Soy wax is one of the types of materials used in creating natural candles. It has been a very special favorite among a lot of companies who create such candles because of various reasons. One is that it is easy to harvest and soy plants are easy to grow. Compare to beeswax candles, it is easier to find and you do not have to wait for the bees to do their thing before you can have a good amount to make into natural candles. Another reason is that such a type of material is also quite pure in the sense that its color is neutral and you can add almost all types of color to it. Mixing in essential oils to give it a certain scent is also very easy and the scent will be diffused in the air well.

A lot of companies create soy wax candles because more and more people are now going for natural candles. And because soy wax is easy to harvest and easy to find, its price is also not that steep so more and more consumers choose this. If you have a good hold in the market, then that means also a good amount of income for you.

One of the major things that companies do to differentiate their soy wax candles from other kinds of candles in the market is by creating various scents for such candles. Some experts in the industry say that there are companies which create a good list of scents for one season and another list for another season. They even compare it to the fashion industry where a collection is made for each season. This is the same for soy wax candles but instead of design, they work with the scents.

There is one scent which is said to help people feel really relaxed and feel as if they are in heaven already. Of course, no one has yet gone to heaven and come back to live to tell the tale. But it is more of how people conceive heaven to be – peaceful, relaxing, and you do not have to worry about anything anymore. It is made from a combination of essential oils of rose, lavender, jasmine, and carnation.