Bikini waxing is commonly used by women to remove their pubic hair as these hair follicles are normally pulled out from its roots and it is indeed a painful process that some women could not end. Since the bikini area has extreme sensitivity, so you need to have extra precaution before you perform waxing on the particular area. It has reported that there is a health risk involved when it is not performed correctly, as well as a risk of infection if it is performed on a person with a weakened immune system. Besides that, this particular method causes red bumps & ingrown hairs in which would happen after the shaving process.

If you are not willing to undergo such a painful treatment, there is one method that is less painful that most women are willing to pay for – the laser hair removal treatment. Laser is commonly used in surgeries due to its effectiveness on breaking down targeted cells. In this case, it uses pulsed light to break down targeted cells that able to produce melanin – the dark pigment of our skin. Therefore, laser beams are able to target hair follicles in the growth phase. Bear in mind that this particular treatment only works in dark skin.

Individuals can only experience permanent hair removal effect after they have completed a full 4-6 course treatment. If you are serious about getting your pubic hair removed for good, then start doing your homework before signing up for these particular treatments that are offered by certified dermatologists or licensed technicians.