A Safe Pedicure

You have been in your heels all day and you begin to daydream about you pedicurist. How great it would be to escape the kids, the hustle and bustle, and get your feet pampered. But it may cost you. Did you know that you may be on a pedicure away from a nasty infection or even death! No, I am not exaggerating. In Texas, a young woman was cut by a pumice stone. The open wound got infected by bacteria lurking in the whirlpool.

After 6 months of fighting off the chronic wounded, the women contracted mrsa and this nasty infection caused her death. This could never happen at your salon right? Think again. You are at risk of getting a nasty infection at almost any salon. Here are some helpful hints to keep your feet safe but still pretty.

1) Ask Critical Questions! Have you ever asked your pedicurist how they clean their tools or the foot spa. Take a look at the spa chair. Is it stainless steel? Are they cleaning the chairs in between customers? Does the spa treat customers with foot infections, nail fungus, or athlete's foot? I am guessing you never thought to ask any of these questions. I am sorry to inform you that you will not like the answers.

2) Cleaned tools are disinfected tools Most states only regulate tools to be sanitized. Although this has antibacterial properties, the only way to be sure that there are no bacteria or fungus is to disinfect the tools by an autoclave. Why you ask? When sanitizing, you are simply placing the tools into a solution. How do you know they were put into the solution for a long enough time? You do not. You have to trust that they were properly sanitized. Yes just trust there is nothing nasty growing on that nail clipper. With an autoclave, marks are used that change color when the tool was properly disinfected at a high enough temperature for an appropriate amount of time. An easy way to avoid this controversy is to invest in your own set of tools to bring with you to the pedicurist. This will ensure that your nail clipper does not have your neighbor's nail fungus tucked into the hinge.

3) Find a spa that uses stainless steel spa chairs. There have been several bacterial outbreaks that have been traced back to a spa. The cause is a mycobacterium that thrives in the plastic piping and filter of a pedicure chair. Fungus in the pipes! Gross! Many chair spas are made out of fiberglass which is very difficult to properly clean without damaging. The plastic piping is a haven due to its inability to never completely drain. This leads to cross contamination. You are basically putting your feet in water used by the customer before you, before them, before the one before and so on. The ideal pedicure chair should be stainless steel which is much easier to clean. It is also important for the chair to be pipeless to ensure you are not sharing the same water with every foot that has ever stepped in for a soaking.

4) Does your spa treat customers with foot infections, nail fungus, foot fungus? Nasty stinky, fungus growing demands! When I say nail fungus, many of us think of an old man with thick nasty looking nails. You may be unaware that nail fungus infects woman of all ages just as prominently as men. Are they at your spa? A pedicurist should not be treating infected feet due to the high risk of cross contamination. They are strongly advised to refer the customer to a podician physician before working on their feet. None of this is regulated so your spa may be pumicking bacteria and fungus and putting you at high risk!

5) Avoid fake nails and nail polish Fake nails are a haven for bacteria and fungus. What nail technicians refer to as fake nail greening is actually a pseudomonas bacteria infection. Your cuticle is your body's natural defense system against infection. During a nail “workup” they push, damage, and remove your cuticle giving bacteria an open door to your into your body! Nail polish can also trap bacteria, but more importantly, you are unable to notice changes in your nail or under your nail due to the polish over coating. Changes in your nail or nail bed are signs of infections and should be attended to immediately. If you can not resist the Hot Pink nails, try an antibacterial nail polish. Many podiatric doctors provide this in their office or on their websites. 6) Find a Podiatry Approved Nail Spa Podiatric Physicians are more than just surgeon of the foot and ankle. They are foot specialist. They can advise you with all of your foot and ankle issues.

They can even advise you on proper pedicures. Some podiatrists provide pedicures in their office! They are very well aware of the risks involved in pedicures and can recommend a spa and techniques that will secure your safety.

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Infrared Sauna Therapy Can Benefit You in Many Ways

Many believe that a steam sauna in general, and an infrared sauna in particular, offers specific benefits to certain conditions, as well as providing an overall healthy experience for the body and mind. This type of sauna uses a special light wave to penetrate and warm the body. Therapy with infrared saunas requires regular sessions, with the ideal schedule being to use it daily; however, the first few sessions should last no more than 20 to 30 minutes, and usually working up to 50 minute sessions. Check with your doctor prior to beginning infrared therapy to ensure that you do not have any health concerns or conditions that would prohibit sauna use.

The infrared sauna helps your body to detoxify itself, yet it tends to be underused in many people. Every day, people are exposed to different chemicals that end up being absorbed into the skin as a result of products like body lotion, laundry detergent, air pollution, deodorants and food preservatives, as well as the sun's rays, which all leave some trace of toxic chemicals in your body.

One of the major roles of your skin is to help you get rid of excess toxins; however, it is not always capable of doing it alone. Infrared sauna therapy is used to help improve circulation by helping blood vessels to expand, which results in lower blood pressure. Infrared saunas help your skin to do its job by inducing perspiration, so allowing chemicals, such as nickel, copper and sodium to be transported away and purifying your body.

Poor circulation seems to be the cause of many discomforts and health problems; even severa headaches may be a result of poor circulation. Infrared sauna therapy also has ways to ensure that you benefit from healthy weight since sweating actually causes your heart rate to increase. Naturally, when your heart rate increases you are benefitting from exercise of a cardiovascular nature and burning calories as well. In one session you can burn up to 500 calories, which is great for people who are not able to do physical activity of a strenuous nature.

People who suffer from pain related illnesses, such as arthritis and bursitis, have found that an infrared sauna session helps to alleviate the pain of their illness, as well as being a good stress reliever. Many athletes state that they are rejuvenated after sessions in infrared saunas because it helps to tie stiff joints and sore muscles, along with very relaxing results.

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A Steam Bath Has Many Advantages

It has been said that Hippocrates was the one to discover that a fever could actually cure some diseases and conditions. Since then, steam baths and saunas have been providing “fake” fevers. While a dry sauna has benefits, both a steam bath and steam shower are more beneficial. The steam is better for conditions such as bronchitis, allergies and asthma due to the higher moisture content.

As previously mentioned, the steam bath can offer relief to those who suffer from respiratory ailments; possibly because steam can removed mucus and allergens from your lungs. Many doctors advise patients to breathe steam. By utilizing steam rooms, they can breathe in a much more concentrated amount of steam than they would normally get with a vaporizer, allowing maximum benefits to people with breathing difficulties. This is by no means a cure, yet many people feel such relief that they will go back again and again for the relief it does provide.

Do you need further convincing about the benefits of steam? If so, then consider that sweat is great for healthy skin. Not only does the steam increase blood circulation for a glowing and healthy look, dermatologists believe that sweat does a better job at washing your skin than soap and water. A steam bath helps to clean out the pores, which facilitates the cleansing of deep down crime and dead cells. Pain relief is another important benefit of steam since heat does a great job of soothing muscle pain.

One of the most effective ways of healing your body is through deep sleep; however, not everyone has that luxury. In your life you may have to deal with daily stresses and those stresses tend to build up over time, which may cause someone to have stress related problems, such as hypertension and high blood pressure. Hot tubs saunas, home saunas or sometimes a sauna massage would be a great way to unwind and try to relieve those daily stresses. The heat from the sauna helps to loosen your muscles and the steam actually makes it a more comfortable atmosphere in which to calm your mind.

You may discover that taking a steam bath before going to bed is an excellent way to promote a deaf and more restful sleep. Most people come out of the sauna room with a more calm and relaxed state of mind and that is something that everyone can use. So, why not indulge yourself in order to reap the benefits of a relaxing sauna bath, which is having good overall health as well as a peace of mind.

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Are There Any Advantages When Using a Sauna?

The heat from a dry sauna often has a remarkable effect on your body and it can reach temperatures of around 185 degrees. Still, many people feel that the benefits of a sauna, or sweat baths as they have been called, are many. Your pulse rate can jump to 30% or higher than average, which causes the heart to nearly double the amount of blood pumped each minute.

Most of that extra flow is directed to the skin and the circulation actually shunts blood away from internal organs. The temperature of your skin usually soars up to 104 degrees within just a few minutes causing most people to produce around one pint of sweat during that short stint in the sauna.

Most experts believe that even though saunas are considered safe, there is no real evidence of any health benefits beyond the feeling of rest and relaxation. However, the general consensus is that that heart patient needs to speak with his or her doctor before making use of any sauna equipment. Anyone having any type of abnormal heart rhythm, hard to control blood pressure or unstable angina will likely be told to avoid the sauna room.

Many doctors offer some advice on how to safely enjoy saunas or any other type of steam bath. It is recommended that you avoid medications and alcohol as they tend to produce overheating and may even impair your ability to sweat both before and after a sauna. Limit your sessions to approximately 15 to 20 minutes, be sure to gradually cool down when you are finished and drink up to 4 glasses of cool water after every session. If you are not feeling well or if you begin to feel unwell during your session, you need to avoid saunas steam until you are feeling better.

Even with conflicting feelings about the actual safety or usefulness of the sauna there are some results that are undeniable. Of course they may vary for each individual, but most people do experience some type of benefit.

The most common benefits that people report are relief from the stiffness and pain of arthritis. It revives strained and tired muscles after any type of physical exertion and a sauna also has a cleansing effect from the profuse perspiration, resulting in healthy skin and a clear complexion.

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Brazilian Wax – The Hottest Way to Spice Up Your Sex Life

And I thought I'd heard it all when it came to the Brazilian Wax …

Sally was a 30'ish women recently divorced, who was still struggling to get her life back on track when she walked through the salon door. When asked why she wanted a wax (and a Brazilian at that), she said in a very matter-o-factly, lowered voice said …

“Honey, if you're going to sell the house, you need to mow the lawn first.

Oh, how I laughed at that! And so did the three other women in the salon and finally this woman, our soon to be new friend. Picture it, the five of us all laughing hysterically, stupidly , in this tiny salon at 10:30 in the morning.

Anyway, I still chuckle when I remember that moment, and how it briefly brought us all together by (of all things) the humble Brazilian Wax.

So why a Brazilian wax then?

Women of all ages ask me this question. From 18 to (I think), 75.

The reality is it's to do with many thing, from cleanliness and better hygiene, to boosting your confidence in the bedroom and looking great for the special someone 'in your life!

And I think it's some quite primal as well, more instinctual – like the quiet confidence that comes from knowing that you're looking as good as you possibly can, clothed or un-clothed, in all your natural beauty.

I forget who it was that said – the hottest way to spice up your sex life, is with a fake tan and a Brazilian Wax.

Your Man will not know what hit him.

Better still, you'll rid forever fears of 'The Hairy Bikini Line'.

As with a Full Brazilian there's nothing left 'down there' at all. From front to back, Rome to Paris, nothing, nada.

For the record, you can also go the Playboy style or a regular Brazilian wax, which leaves a thin strip of hair above your womanhood. Just beware the Man in your life may already know this as a Landing Strip or a Porno Strip from his own 'research'.

So no matter what you've got in mind for the day or night, you can be sure, you're going to look and feel, sensational!

So, stop asking yourself is it for me and just try it out. The worst that can happen is the hair will grow back again right?

What's life for but to have a go, you've got nothing to lose, but your inhibitions.

To your waxing success,


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The Perfect Manicure and Pedicure How To

Doing a manicure and pedicure at home can be easy; you do not have to be a great painter as long as you can stay in the lines. At home, manicures will also save you some cash instead of going out to the salon. If your chipped or ragged nails are driving you nuts, here is a way to clean them up and get yourself looking like you have just left the salon.

Start by removing any old polish with acetone polish remover and a cotton ball. A cotton ball holds up much better and will not fall apart causing you to waste more remover than needed. Next, clip and file your nails to their desired length. Consider a round or square shape and try to keep all nails around the same length.

Next, soak your hands or feet in a bowl of warm water for about five minutes, you can add in some liquid soap to help soften up nails and cuticles. Be sure the water is not too hot because this will actually end up drying out your hands. When you are finished soaking, apply a cuticle cream over the bottom of the nails to soften any rough spots.

Using a cuticle stick or a Popsicle stick, works fine if you do not have one, push back cuticles off your nail bed so they are out of the way for polishing. If you are used to a self-manicure and want nails to look great you can also cut back your cuticles if you feel comfortable doing so. Afterward clean and exfoliate hands with a scrub or homemade mixture of your choice, then wash it off.

Last thing to do before polishing is moisturize. Dry hands and apply the best lotion you have around the house. Make sure nails are wiped clean from any lotion and you are ready to polish. Apply a base coat first then two thin coats of polish. Let it dry then finish with a topcoat to help protect nails. If you are a little messy with the color, you do not have to start all over again, just grab a Q-Tip and use nail polish to clean up skin around the nails.

Keep a few things in mind. Even if you do not have time for polish to dry, clean manicured nails still look better than chipped polish. If you store polish in a cool dry place it will last much longer and prevent gunk build up. Also remember if you have a busy lifestyle, light polish is much easier to maintain than dark, so you will have less work in the future.

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The Truth Behind a Brazilian Wax

What is a Brazilian wax? It is when a client goes to an aesthetic and they remove all pubic hair from the front, back and anywhere else left. Clients want this treatment so they do not have to worry about shaving everyday and so that the area is smooth (without worrying about razor burn).

An aesthetician will ask the client to remove her pants and underwear and to lie down on the sheet covered table. If the client's pubic hair is too long to wax, then the aesthetician will need to trim it to the appropriate length. In contrast many clients may not know how much hair needs to actually be on the area to wax, so it is always best to explain that to the client before the appointment.

In order to have a Brazilian wax be successful, an aesthetician should be fast when removing the cloth strips. An aesthetician will place the wax on the skin with a stick and then place a cloth strip on the waxed area. She will then remove it quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth to try and remove all the hair without leaving any behind. However, if there are any hairs that are left behind an aesthetician can always tweeze those.

Redness and bumps may occur to the client's area after waxing, so it is always best to apply lotion to help soothe and cool the area. An aesthetician should also tell the client to apply lotion at home as well to help and prevent any irritation.

It is always best to talk with your client before they get their treatment. You should always explain to them about the side effects related to waxing, such as soreness, swelling, bumps or other skin irritations. It is also a good idea to explain to them that the first few waxing appointments can be painful, but overtime can lessen. An aesthetician should always be professional toward her client, since this can be embarrassing and stressful for the client, especially if it is her first time.

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Manicures and Men

With many jobs, it is desirable to look well groomed all over. But now days it is not always enough to put on a suit and pass the razor over your face. Having clean, neat and trimmed fingernails is a must if you are in sales, finance or any profession that involves dealing with the public. Whether you want to allow yourself to believe it or not, your customers will look at your hands. Dirty nails are disgusting and show poor hygiene similar to bad teeth – not exactly the way to impress a new client!

If you are a nail biter, a manicure can help you kick the habit. By having the rough edges of your nails trimmed and the dry cuticle softened, you might not even be tempted! Manicures will keep your nails healthy and prevent hangnails.

Back a few years, rough and calloused hands were a sign of a hard working man. Hard labor and the hands that showed it were a source of pride while nails that were trimmed and healthy looking were assembled to belong to a man of questionable ethics. Surely, those “feminine” hands were not able to support a family in the manner of the times! Well, times have certainly changed for the better!

Men use moisturizer on their face and gel in their hair. They have come a long way from the “do not care” attitude. Men can still be masculine AND look great! Speaking of looking great, women love a well groomed man and manicured nails are sexy! Taking pride in your appearance is a bonafied turn on for a woman! It shows that you will take good care of her as well!

Many professional nail care products are used by both women and men. A good nail moisturizer can go a long way to soften cracked, chapped and dry hands and nails. So the next time your girlfriend goes to the salon, you might just want to schedule an appointment alongside her!

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Waxing Or Sugaring? 4 Differences Explained

Waxing sugaring for hair removal is very popular, no doubt in part because they are cost effective, easily obtainable at your local pharmacy and convenient to use at home.

In view of the differences with each person when it comes to skin sensitivity, rate of hair growth, and the texture of the hair ,. a choice has to be made between waxing and sugaring. As there are main differences it is good to become aware of the pros and cons so you can decide which will be your preferred hair removal method.

Here are 4 main differences between waxing and sugaring:

1. What Sticks

Body wax sticks to the hair and the skin. So when the wax or wax strip is rolled off it takes a layer of skin with it including dead skin cells. This explains why the skin often feels silky smooth after a waxing session.

One disadvantage is that the skin can react and be sensitive. An ice cube can be effective afterwards in calming disturbed skin or a specially purchased soothing cream can do the same. For many though, the redness and any bumps that appear will go within a short time.

By contrast, sugaring sticks mainly to the hair and while it can still sting it tend to be less painful than waxing. The skin also may still be sensitive and red afterwards but the effects are generally less severe than with waxing.

2. The Temperature

Body waxing can come in hot or cold versions. Hot waxes are heated just above a person's body temperature so they trap the hairs when they cool into a stiffer mixture. One precaution, when heating the wax, test on a very small area of ​​skin first to avoid the risk of burning if the wax is overheated by mistake.

Strips covered with cold wax are also available so these are simply pressed onto the skin firmly and folded back sharply removing the hair.

Sugaring on the other hand involves a sugar paste either lightly warmed or used at room temperature, although many prefer to warm the paste. It is applied thinly to the skin in the direction of the hair growth and removed with a swift action to take the hair out by the root.

As hot sugar can burn, if the sugar paste is warmed slowly, care must be taken to make sure it does not become hot and cause skin damage.

3. The Composition

Waxing compositions contain a variety of chemicals, some of which can be a little harsh on the skin if used regularly. Many waxing products nowdays however, also contain natural ingredients which soothe and help heal the skin.

Sugar paste is natural and tend to be more gentle on the skin. Gum Arabic and citric acid are common ingredients in over-the-counter solutions and they make it easier to pull out the hair.

4. The Clean Up

As waxing products are generally petroleum based, they can be a little messy to clean up. You can get after waxing solutions which are effective in removing the wax residue from the skin.

Sugar paste is easily cleaned off with water, although many follow up with another solution such as tea tree oil which acts as an antibacterial agent.

Waxing sugaring products command a huge market. You will notice a large variety from your local pharmacy or supermarket. It is wise to read over the instructions, examine the list of ingredients, and experiment. Waxing or Sugaring? Decide which method suits you best after trying them both for a while?

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The Many Effects of Body Wraps

Body wraps are usually consistent of seaweed, mud, herbs and even chocolate and are all very high in minerals and vitamins. Body wraps are therapeutical to a customer's skin and body because they help vasodilation and penetrate the ingredients into the skin. Many of them offer anti-aging effects, while others cleanse the skin from impurities. However, all body wraps have one thing in common: they offer relaxation to any customer receiving them.

Seaweed body wraps reduces a customer's water weight while tightening the skin. Seaweed is put all over the body and detoxifies the skin by stimulating the sweat glands and creating soft and subtle skin after the treatment.

A mud wrap is soothing to the skin and may even help certain skin irritations. It detoxifies, cleanses and even firms the entire body's skin, while unclogging the pores. It soothes and calms the customer's skin and causing them to feel relieved and at ease.

Herb wraps are herbs blended in oil and mixed in with very hot water. Linen sheets are dipped into the mixture and then wrapped all over the customer's body, which cleanses and nourishes the body.

Chocolate is a little more modern but very a popular wrap among customers who are looking for anti-aging results. Chocolate softens and tones the skin, while releasing your endorphins so that the customer feels happy and relaxed. The cocoa in the chocolate contains glycerides that moisturizes the skin and actually plumps out the wrinkles in a person's skin.

There are many different body wraps a spa can use. A spa therapist should always have a consultation with the client to determine which wrap would be the most beneficial for their needs. Many clients may not know all the benefits for each type of body wrap so it is up to the spa therapist to inform them so that they can get the results they are looking for.

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Cellulite Body Wrap and Kits – Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the hardest problems that a woman can face about her body. Getting rid of it is simply a pain. You might have spent too much money and effort already with all the treatments and nothing looks to work. Cellulite spots are often seen on thighs, hips and buttocks. Almost everyone knows that to fight cellulite, you have to exercise.

Exercising is the best way to remove cellulite because it burns the fat under your skin. Almost all treatments just treat the outer layer of the skin and does not go deeper. Yet, even if many knows this fact, many does not follow and still searches for the right product help them. The different types of products are creams, lotions, detoxifying tonics, and cellulite body wraps and kits. The beauty of these products is the convenience of doing it at home. Although choosing these products over exercise is a temporary remedy, temporary is may be all you need for a special occasion. If this is the case, then you can try some cellulite body wraps and kits. They are not too expensive but sitll give good results.

Dead Sea Mud

One of the popular cellulite body wrap and kit is the Dead Sea Mud. When you purchase this product, you will get 4 pounds of sea mud, two-two hundred foot rolls of plastic wrap for the body, an applicator brush, two sets of gloves, one skin brushing sponge, a progress chart where you can record measurements , a cellulite diet program and a complete set of instructions to guide you on how to use this product properly. Aside from getting all these in such a cheap price, you can also use this product for forty applications. It is right on the money.

The Dead Sea Mud comes from the famous Dead Sea. Yes, the mud from the Dead Sea is what can help lessen the appearance of your cellulite. You may not know that the Dead Sea contains the highest levels of minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromides and sulfates compared to any other body of water. This sea has been popular for its healing and beautifying powers. It is also a popular tourist spot. In history, Roman citizens called the Dead Sea mud as “Black Gold” due to its rejuvenating powers.

Spas also uses such minerals to help relax their customers and the comments are always good. There are no chemical preservatives with the Dead Sea Mud, it is all natural and one of the many wonders of Earth. The minerals of this sea is said to cause thermal sensation on the body. When applying it twice, you can already notice that your skin is getting firmer and toner. You must definitely try the Dead Sea Mud cellulite body wrap and kit because it will do wonders for your body. Not only will it less impurities, it will also help your look more softer and smoother than ever. You just have to believe and trust its natural power.

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Cellulite Body Wraps – Do the Wraps Work?

Cellulite body wraps are making various claims throughout the internet. Of course, their number one claim is that the wraps will help you remove your cellulite, and look and feel better about yourself. Aside from cellulite reduction some wraps claim to do a lot more. In fact, a sample advertisement on the internet made these claims:

o Instant Slimming
o Skin Tightening
o Odor Reduction
o Inch Loss
o Weight Reduction
o Remove Toxins – Detoxify
o Improved Circulation
o Improved Skin Firming (tighten skin)
o Double Chin Reduction
o Acne Prevention
o Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
o Lasting results with repeated wraps (5 or so)
o Sculpting for women and men body types
o Reduction of Dry Skin
o Reduction of Psoriasis & Eczema
o Clearer skin complexion
o Insomnia Reduction
o Serious Cellulite Reduction

Amazing is not it? There are so many claims made including “serious cellulite reduction,” and this is just one product. When a product makes so many claims, and this is done just by using body wraps, it is ellogical, bordering on insane to think that the product can actually do all these things. This just means that it is highly improbable for a body wrap to actually remove cellulite or do all the other things listed.

The basic concept of the body wrap is that you can lose weight and cellulite by just wrapping it around your entire body. Yes, definitely there will inches lost, but the inches are lost due to profuse sweating, which means the weight lost is mostly water weight. The skin firming on the other hand is due to temporary compression of the skin. This is normal, and should happen if your skin is bound tightly, which is often true when the body wraps are used. This gives the impression that the cellulite problem has been reduced, and visually there seems to be an improvement. However, when the skin goes back to normal and is no longer compressed, the cellulite magically reappears!

Buying these products is buying into a scam. Discard all their claims, and all their scientific hogwash. If there were decent scientific findings on the effectiveness of these wraps then they would be published in a respected scientific journal for scrutiny and cross checking. But none of these scientific finds exist. It all is a marketing strategy aimed at you buying something that makes you feel good about yourself, without getting any significant results.

Cellulite body wraps are shortcuts to whatever they seek to achieve, whether it be weight loss, or slimming, or cellulite reduction. People like the feeling of instant results, and instant gratification. However, this also results in instant loss of whatever they perceived to have gained. Instead of wasting money on these cellulite body wraps, it would be better spent on items that actually help you lose your cellulite, and lose weight if that was part of the plan. Spend your money on a gym membership, or on some exercise equipment that could cost much less. Just buying a yoga ball and doing some daily exercises on it, or a rubber mat is one of the cheapest ways of keeping fit as these items do not cost that much. The results may not be instant but there is an assurance that your weight will improve, and your cellulite will be reduced after working hard at exercising, and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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Spa Etiquette – How to Act and What to Expect at a Day Spa

Is this your first time at a day spa? You are probably apprehensive about the new experience and nervous because you do not know what to expect or are unfamiliar with the etiquette practices. Here are few hints to help you fit in the spa and minimize stress through achieving greater relaxation, which is the whole mission of a day spa.

Arrive on Time

It is important that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment, allowing time to fill out any required paperwork and change your clothing. You may even want to come earlier and take advantage of the spa's sauna or steam room in an effort to further unwind.

When scheduling your appointment make sure you give yourself a heavy cushion of time between your appointment appointment and other engagements on your schedule. This is important because feeling stressed about time may negate the calming effect of your massage. If for some reason you can not make your appointment, call the day spa at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This is common courty as well as requirement of many spas in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

Maintain Silence

When you arrive, immediately turn off your cell phone to maintain a quiet and calm atmosphere. Also, be sure to speak softly, as you would in a library. You are the not the only one trying to relax at the day spa so keep all social conversation at a low volume and do not bringing children.


Most people are most apprehensive about this aspect of a day spa. It is custom to undress completely for massages, this includes jewelry. Towels and robes are provided by most day spas and should be used while walking from room to room. The therapist will give you instructions and then leave the room while you lie on the table and drape the cloth over your body.

During the treatment, your private parts remain covered at all times. If disrobing makes you uncomfortable, feel free to wear a swim suit or leave your underwear on. Also, if you prefer a same-sex therapist, mention that when scheduling your appointment.

Give the Therapist Feedback

During your massage communicate with your therapist. If you desire a change in pressure, music, room temperature, or talking, tell them. They want to make you comfortable and will follow your lead. Also make sure to tell them of any problem areas and if you experience any pain.

Be respectful of the schedule

Following a massage, the therapist will tell you to take your time getting up to avoid getting dizzy or light headed. They will leave you alone in the room, but this is not the time to take a nap. An appropriate time to lie on the table before getting up is 5-10 minutes.

Do not take longer than this, as the room must be sanitized and prepared for the next scheduled patient. If you feel you need more relaxation time, most day spas provide a relaxation room for this very purpose. Day spas do not intend to rush anyone, but still have schedules to follow.


It is customary and polite to tip the therapist that provided you your treatment. This is done when checking out and paying for the procedure rather than just handed to the therapist. Like restaurants, the tip should be at least 15-20% of the procedure price.

If you are still nervous about the whole experience, remember to tell the staff that it is your first time through the entire visit. This will ensure that they give you more detailed instructions and will do everything they can to make your trip to the day spa as positive and relaxing as possible.

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Methods and Benefits of Steam Baths and Full Wet Sheet Pack

There are several curative hydrotherapeutic treatments and the two common among them are steam bath and full wet sheet pack. In this article you will learn the methods and benefits of steam bath and full wet sheet pack. Both the hydrotherapeutic treatments have several health benefits and act as a natural healing process for many diseases.

Stream Bath

Stream baths can be done in several ways. It can be done by either making the patient to lie down on a wooden plank which is fitted with pores to pass stream to the body. He is made to drink the cold water and protect his head with cold cloth. His head is usually outside the cabin. This treatment is done till he gets perspiration on his body. He is advised cold shower bath after the stream bath.

Stream baths help to remove the toxins and morbid material from the body especially from the skin. It increases circulation of blood in the skin and stimulates the nervous system. It is beneficial in chronic rheumatism, gout, and obesity. It also relieves chronic nephritis, tetanus, migraine and infections.

This is not to be given to cardiac patients, pregnant women, weak and debilitated patients, high blood pressure. If the patient gets giddiness, he should be removed from the cabin and allow him to drink water and wash his face with cold water.

Full Wet Sheet Pack

In full wet sheet pack, the patient's body is wrapped with a cold sheet and then wrapped in a dry blanket in order to regulate heat. The sheet must be properly fixed to the body. The head is covered with a wet cloth. The feet are kept warm during the treatment with hot water bottles, if the feet are cold. He is given cold or hot water to drink during the treatment. This is done till he gets perspiration. This treatment must be done three hours before meals especially for entity body.

Full wet sheet pack is useful in fever-typhoid and continued fevers; and it relieves sleeplessness, chronic cold and bronchitis and it also relieves obesity and rheumatism.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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Five Day Spa Health Benefits That You Can’t Do Without

A visit to the day spa can do wonders for your health. We all know that massages and steam baths are good for you, but few people understand just how good they really are. This is why health resorts are popping up everywhere; everyone needs to get away from it all and relax. What can a wellness center like this do for you?

The Miracles Of The Massage

We all know that massages help relax muscle tension, but are you aware of all the benefits of a good massage? Massage relaxes not only your muscles, but your entire body, nervous system and even your mind. A good massage administered by a pro at a day spa can make the rest of your week a breeze. Massage also helps your blood circulate better, your stomach digest better, your lungs better better and help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins and waste. It can also help with pain relief from any number of illnesses.

Let The Heat Do Its Thing

There's nothing like kicking back in a hot tub, spa or jacuzzi for a couple of hours. Not only is it relaxing, but it is a form of therapy as well. “Hydrotherapy” refers to healing your body with steam and hot water. There are innumerable benefits for your body and mind.

Hydrotherapy promoters good circulation by dilating the blood vessels. It also helps with muscle soreness and stiffness by helping the muscles relax naturally. It's a great alternative to taking muscle relaxants. It also stimulates the body's endorphins, which are used as a natural pain killer.

You Can not Beat A Day Spa For Stress Relief

Everyone's life is hectic these days; our ancestors did not have nearly the daily stresss we have to deal with. Day spas provide a place to escape, let yourself be pampered and enjoy the benefits offered. Hydrotherapy and massage help with stress relief, but so does taking it easy in a steam bath and letting the spa staff treat you like royalty. This is probably the best and most enduring benefit that wellness resorts really offer.

Sleep Better And Lose The Headaches

Health resorts are great at helping those who can not sleep, especially those who suffer from migraines. Steam gives you the all natural alternative to headache medicines. Like headache pills, it dilates the blood vessels in the head, but it does it naturally. Health spa hydrotherapy also helps you sleep better by getting your blood flowing better.

Day Spas Can Help You Lose Weight

Visiting a resort can be a great way to help take off the weight. Some spas specialize in health and fitness programs. They offer easy exercises, healthy cuisine and loads of information to help you lose weight. A good health resort fitness program is designed to treat the whole body and mind of food cravings, self-defeating attitudes and other obstacles that stand between you and your weight loss.

Best of all, day spas help keep you balanced and healthy overall. With all the stresses and pain of everyday living, health resorts offer a quiet place to get away, and there are a number of excellent benefits that promote wellness.

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