The Benefits of Saunas – Making Weight Loss Easier

One of the most overlooked benefits of saunas is simple: weight loss. This is due to several major factors, and this article will address some of the reasons that saunas will help you lose weight. Some of these reasons may surprise you!

1.) Saunas relieve muscle tension. At first, that might just sound like a good way to relax after a workout. However, you should keep in mind that one of the largest reasons that people quit their exercise routines early is that they are sore. Sitting in a sauna dilates the blood vessels and causes more blood flow to be delivered to your muscles. Increased blood flow makes it easier for your muscles to get the nutrients they need to rebuild. The result? Less time spent sore, and you can get back to exercising as planned.

2.) Detox. One of the most interesting benefits of saunas is that they actually help your body get rid of any excess toxins that may be lurking inside. Your skin is almost like another great kid when it comes to toxins in your body. It is actually one of the best ways to get rid of those toxins. Suanas help your skin do this in a very simple way: by making you sweat.

The detox should help you lose weight because it helps you to have more energy. The more energy you have, the better exercise you'll get! It will also eliminate any extra weight caused by bloating.

3.) Calorie burn. Yes, that's right – you actually burn more calories while you're in a sauna than you do while you're outside of it. You can expect to burn the same number of calories that you would do light cardiovascular exercise. The heat caused by steam baths causes your heart to beat faster than it would ordinarily (which is why saunas are not recommended for people who have severe heart disease). This higher heart rate will cause you to burn calories more quickly.

Of course, you should never use saunas to lose weight alone. They will only help if paired with a long term weight loss plan. However, while you're working on it, you might as well get the added help of some extra calories burned.

One question you may have is whether or not you'll lose more weight in an infrared sauna instead of a steam room. Although these two saunas will have slightly different effects on your body, you should not notice much of a difference in this case. The health benefits of saunas will apply no matter which kind you use!

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Is My Salon Pedicure Safe? Is it Legal?

I have a major problem with some nail salons. Most people do not know this because they were never educated concerning the credo blade. Here is a little information you may appreciate.

We have all seen the news reports concerning the cleanliness of the spa chairs, but they have never mentioned the “deadly” credo blade! The credo blade is the little razor like tool that the nail tech uses to scrape the dead skin from the bottom of your feet. I'm sure you've experienced the nail tech scraping your heals and the soles of your feet with that little amazing tool. Well that amazing little blade can cause you problems you just do not want. It's correct name is the CREDO BLADE and it is illegal to use it some states. This blade not only gets rid of dead skin but healthy live skin as well. This is the reason your heals get hard in a few days after you have had your pedicure.

For you CSI Fans, you know you can not clean off blood, not even with bleach. So, if the client before you get cut from the Credo Blade and they use it on you and you get cut that last clients blood is now mixed with yours !!! Do not be the next victim of a bacterial infection because the last customer had Hepatitis C !!!

Basically, your nail tech is LAZY because he or she does not want to work hard and wants to rush you in and out (it's all about the numbers) as quickly as possible. What your nail salon tech will not tell you, is the best way to get your feet smooth and soft is to use a FOOT FILE. It is not expensive, you can buy it from anywhere. The foot file can be disinfected. It's also healthier. So the next time you get a pedicure tell them not to use the Credo Blade.

Find a spa clean, sanitary spa for your next pedicure. Click here [].

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Day Spa – A Little Heaven on Earth

Is a Day Spa a little piece of heaven on earth? If you have a little bit of time, and a little bit of money, spending a few hours or a full day at a spa can be a wonderful relaxing experience.

Visiting a Spa does not have to involved a full day or many days. While there are plenty of Spas that will welcome you for a week or a month, complete with room, board, and a large price tag, there are also plenty of Day Spas that will host you only for the day or for a few hours. You can get away from the daily stress and anxiety for just a few hours and come away feeling like a new person.

Spas are no longer for just for the rich. There are plenty of options and packages that can meet a wide range of budgets and schedules.

Treatment Options

And what will you do at the Day Spa? You might consider some of these treatment options:

Massage – Typically the most popular type of treatment at a Day Spa, there are few way that can relax you more thanly a massage. And there are many types to choose from.

Chair Massage – This is a simple and non-invasive way to get an introduction to massage. You stay fully clothed and sit in a special chair. The therapist will focus on your back, neck, and shoulders.

Relaxation Massage – You undress to your level of comfort and the therapist uses massage strokes that are light or deep, as you request. This is a great way to calm your nervous system and relax your tight muscles.

Hot Stone Massage – This is a wonderful experience where the therapist uses heated basaltic river rocks as massage tools and to provide deep penetrating heat.

Facial – A facial cleans, nourishes, and exfoliates the skin to promote healthy, clear, and well-hydrated skin. A facial is the second most popular spa service after massage. A facial may involved skin analysis, cleaning, massage, mask, and the application of toners or creams.

Manicures and Pedicures – Get an aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask or paraffin dip that can make “getting your nails” or ores done a much more luxurious experience.

Who Provides the Service?

In many states, the massage therapist and the esthetician (a person who does facials) must be specially trained and licensed. They are professionals and work hard to ensure your comfort, health, and enjoyment of the treatment.

What does it cost?

Just like eating at a restaurant can cost $ 20 or $ 200, there is a wide range of costs for Day Spas. A facial might cost between $ 50 – $ 100, and a hour-long massage may cost between $ 50 – $ 150. There are always plenty of extras you can add on to your experience – special products, extra steps, etc.

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Pedicure Procedure

Pedicures are basically the only way to make our feet relax and have that sparkling look that almost makes us wear sandals to work. Just like what it's all about, the name is derived from Latin words 'pes' and 'cura' which means foot and care respectively. In general, foot reflexology, especially massages soothes the the nerve of the feet that not only benefit the feet but also the entire body.

Interestingly, in olden days, traditional healers would use hot stones during massage. Neverheless, some masseuse use unique creams with mint of menthol in them that brings a rejuvenating effect. For a simple pedicure procedure to be successful, certain things that are required include; towels for drying the feet, cotton balls for application of lotions, cuticle pushers and nippers, lotions for soothing effect, cuticle cream for making the cuticles softer, orange wood sticks, toenail clippers, foot bath, acetone for removing old nail polish and an antibacterial soap for sanitizing and cleaning purpose.

Typically, the pedicure procedure is as follows; You first remove the old nail polish with ace tone remover, ten cut the nails and file where necessary, soaking the feet in Luke warm water containing liquefied soap and hydrogen peroxide, scrubbing the feet, buffing the cuticles and pushing it gently and lastly massaging the feet and the legs.

After the feet are well washed, nail Polish is then applied and the nails are allowed to dry. However, the polish is applied in two coats. Remember that a quality pedicure will always leave the feet relaxed, soothed and sparkling.

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Pedicure Supplies

When you want to do your own pedicure, of course you'll need to have pedicure supplies needed for the job. Some may be bought online or through the usual way. The basic items that you would require are scissors, clippers and toenail clippers that are frequently used by mail professionals and technicians. The toenail file is sometimes included. You should also note that there are different kinds of files, toenail clippers and toenail scissors. Some are specifically designed to easily get rid of ingrown mails.

There are also foot products meant to ease out old calluses. A smoother or handy foot file and pads and pumice stone can help to smooth the skin from rough spots and corn. Nail care products though are purchased separately. They include nail polish which should be kept in a cool dry place and should also be handled with care. Also, you can buy some acetone, dry nail polish, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a foot bath, towels, and polish dryer.

Electrical pedicure supplies are also available. They come with special tools or settings that can be sped us or slowed down, depending on your desired style of pedicure or manicure.

Other Pedicure supplies which are important include the pedicure stool and pedicure chairs that have foot baths; some have more implicated features than others. Special footrests can aid make your pedicure chair more comfy as well as help make customers feet easier to reach. If you have a pedicure stool make sure, you have an external foot bath or a container of water.

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Pedicure Stools

There's a need for one to be comfortable when performing a pedicure and this is thought about by the post that one is in while performing this procedure. Pedicure stools can be used at spas but they're best suited for home use. They're three legged, can be adjusted to a level that is desired by the user, may have a reconfigured back. They're covered in vinyl, plastic, or a material which is easy to clean between pedicures.

Pedicure stools are similar to those of the spa type, designed for use at home and around the yard and garden. They allow you to sit in a low or high position giving you the satisfaction of choosing your post during pedicure.

When on a high position, the supporting platform can be used as a seat that can be secured at a suitable height for the user. In this way it can be functional as a spa stool or as a pedicure stool with a foot support when one wishes to pedicure their own feet.

Pedicure stools are affordable and comfortable. They're easy to keep clean and are also dirt free. A tub of water may be fixed externally to soak and clean the feet. Some of the tabs are fixed in a special way that allow the user to drain the water once in a while during the pedicure process. The tubs may also contain features like jets and lighting providing an ambiance that is enjoyable to the user. Normally, the pedicure stool has a footrest attached to it.

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Pedicure Spas

Pedicure Spas are a perfect method to unwind and relax your body. To be accurate, your feet suffer the most due to a busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle. The muscles and tissues on the legs suffer this stress to the maximum thus leaving the need for attention to manage this stress. it can be done through massaging of the feet which is commonly practiced around the world

During this activity, specific massage products also known as pedicure spar are essential and are available in a wide variety and different prices. These products are mostly in solution form because they're also found in jell form to fit the user. However, solutions are more favorable and comfortable since they are less sticky as compared to jells.

These products contain oil extracts from plants. For instance, jojoba, viang, coconut oils and so on that have medicinal properties and also enhance the massage. In addition, they also contain some fragrant constituents which are basically relaxing to the mind. This products are either natural or artificial and loose safe.

Before undertaking the pedicure spar treatment, one should wash his / her feet with antibacterial soap, sit in proper position, apply the products gently and slowly massage the feet for some time. The benefits of this massage are quite many and beneficial in such ways as removing any toxic substance from the feet, maintaining the texture and health of the skin, relaxing the muscles from stress, strains and damages etc. In case you're wondering where you can get this treatment, then just check in an Spa center in your city. In fact, you can even get the whole body massage in this centers.

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Pedicure Stations

The pedicure is a part of good grooming which is necessary and healthy. One should be comfortable while under this procedure. The foot should be placed at an angle of forty five degrees and it's important that it is firmly stationary to prevent it from swaying sideways when it's being pedicured.

Tools needed are clippers, nail polish, nail files, polish remover, scissors, lotion, nail hardener and cuticle softener. These tools should be taken good care of and stored in a safe place. You find that when one wants to pedicure their nail, at times they may have some difficulty locating some of the tools, maybe they're kept in different places or scattered all over and of cause this should not be the case. Make sure they're easily accessible.

Pedicure is an art and should be done with skill and style. It not only makes ones nails to look good but also makes one feel good too. It's there before important for one to have a place where all the tools are kept neatly. This is especially necessary for a professional who offer pedicures and a Pedicure station will definitely come in handy.

Pedicure station comes parked with a foot holder which is very comfortable, a convenient place for storing tools and it has a way of transporting items. Items are also stored in a way that they're easily accessible. The two types of Pedicure stations are; the normal rolling cart, which the manicurist sits on and has a bar on the front for relaxing the feet or a large chair with a sink at the feet. The second type is the Pedicure chair. The pedicure station may contain a place for positioning the pedicure accessories for easy access.

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Pedicure Station

The pedicure is a common and universal activity among women. It is necessary to know that during the pedicure process, you should place your foot at an angle of forty five degrees on a stable surface for example, a stool or table. The procedure necessitates the need for a range of equipment such as clippers, nail polish, nail files, polish remover, scissors, lotions nail hardener and cuticle softener etc. It is necessary to store these items properly when using or not using.

This is because it is difficult for the user to get up from their position in pursuit of the required item, this is due to wet nail polish on your feet which can not allow you to wear shoes until its dry to avoid damaging the polish. The polish can also rub off on the carpet furniture or other parts of the house. If it's a professional offering the services they should have everything in place for client convenience.

A pedicure can be a remarkable form of pampering and can raise your spirit and appease your aching feet. The development of pedicure station was as a result of a person undergoing the process of pedicure to have somewhere to support their foot. This development is chiefly used to hold up a foot in the position favorable to performing a pedicure. It provides a satisfied device for performing pedicures and provides a convenient storage space and form or transport for equipment used in pedicure.

Generally the pedicure station is an entity of the invention to provide equipment for positioning your foot while under pedicure. There are two types of pedicure stations namely; a normal rolling cart and a pedicure chair.

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Pedicure Cart

If you're thinking of giving yourself a treat, then for once treat your feet by getting a pedicure. By the time you're done, your feet will have improved blood circulation, a nourished skin, relaxed leg and foot muscles. Basically this procedure involves feet soaking, lotion application, nail filing plus shaping and application of nail polish. Neverheless, to carry out this procedure you require some knowledge and tools. All this supplies required in giving you a special foot care treatment are contained in a pedicure cart.

Pedicure carts are available in different types in the market today. In fact, there are even some that come with special massage chairs. If you are looking forward to buying one of these kits, it's always wise to go for professional equipment and this way you wont worry of bacteria infections that may arise from using poorly sanitized tools. The basic requirements of this procedure include; tub of warm water, nail polish remover, orange wood stick, hand towel, nail clippers, clear nail polish, cotton pads, finger brush, nail file or emery board, massage lotion and pumice stone.

Usually a pedicure cart is more or less like a pedicure station. It has two wheels and adjustable footrests, deep drawers, compartments for bottles, they're endowed with thick cushions for comfortable seating and have a good storage space.

These carts come in different types Obviously depending on how much you're willing to spend. In fact, some have luxurious seats made of padded vinyl. Neverheless, most models come with removable pockets and comfortable footrests that are supported by tubular steel stands.

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Manicure and Pedicure Tips

I am sure you must have noticed the celebrities' hands and feet when they pose for pictures on the red carpet. If you wonder why their parents looked different from yours, it's basically because they go for manicures and pedicures. These two procedures are more or less the same and are actually beauty treatments that leave your fingernails, hands, feet and toe nails sparkling.

A Manicure is basically a procedure that entails; cleaning of hands by washing or soaking, hand lotion application and shaping of the nails after filing and nail polish application. On the other hand, a pedicure involves soaking the feet, applying lotion, filing, shaping of toenails and applying nail polish. Neverheless, it's recommended for one to visit a beauty supply or a drug store to get the materials required.

In manicures and pedicures, the obvious steps are first to remove the old nail polish which is done with the help of a cotton band dipped in acetone remover. The nails are then cut leaving about 1 / 8th of an inch length so that the nails do not extend over the tip of the fingers. They are then filed around the edges to give them a smooth and soft look. Next, the hands or the feet are soaked in in a bath containing salt and aroma oils which help in loosing the dead skin.

Trimming of loose skin can also be done using cuticle nippers. Nail polish is then applied and a massage should be given using oils and lotions so as to give a relaxing and soothing effect. Basically if you want to improve blood circulation and nourish your hands skin, legs and foot muscles, then you've got to go for manicure and pedicure.

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French Pedicure

When it comes to treating and relaxing your feet, the French pedicure is the best you can get. It has a smooth and relaxing feeling that leaves your feet with an outstanding look just by using luscious lotions, callus removers, hydrating butters and spotted soaks or scrubs. The procedure is quite simple and not complicated in any way. However, it's recommended for one to visit a beauty supply or a drug store in order to acquire the materials needed.

In French pedicures; you soak your feet in Luke warm water containing a few drops of Epsom salt so as to make them softer and completely remove the old nail polish with the use of cotton bands dipped in acetone remover. The next step is to cut the toe nails and in this case, quality clippers will give you outstanding results. Neverheless, when cutting the nails, make sure you leave about 1 / 8th of an inch so that the nails do not extend over the tip of the toes.

Filing all round the edges will also help in acquiring soft square shaped nails. The feet should then be soaked in a in bath of salt and aroma oils so as to help loosen the dead skin. Trimming of the loose skin can also be done with the help of a cuticle nipper though care should be taken to avoid cutting the toe flesh.

Finally in French pedicures, white nail polish is applied to the nail tips followed by a clear, pearl or pale colored pink polish over the nails. It's done by painting a strip of color down the center of the nail that overlaps with a strip on either side. When you're done, you should make sure the nails are dry before wearing shoes.

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3 Reasons Why Infrared Saunas Are Powerful For Your Health

Saunas have long been recognized for their therapeutic benefits, noted for their ability to alleviate stress and ease chronic pains, along with promoting a general feeling of well-being.

As a result, saunas are fairly commonplace in hotels, fitness centers, and health spas, and have even made their way into residential homes. However, infrared saunas, those that use infrared rays to warm the body rather than a normal heat source to heat the air, have been recognized as having even more powerful health benefits than their conventional counterparts.

This can be challenging for some to believe since when in an infrared sauna it does not feel as warm as a traditional sauna and because of this people feel that they are not getting the same health benefits. Let me explain why this is not the case.

1. For one, infrared saunas are touted for their ability to aid in weight loss. The infrared rays target the body and penetrate deeper into the tissue, heating the body in a way that causes an increased metabolic effect not found in conventional saunas, which only heat the air around you.

2. Infrared saunas also aid in cellulite reduction, as the infrared heat both stimulates blood circulation and works on subcutaneous fat, allowing the latter to be metabolized and even sweated out as it becomes liquefied.

3. If that were not enough infrared saunas also have powerful detoxification properties: the deep penetration of infrared heat has a liquefying effect on fat, which is a common storage center for various toxins and heavy metals, allowing unwanted chemicals to be released from the body through sweat.

Due to increased blood circulation you also get the added benefit of more youthful glowing skin.

All in all the infrared sauna is a wonderful tool that can provide health benefits.

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Did You Know That Infrared Saunas Can Help Improve Your Health, Looks & Lifespan?

Infrared saunas do not use steam instead they use infrared radiation to heat the individual or individuals within the sauna. The regular saunas run much hotter than the infrared saunas and only heat more the surface of the skin.

Regularly sweating in an infrared sauna can help get rid of toxins in the body and also improve blood circulation. Some other health benefits include: weight loss, lower blood pressure, relaxation and pain relief.

Due to increased blood circulation you also get the added benefit of healthy looking skin. To add to that due to improved health you can age better and possibly live longer.

The ideal temperature in the sauna is between 104 to 140 degrees. The user does not experience heat shock as they would in a traditional sauna. The heat deeply penetrates the skin. It heats the skin directly without heating the air. This allows a person to stay in the sauna for thirty minutes or more.

The infrared sauna is a great way for handicapped people to get a cardio workout without having to exercise. There are certain people who should not use the sauna such as, pregnant women, hemophiliacs, people with enclosed infections and people with recent acute joint injuries.

People who are taking medications, have multiple sclerosis, lupus or adrenal suppression should consult their doctor to make sure it is alright to use the sauna.

The prices to buy a sauna for your home are between $ 1000- $ 3,000. This price usually includes the shipping. The prices to use a sauna at a spa run from $ 40.00 for one session to $ 175.00 for five sessions and $ 330.00 for ten sessions.

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3 Powerful Ways an Infrared Sauna Can Help You Look Good & Lose Weight

Saunas, both conventional and infrared, are well-known for their therapeutic quality, or their ability to promote relaxation and a feeling of general well-being.

Infrared saunas are comparatively speaking relatively new but nonetheless are proving to be very effective when it comes to health. Additionally to add to that if you take the therapeutic experience one step further, you also get the added effect of reducing weight and improving physical appearance when using the infrared sauna.

While that's not to say they can completely change a person or alter physical features – that therapy is known as plastic surgery – infrared saunas can make you look and feel better.

1 / They produce an intense amount of heat, which unlike traditional saunas, targets the body rather than the air around the body; This is where weight loss comes into play.

2 / Infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissue, generating increased body heat which both increases metabolic rate and actually works to liquefy fat, allowing it to essentially be sweated out. This liquefying effect also aids in reducing the ugly appearance of cellulite, for it affects the subcutaneous fat which is typically to blame pertaining to cellulite.

3 / What's more, infrared saunas can also help treat eczema, an inflammatory skin condition that leads to itchy, blotchy red spots on the skin.

The infrared energy has a cleansing effect on toxins in the body that can contribute to eczema, and the increase in blood circulation allows more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the skin, helping skin cells regenerate.

These are just some of the health benefits associated with infrared saunas.

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