. If there's someone you know who'd love to be pampered, why not treat them to a day at the spa? They'll be very grateful when they come out feeling relaxed and re-engergised.

10. If you and your partner want to enjoy a romantic treat, you could book into a spa for a couple's massage, where you can lessons on how to massage each other.

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How To Give Yourself A Home Spa Treatment

A home spa treatment can be a relaxing and economic option for people who simply can not afford to visit the spa on a regular basis. The reason why spa visits are so special is because they are often very expensive. For many people, they are usually reserved for anniversaries and birthdays. However, there's no reason why you can not enjoy the many benefits of a spa right at home.

One-Hour Spa

Whether you want to relieve muscle soreness, pamper yourself a little, or just have some time for yourself to relax and unwind, there are spa treatments you can try right at home. Best of all, this kind of home spa treatment simply requires things you have around the house. You will need a bathtub, bath soak, candles, a small towel, an exfoliater, and a good book. The first thing you will need to do is set about an hour aside for this treatment. A big part of making this treatment work is to relax completely and to put the rest of the world on hold. Choose a time where you can be totally free, or simply tell your family that you are on “me time” for the next hour. The important thing is that you do not get disturbed.

This home spa treatment requires a bath soak, which you can buy or even make at home. Simply add this to some warm water, and fill the tub. Once this is done, dim the lights, and light your candles. Aromatherapy candles are a great choice because the soothing scents can make your home spa treatments even more enjoyable. Next, place the small towel on the edge of the tub. This is where you'll rest your head, and it's necessary because you could end up with a sore neck without it. You can also use a bath pillow.

Exfoliate and Luxuriate

A big part of this home spa treatment is exfoliation. Once you've soaked for a while, use an exfoliater on your skin using a circular motion. The best way is to start with your legs and work your way up. Do not rush this process. Take your time, and ensure that you do a thorough job. This process will remove dead skin and dirt that has settled on your skin. Exfoliation stimulates your skin, encourages blood flow, and leaves your skin glowing with freshness.

Once this is done, sit back and relax in your home spa treatment. Many people simply like to lie in the warm water with their eyes closed. This is a great way to let your mind unwind as your body relaxes. Other people like to use this time to catch up on their reading or simply listen to some relaxing music. Do not rush yourself during this time, and put away any thoughts of things you have to do. This is a time for you to simply relax. When you're done soaking, moisturize your skin as soon as possible. Your skin will have absorbed a lot of water, and it's best to seal that in quickly. A thick moisturizer, like body butter, is ideal rather than thin, liquid moisturizer. At the end of this treatment, you will definitely feel refreshed and ready to face the world again.

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How to Do a Spa Hot Rocks Treatment at Home

We all need to relax and be pampered every now and again but unfortunately not all of us can afford expensive spa treatments. However, with a spa hot rocks kit you can create your own relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price. Here's how to get the most out of your spa hot rocks kit.

Unfortunately a spa hot rocks treatment is not something you can do on your own. Ask a friend to help you position the rocks or better still do the treatment on your partner. It's a great way of spending a relaxing and romantic evening with the one you love.

First of all, set up your pamper room. Put on favorite relaxing music, dim the lights and light some scenic candles to create the perfect atmosphere. Then prepare the hot rocks. Remove the stones from the soft velvet bag provided and place them in a pan of water on the hob. Bring them to the boil before carefully removing them without touching them or the scaling water. Alternately you can place them in a jug of water in the microwave until the water begins to boil. Place the stones on a towel and leave them to cool for a few minutes until they are safe to touch. Take them back to your pamper room and lay down in a comfortable position. This may be on the floor, on your bed or even on a massage table if you happen to have one.

Then ask your friend or partner to place the stones on your bare skin in the position that the accompaniment instructions indicate for backs, shoulders, arms or feet. Finally, close your eyes and unwind as the heat begins to relax your muscles.

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The Nature of REAL Wellness

With a REAL wellness lifestyle, you can create your own best-possible alternative to a hoped for Shangri-La in this life or the religious promises of one to come in the next, knowing that prospects for either are (approximately) between zero and preposterous .

If you were to go out with a microphone to a busy place, like Times Square in New York, and ask a random sample of passers-by this question, “What is health ?,” you would certainly get a wide range of answers. If you asked 25 people, my guess is that only a few would volunteer similar explanations. Now imagine doing another random sample with this question: What is REAL wellness and how is it different from just plain old vanilla, or ordinary wellness? Half the folks might ask you a question right back, Wellness? What is wellness? The wellness movement is young. If you agree with my estimate of public honesty about the nature of wellness, REAL or the other kind, no need to be discouraged. The future, as they say, lies ahead. Let me offer a few ideas about REAL wellness – and the other kind.

Regular wellness is a lifestyle approach in seeking advanced states of well-being, physical and psychological. It has been broadly defined. Over the course of thirty or forty years, little consensus seems evident about the best emphasis, the major dimensions and so on. I myself, an early wellness promoter, have offered many definitions and multiple models of wellness over the years. REAL wellness, on the other hand, is a term that so far means pretty much the same thing to the few who have adopted it. REAL wellness begins with the foundation notification that health is both a philosophy and a physical state. Spas and the worksite wellness movement, as well as other institutions that offer wellness programs, have focused upon the physical state. In doing so, they have promoted not so much wellness, as prevention and medical testing, risk reduction and scattered holistic (otherwise known as alternative or BS) healing approaches.

Take spas, for example. They have focused on fancy pampering which is, of course, what the public expected, so no mean-spirited, vicious or withstanding criticism is implied. Simple contemplates seems sufficient. The worksite wellness leaders have focused on what the medical establishment offered regarding the physical, namely, disease and illness detection programming. Now the time has come to introduce the next, very much needed level – the philosophy of becoming and staying well and living a life of high quality. This means REAL wellness – by any name you prefer.

The philosophy segment of REAL wellness begins with a certain perspective. This perspective takes in many elements, starting with the recognition that our individual state of wellness evolves over time. Preferably, this evolutionary change occurs in positive ways consistent with both natural and applied adjustments. Let's look further at these two forms of evolutionary changes. Natural adjustments are precipitated by such forces as the aging process and similar macro variables (eg, environmental, social, and genetic realities). We have little influence over these areas. However, we do play a role in applied evolution.

Applied adjustments over time include the manner in which we process thoughts (our mindsets or philosophies), the feelings we manage (wisely or otherwise) and the choices we make. In the applicable arena rests our prospects for a favorable quality of life based upon the reason capability we develop and apply, the exuberance we envision and experience, the bodily capacities we nurture and safeguard daily with wise and disciplined choices (athleticism), the freedoms we celebrate and protect.

So, my definition is that REAL wellness is a philosophy founded on reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty in the deliberate quest to experience the highest possible quality of life. Now I hope I run into someone walking around with a microphone, asking questions about health and wellness. You never know when you might have such an encounter. If you should meet such a reporter, sometimes these comments will have been helpful for a suitable comment about health and wellness, of one kind or another.

All the best. Wherever you are and where you go, travel hopefully and be well.

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Formostar Infrared Body Wrap VS Infrared Sauna: The Differences Revealed

Over the last few years I have often been asked “What is the difference between a Formostar Infrared Body Wrap and an Infrared Sauna?” Well there is quite a difference to say the least but first let me explain what Far Infrared is.

Keeping it simple, Far Infrared (FIR) light is a form of thermal energy and is invisible to the eye. It is the warmth you feel on your skin when you are outside in the sun. FIR is measured in wavelengths called microns which humans best absorb within the 3- to 50 micron range with the optimum being 9.4 microns. This is the exact wavelength of the Formostar is programmed to.

The effects of FIR weaken with distance, so the closer to the source of the FIR your body is, the more impact they will have. This is where the difference between a wrap and a sauna begin!

When close to the body, FIRs can penetrate 4-5cm / 2inches through skin (dermis), muscle, blood vessels, lymphatic glands, nerves and cells. Infrared also only travels in straight line and does not reflect. Sauna FIR elements are hidden behind walls and remain out of sight, so it can be guess work finding out how far away from them you might be. These elements will warm you and the air around you; however the penetration will not be as deep into the tissue layers. Due to its close proximity to the skin, 93% of the rays emitted from the Formostar are absorbed through the skin and deeper tissue. Another advantage the wrap has over a sauna is that when having a Formostar Infrared Body Wrap your head is free from heat and you can breathe clean room air, an unavoidable problem associated with a sauna.

Most Infrared Saunas only last for half an hour session. It actually takes the body 20-30 minutes to warm to a fat burning stage so a sauna is just as you are starting! A Formostar lasts fifty mins which gives you more than enough time to sweat up a storm and burn up to 1200 calories.

Far Infrared energy vibrates the cells helping to break down the connections between deposits such as fats and toxins. Continuous vibration of the body's molecules increases dermis temperature, dilates blood vessels, stimulates circulation and activates metabolism in tissues and cells. With the targeted and deep effect of the Formostar wraps, the areas we have larger deposits of fat on (tummy, hips and thighs) are targeted so those cells underneath will be activated more and release more fat and toxins.

The Formostar is German made and only machine of its kind in the world to use non-allergenic high density silicone in its wraps. This is necessary in order for the wraps to be certified for use on the human body. Being silicon, the wraps are impermeable to bacteria and are also very easily cleaned of body fluids with an organic sanitiser in between clients. Whilst there have been bacterial issues with multiple users in a sauna, there are no known issues from use of the Formostar.

The Formostar has been approved as a Type 2 Medical Device in Europe, US and Australia and has been safety and compliance tested in Australasia. It is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and is the only Infrared device with these approvals. If products are not listed as approved therapeutics devices, companies are not legally allowed to make any claims that their products can achieve specific results specifically for weight-loss and pain relief. In order to make claims that their product can actually produce these results, the companies must have their own studies. You will find that most other infrared products rely on articles published on the web and anecdotal evidence with regard to the benefits of infrared to sell their products. The Formostar has two clinical studies and a third underway.

Each Formostar client must complete a medical questionnaire prior to their wrap to ensure they have no contraindications. Other products which heat the body do not do so. All staff must undergo training and be accredited in order to use the Formostar on clients; other Infrared products do not appear have this accreditation process.

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Home Spa Treatments – Three Basic Steps

Home spa treatments help you spend quality me time without stepping out of the house. The treatments basically combine three steps: facial, bath, and massage. Scented candles or dim lights, exotic oils, and homemade scrubs and masks increase the effectiveness of home spas. Moreover, if your spouse is ready to give you a full body massage, the spa becomes more fun than a treatment!


You start with cleaning your face with a good cleanser. Homemade facial cleansers are the best. One of them is the blend of 30 ml of almond oil with 30 ml of sesame oil and 10 ml of avocado oil. You can substitute almond oil with sunflower oil, and use wheat germ oil instead of avocado oil, depending on your skin suitability. To give your cleanser a dash of fragrance, add 4 to 5 drops of essential oil to it. Take some clean cotton wool or cotton cloth, and dab the cleanser on your face with it. Wipe with a fresh cloth. Oil-based cleansers remove the dirt from your face without snatching the natural oils from it.

Thereafter, you need to exfoliate your face. Coarse sugar or salt, peel of avocado, or oatmeal are good scrubbers. Next comes the steaming of your face. Add some essential oils or herbs to the steam for a lovely fragrance. It also acts as aromatherapy. Cover your head with a clean towel and lean over the steaming bowl of water. Let your skin sweat as much as it can. It detoxifies your skin, unclogs pores, and leaves you with a fresh face. If you have sensitive skin, you may skip the steaming part of home spa treatments.


Adding beauty oils to your bath may give you a silky body, but it's a pain to wash them afterwards. Use whole milk instead. You'll feel like Cleopatra! You can also add 2 cups of wine or vinegar (depending on your choice), and 1 cup of sea salt. The idea is to relax your mind and body along with exfoliating and moisturizing your body. While you soak in the bathtub, you can have someone massage warm oil in your hair. Then, drape a warm, damp towel over your head. This is one of the best parts of a home spa treatment. Your entire body, from head to toe, is submerged in deep relaxation. Every muscle and joint of your body experiences ultimate bliss, along with your senses getting completely rejuvenated.


This is the last stage of most home spa treatments. The popular oils for massage are olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, and almond oil. For an aromatic massage, take a cup of massage oil and add 4 to 5 drops of essential oil into it. Put 2 to 3 sheets of clean, fluffy towels on the surface on which you intend to lie down. Remove all thoughts and worries from your mind, and relax. Feel the hands and fingers of the masseur work on your body. This is exactly what you deserve after a hard week at work!

Home spa treatments, contrary to the common belief, are easy to perform. It's better to use natural ingredients than chemical ones to remove the risk of side effects. So, are you ready to pamper yourself?

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Medical Spa: Ways to Save

If you are interested in checking out a medical spa near you, but do not have tons of extra money, know that there are a few ways to make your visit affordable. You do not have to break your budget while trying to relax and improve your look. Consider a few of the best ways to save money while improving your appearance.

One of the most common gifts is a certificate to a nearby medical spa, as this can allow people to get treatment that they normally could not afford. If you have a birthday coming up, consider hinting that you would like this as a present. Even if no one can afford to get you a gift certificate that is large enough for the procedure you want, any little bit can help. In addition, if multiple people are getting you presents, you may end up with a few certificates in small amounts, which can add up to a good amount of money to spend at your local spa.

Many spas feature coupons on their website, allowing you to print them out to get money off certain procedures. Some sites also simply advertise deals without requiring you to print any coupons, as they are available to everyone. If you are trying to save cash when going to a medical spa, therefore, you should check out their website to see if they have any deals going on. You may be able to get anywhere from a few bucks off a service to an entire procedure for free when you pay for a different one.

Some spas also allow you to finance the procedures that you want. Of course, whenever you can successfully do so should depend on your credit, so consider your score before you apply. You may be able to get a certain period of time free of interest, or at least a rate that is lower than usual. The website should offer this information, but you can typically call the medical spa if you are still unsure about it.

Before you decide that you just can not afford to have a relaxing day while getting procedures done, you should consider these tips to try to save some funds. If none of these steps help you keep your visit within your budget, you may decide to start saving up for a day or entity weekend of relaxation. You will likely be particularly thankful for the worry-free time to yourself after working hard to be able to afford it.

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How Do Hot Tub Filters Keep Spa Water Clean?

Having a hot tub is one way for homeowners in the cold northern states to stay warm in the winter. Hot tubs in CT, NY and NJ, for example, are a hassle-free way to relax at home after work or after shoveling snow off the driveway or even the roof. While they do require some maintenance, the routine is relatively simple. When it comes to filters, there are several different types. The frequency that filters are changed depends on the type of spa and the size and frequency of the system used.

What It Does
The primary purpose of hot tub filters is to keep water clean. Water runs through the filter where all of the fine particulates are trapped and prevented from circulating through the spa system. This prevails hair, skin, leaves and other debris from floating through the water indefinitely. The filter is usually changed when the spa water is changed. They may need to be cleaned more frequently, depending on the use and upkeep of the spa.

The complexity of the filters ranges from multiple layers to just a few. This affects the amount of time it takes to process all of the water in the spa and how clean the water becomes.

Filter cartridges are made of mesh materials. They trap the debris in the filter and prevent its circulation. Usually resembling a round cylinder with a hole in the middle, cartridges are made of polyester or ceramics. Specific sizes and types are required to coordinate with different brands and models of hot tubs. Each specific unit does not have to be made by the same manufacturer as the spa itself. There are many different types of compatible ones that can be used instead.

Microban Filters
Left undisturbed, the hot water in spas is ideal for the microorganisms to thrive. They can cause stains, algae and odors. Special filters that protect spa water from growth of bacteria and microscopic living organisms are called anitimicrobial or microban filters. Without these devices to act as a neutralizer, mold and mildew can double in mass every 20 minutes. The most common material used to make microban filters is polyester. Other man-made synthetic blends are used instead of or in addition to polyester, depending on the manufacturer.

When a filter becomes full of debris, it may be necessary to clean it without having to replace it. This can be done using a filter flosser. Flossers are usually attached to a garden hose to clean out debris with a strong stream of water to prolong the filter's usefulness.

If you are interested in hot spring filters and / or hot spring tri x filters, be sure to visit .

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Spa Hot Rocks – The Affordable New Home Spa Treatment

Over the past few years homeopathic remedies and natural treatments have become more and more popular. But if you'd rather not launch yourself into a pit of icy water, slap yourself with branches or cover your body in mud, a thermo-therapeutic massage is a great option. It is a comfortable and relaxing natural remedy for aches and pains, inflammation, poor circulation, stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression that does not require you to pump your body with any pills or potions. You can use the new hot rocks kit to create your own hot stone therapy experience in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price.

Stone therapy involves the application of hot basalt and cold marble stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage and traces its origin back 5000 years to India in the ancient healing tradition of Ayerveda. When combined with an essential oils massage the heat from the stones relaxes muscles and eases ant tension. The cold stones, however, soothe inflated areas. When the hot and cold stones are alternated, circulation is stimulated which in turn promotes the body's own natural healing processes. You can place the stones down your spell, along your arms or legs or even in between your toes, anywhere you feel you need relief. The whole process can leave you feeling relaxed, centred, refreshed and cleansed.

The spa hot rocks kit contains three beautiful polished back stones engraved with 'body', 'soul' and 'relax' filled with gold inlay and 6 plain smaller ones. The stones come in an elegant black velvet pouch. They are easy to store, simple to use, highly effective and make a fantastic pamper gift.

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Massage Therapy Careers: How to Become a Massage Therapist

As is the case with any job or career it is always best to find out if you could be happy in the profession before you invest the time and money in to entering the field. This may not be an easy task to complete but it is a good idea to getting started with any field to make sure you can do the job, and then find out how to get started with doing the job.

There are some steps that could apply to almost any career field, including that of a massage therapist and this is the example we will use. Obviously, you do not have to use this exact path, but it would not help in the long run of determining your potential care as a massage therapist.

First, you need to try to contact someone that already is a massage therapist and see if they will allow you to shadow them on their job for the day. See if they will let you see them do the massages, but also see if they will allow you to see the other roles that they have to fulfill as well.

You may not realize the amount of bookkeeping and math involved in being a massage therapist if you have to keep your own books. This will give you a very good idea of ​​if you can do the job or not.

Next, look in to what it takes in your specific area to become a massage therapist in reference to licenses and training sessions required. Remember that all those classes and certificates will require money and time and you need to see if you have either or both available. If you can not find the information you need it is smart to call a local business that performs these services and see if they can point you in the right direction.

Once you are satisfied with the idea of ​​fulfilling these requirements you need to find the right training program for you. Regardless of if this program is taught in a school, online or by an employee you need to get through one to have the right to perform your job duties. If you complete this training you will be ready to start applying for jobs as a massage therapist in your local area, or even abroad.

Applying for jobs is no different than if you were doing it for anything else, apply for many and wait for the results to come back in. Do not sit around and wait for someone to come find you, apply, interview and follow-up!

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Massage Therapy Colleges: Where to Find Education for Massage Therapists

Many different career fields will withstand the test of time because of there necessity even if they seem like they can be avoided in times of crisis.

Massage therapy is one such field where we do not necessarily need to have a massage therapist or to get a massage, but it will never go out of style as long as we are a physically active people. As this field continues to grow it is a good one to look in to and the first thing you should do is find out how you can become educated as a massage therapist.

There are a few areas to look at and one may not always be better than the other as the options will vary based on your location.

The following three options are places that you may be able to find good massage therapy education.

  1. The internet: Online training is the most popular way to train these days and it is the most convenient by far of any type of training opportunity. Massage therapists can get training online, although it may not be called a massage therapy college, but it is exactly what is being searched for. When you find a class or a college online that is offering these courses you will want to verify their authenticity. The best way to do this is by talking to a massage business in the town in which you live and ask if they have heard of the courses you are thinking of taking with the business you are looking in to.
  2. The employer: Building on the last point is never a bad idea to call massage businesses around your hometown and find out if they recommend anywhere to train. This is not a bad idea all the way around as the more you talk to potential employers the more they will listen to you and may even consider you for an opening. If not, you get the knowledge of what they are looking for and move on to bigger and better things.
  3. The school: You know that volunteer school or technical institute you drive by every day? Go look in their course catalog and see if they offer any massage therapy courses. Massage therapy colleges are important as you can gauge the validity of the school just by stepping on to the campus. Finding a good school that you can physically go to is not a bad idea as you will get such good instruction from people that have done the job and can show you the tricks of the trade.

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Are You One Of The Walking Unwell? Not Sick But Not Healthy Either

We live in a fast paced modern world and our personal needs are often put much lower down on the totem pole of priorities than they should be. Long hours, stressful environments, lack of exercise and poor food quality means our bodies are under pressure such as never seen before in the history of mankind.

Many people are unwell – not sick – but just unwell and feeling tired and lacking energy.
Many turn to their doctors to 'fix' them without success and few understand the importance of stepping up and taking responsibility for their own health.

The truth of the matter is that health can not be left up to your doctor to look after. After all a doctors idea that you are 'healthy' is that you are not sick and all this really means is that things have not got so bad that they can find actual disease symptoms – yet.

Many people who do not feel well and drag themselves through life are far from well and their health could have been dramatically improved with some intervention from them. They are really just the walking unwell.

This state of un-wellness leads to disease and the major cause of death in our world today are the 'big three' – heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Called 'lifestyle' diseases that are caused by the way we live our lives over the years and decade. At some point disease symptoms start showing and only then can they be diagnosed.

It is pointless relying on doctors once you have arrived at this state of un-wellness as even the most highly sophisticated medical treatments can not cure these diseases. There is no doctor or treatment available that can fix the human body once it has arrived at a broken down state of health. At best the condition may be managed by medical treatment while the victim is left with half a life.

It is a shame that people rely on doctors to keep them well as they will pay dearly for that expectation. These killer diseases which rob us of our lives are totally preventable. But while our attitude is one that proper exercise is not necessary and we are too lazy to cook proper food and instead readily heavily on processed 'so called' foods with zero nutrients we are in for a rocky ride.

To prevent becoming a statistic for one of these killer diseases it is vital that people take responsibility for preventing them. The bottom line for good health is, and always will be basic proper strengthening (strength training) exercise to keep the structures of the body strong supported by good nutrition.

These two basic things are accessible to everyone and there should be no excuse for not doing them. The excuses we do make to avoid them mean the looser is …… us.

True health is not just an absence of disease, but also having an abundance of energy, vitality and 'zest for living'. Real health gives you peak performance, physically mentally and emotionally. You should have a sharp mind, be energetic, happy and have emotional balance. Your body should be strong and be able to fight off everything from a cold to heart disease and cancer.

A truly strong and healthy body will allow you to enjoy a long and healthy life and will allow you to achieve your full potential. The opposite is a shorter life span often preceded by many years of poor health, pain and disability which is all too common now-a-days.

Many people today are a long way from having real health, or they have not experienced it for a very long time. So, what is it to be for you? You do have a choice and a huge part to play in this, and you do care about your health do not you?

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Is It Time For a Cleanse?

There are a lot of cleanses out there. It looks like every week there is another one that is approved by some celebrity or health guru. Are they right for everyone? No, of course not. Not much is right for everyone, but there can be some that you may want to try to see how you fare. With toxins all around us, in the air and in our food, we do get bogged down from time to time, and what better way to feel better than to detox?

Toxins build up through the years and our bodies are pretty good at getting rid of a lot of them, but we still always have something we can get rid of and that's where the body cleanse comes in. But instead of doing a crazy juice cleanse or eating just grapefruit for a week, what about tackling it a little differently, like by a lifestyle change. Sure it'll take longer, but the results will be so much better.

You can start to detox yourself by choosing organic fruits and vegetables and staying away from anything processed or containing GMO. Also adding garlic, lemon, broccoli, beans and raw vegetables to your diet can aid in the body's natural detoxification process. The better the food you put in, the better the output.

Another way to detox is to exercise. When we exercise we sweat and that releases some of the toxins in our body. It's also great for our heart and mind so it's a win win. Meditation is also a great thing to try as you are clearing your mind and lowering your stress level. Stress is toxic in itself so avoiding it is a great thing to do – easier said than done for sure!

We all know the benefits of water. The more you drink the better you'll feel. Water is a detoxing agent because it helps the body flush out toxins. Adding lemon to it or cucumber will give it a kick and a nice taste and also aids in digestion and detoxing. Mix it up and drink that water.

If you want something a bit more fast acting, there is always ionic detox which uses ions charged positively and negatively to draw the toxins out of your body while you soak your feet in nice warm salty water. And of course, massage works wonders for both your mind and body in getting rid of those toxins!

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What’s In A Facial?

Facials are something you can use to indulge yourself with and they are also great ways to keep your skin feeling and looking its best. Of course with so many different skin types out there, not all facials will be wonderful for everyone, that's why having so much choice is a great thing.

Got acne? Then you'll want an acne reduction facial, something that will deep clean the pores and get rid of oils and reduce the look of those pesky blemishes. There is mild scrubbing and steaming to gently release the dirt in this sort of facial, but it'll make your skin look shiny and new at the end.

Looking to shine? What about a gold facial? This is actual gold mixed with a cream and is great for those with dull skin as it removed dirt and impurities and plumps the skin leaving it looking great.

A paraffin facial is a popular one as it softens the skin and leaves you with a clear complexion. It's great for oily or dry skin and the paraffin wax is warm and soft against your skin. Once it's whisked away, all the bad stuff goes with it. Viola!

Fruit facials are a great idea, but not for those with sensitive skin. For the rest of us, it removes blackheads, promotes the beautiful glow and lightens the skin. Best of all it's fruit and fruit is full of antioxidants and lots of other good stuff.

An aromatherapy facial is great for anyone looking to relax. The aromatherapy oil is put right on your skin to decrease the fine lines and signs of aging all while putting you in a great mood.

We know collagen is great for the skin, so it is no surprise that a collagen facial is a great thing. It's a great choice for those with saggy, loose or dull skin as collagen is a protein that rejuvenates the skin and makes it look full and glowing. Part of this type of facial is steam and massage too, which makes for part of a great pampering day out.

Facials are a great thing to try at home or at the spa. Go with friends or make a day out of it, but it's something that renews not only your face but also your spirit. No matter which you choose you will be pampered, happy and glowing when you are done.

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