Pedicures are basically the only way to make our feet relax and have that sparkling look that almost makes us wear sandals to work. Just like what it's all about, the name is derived from Latin words 'pes' and 'cura' which means foot and care respectively. In general, foot reflexology, especially massages soothes the the nerve of the feet that not only benefit the feet but also the entire body.

Interestingly, in olden days, traditional healers would use hot stones during massage. Neverheless, some masseuse use unique creams with mint of menthol in them that brings a rejuvenating effect. For a simple pedicure procedure to be successful, certain things that are required include; towels for drying the feet, cotton balls for application of lotions, cuticle pushers and nippers, lotions for soothing effect, cuticle cream for making the cuticles softer, orange wood sticks, toenail clippers, foot bath, acetone for removing old nail polish and an antibacterial soap for sanitizing and cleaning purpose.

Typically, the pedicure procedure is as follows; You first remove the old nail polish with ace tone remover, ten cut the nails and file where necessary, soaking the feet in Luke warm water containing liquefied soap and hydrogen peroxide, scrubbing the feet, buffing the cuticles and pushing it gently and lastly massaging the feet and the legs.

After the feet are well washed, nail Polish is then applied and the nails are allowed to dry. However, the polish is applied in two coats. Remember that a quality pedicure will always leave the feet relaxed, soothed and sparkling.