There's a need for one to be comfortable when performing a pedicure and this is thought about by the post that one is in while performing this procedure. Pedicure stools can be used at spas but they're best suited for home use. They're three legged, can be adjusted to a level that is desired by the user, may have a reconfigured back. They're covered in vinyl, plastic, or a material which is easy to clean between pedicures.

Pedicure stools are similar to those of the spa type, designed for use at home and around the yard and garden. They allow you to sit in a low or high position giving you the satisfaction of choosing your post during pedicure.

When on a high position, the supporting platform can be used as a seat that can be secured at a suitable height for the user. In this way it can be functional as a spa stool or as a pedicure stool with a foot support when one wishes to pedicure their own feet.

Pedicure stools are affordable and comfortable. They're easy to keep clean and are also dirt free. A tub of water may be fixed externally to soak and clean the feet. Some of the tabs are fixed in a special way that allow the user to drain the water once in a while during the pedicure process. The tubs may also contain features like jets and lighting providing an ambiance that is enjoyable to the user. Normally, the pedicure stool has a footrest attached to it.