If you're thinking of giving yourself a treat, then for once treat your feet by getting a pedicure. By the time you're done, your feet will have improved blood circulation, a nourished skin, relaxed leg and foot muscles. Basically this procedure involves feet soaking, lotion application, nail filing plus shaping and application of nail polish. Neverheless, to carry out this procedure you require some knowledge and tools. All this supplies required in giving you a special foot care treatment are contained in a pedicure cart.

Pedicure carts are available in different types in the market today. In fact, there are even some that come with special massage chairs. If you are looking forward to buying one of these kits, it's always wise to go for professional equipment and this way you wont worry of bacteria infections that may arise from using poorly sanitized tools. The basic requirements of this procedure include; tub of warm water, nail polish remover, orange wood stick, hand towel, nail clippers, clear nail polish, cotton pads, finger brush, nail file or emery board, massage lotion and pumice stone.

Usually a pedicure cart is more or less like a pedicure station. It has two wheels and adjustable footrests, deep drawers, compartments for bottles, they're endowed with thick cushions for comfortable seating and have a good storage space.

These carts come in different types Obviously depending on how much you're willing to spend. In fact, some have luxurious seats made of padded vinyl. Neverheless, most models come with removable pockets and comfortable footrests that are supported by tubular steel stands.