When you want to do your own pedicure, of course you'll need to have pedicure supplies needed for the job. Some may be bought online or through the usual way. The basic items that you would require are scissors, clippers and toenail clippers that are frequently used by mail professionals and technicians. The toenail file is sometimes included. You should also note that there are different kinds of files, toenail clippers and toenail scissors. Some are specifically designed to easily get rid of ingrown mails.

There are also foot products meant to ease out old calluses. A smoother or handy foot file and pads and pumice stone can help to smooth the skin from rough spots and corn. Nail care products though are purchased separately. They include nail polish which should be kept in a cool dry place and should also be handled with care. Also, you can buy some acetone, dry nail polish, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a foot bath, towels, and polish dryer.

Electrical pedicure supplies are also available. They come with special tools or settings that can be sped us or slowed down, depending on your desired style of pedicure or manicure.

Other Pedicure supplies which are important include the pedicure stool and pedicure chairs that have foot baths; some have more implicated features than others. Special footrests can aid make your pedicure chair more comfy as well as help make customers feet easier to reach. If you have a pedicure stool make sure, you have an external foot bath or a container of water.