So you've decided to get a far infrared sauna for your own personal use, congratulations! There is no better or safer way to cleanse and purify your body of toxins to make the most of your health. The next step is to sift through information on the many types of infrared sauna heaters. Which one is best for you?

Infrared heaters look and lot different than traditional sauna heaters. First of all, they do not have rocks and do not produce steam. They look more like panels than the heater box that we've come to expect.

They function quite differently, as well. Traditional heaters heat up the air, and the hot air waves us. Infrared heaters directly heat us, even though the temperature of the air does not rise much. They work a lot like the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. They emit a much more potent and efficient heat.

Heaters come in a variety of materials, the most popular two being ceramic and carbon fiber. Ceramic heaters are generally regarded as the most efficient and effective. The downside of ceramic is that it is less durable than other materials and takes more time to heat up. Carbon heaters are usually made of super thin carbon plates that warm quickly. When all comparisons are made, there really is not a significant difference between carbon heaters and ceramic heaters.

With infrared heaters, the lower the surface temperature the better. The lower the surface temperature, the longer the infrared wavelength will be and the more effective the infrared heat will be for you. Different makes and models of heaters will reach different temperatures, and you want one that is below 480 degrees.

The surface area is another important consideration in your infrared heater. If you see a heater that is just a single rod, you should pass it and keep looking. Such a heater must reach an extremely high surface temperature to do much of anything, and wont be very efficient or effective. The larger the surface area the better, which is why all quality heaters will come in panels or sheets of some type.

Because infrared light does not project very well, you need to make sure that the heaters are positioned properly inside your sauna to be effective. Read labels to find out how heat is directed with the specific heater you purchase to be sure you're using it correctly.

When you decide to install your own infrared sauna, the choice of heater you purchase is important. The two biggest considerations are surface temperature and surface area, and if you keep that in mind you should have no trouble finding infrared sauna heaters that will fulfill all your needs.