You may be spending few minutes on completing unnecessary things like removing unwanted hair in the toilet. Those unwanted can be found in certain areas like your armpit, chest and your legs.

It can be your daily or weekly routine of getting rid of your hair and you would probably be blaming your 'hairy' genes as your unwanted hairs keep re-growing at your body. Then, you would try waxing to remove your annoying hair for good, but this particular method is indeed painful.

Why would you prefer to choose such a painful hair removal method and yet, this method is unable to remove hair permanently?

There is one effective solution to this problem – by undergoing laser hair removal treatment. This treatment utilizes laser to penetrate the minuscule pores of the skin and act directly on the root of the hair follicle, avoiding hair from re-growing on a long period of time.

Bare in mind that hair will re-grow after two weeks of your first treatment. Therefore, you are required to undergo few rounds of treatments (averagely six treatments) after you have completed the first one. The permanent hair removal effect would only take place after you have completed all treatments provided by your hair removal specialist.

If you are serious about having this treatment, do not tan your skin before you start any laser hair removal treatment. Beside that, do not shave your unwanted hair on your body. A technician would trim your hair within perfect length for this treatment. This treatment is not as painful as waxing. You would experience slight pain in which most people could endure.