The pedicure is a common and universal activity among women. It is necessary to know that during the pedicure process, you should place your foot at an angle of forty five degrees on a stable surface for example, a stool or table. The procedure necessitates the need for a range of equipment such as clippers, nail polish, nail files, polish remover, scissors, lotions nail hardener and cuticle softener etc. It is necessary to store these items properly when using or not using.

This is because it is difficult for the user to get up from their position in pursuit of the required item, this is due to wet nail polish on your feet which can not allow you to wear shoes until its dry to avoid damaging the polish. The polish can also rub off on the carpet furniture or other parts of the house. If it's a professional offering the services they should have everything in place for client convenience.

A pedicure can be a remarkable form of pampering and can raise your spirit and appease your aching feet. The development of pedicure station was as a result of a person undergoing the process of pedicure to have somewhere to support their foot. This development is chiefly used to hold up a foot in the position favorable to performing a pedicure. It provides a satisfied device for performing pedicures and provides a convenient storage space and form or transport for equipment used in pedicure.

Generally the pedicure station is an entity of the invention to provide equipment for positioning your foot while under pedicure. There are two types of pedicure stations namely; a normal rolling cart and a pedicure chair.