Both shaving and waxing are used by the women for removing the unwanted hairs from the bikini lines. Hairs on the bikini lines are a major problem for the women. Women feel embarrassed when the unwanted hairs come out of their bikini and give a very ugly look.

They can not wear bikinis due to this condition.

Waxing and shaving both are temporary hair removal methods. Both have their own benefits and also complications or side effects.

Waxing – Waxing removes the unwashed hairs directly from the root. Waxing is
often popular among women as it leaves nothing on the skin. The result of waxing
lasts for up to six weeks. Waxing can be used both at home and at a salon.

Shaving – Shaving is a very easy method for removing unwanted hairs. It is quick and requires only a razor, brush and a shaving cream. The results of shaving last for just one day.

Below is a comparison of both the above discussed methods –

Time Factor

Waxing – The best thing about waxing is that it removes a large amount of hairs at a time.
If performed by a professional, it may take up to one hour and if performed on own, it may take more than an hour.

Shaving – Shaving is very quick, but the hair should be trimmed down first, it makes shaving very easy.

Price Factor

Waxing – A waxing kit costs about $ 25- $ 100.

Shaving – Shaving is really inexpensive. It costs just some cents on a shaving cream, brush and a razor.

Difficulty Factor

Waxing – Performing waxing on own is very difficult but a professional cosmetologist performs it in less time and easily.

Shaving – Shaving is done very easily.

At-Home Factor

Waxing – It requires wax, heater, strips, applicators, power and wax remover.

Shaving – It only requires water, shaving cream, brush and razor.

Result Factor

Waxing – The results are good. They last for up to six weeks.

Shaving – The results are short-lasting. After a day or two hairs grow back.

Side Effects Factor

Waxing – Waxing causes pain, redness and irritation.

Shaving – Risk of razor bumps, cuts and nicks.