Many thousands of years ago, the sauna was first conceivable and enjoyed a long life in many different ancient civilizations. Now the sauna is viewed as accessible to all in various fitness facilities and are found in both the dry heat and wet heat variations.

Aficinados often enjoy the warmth of the sauna dressed only in the towels provided by their facilities, or the more modest may chose to wear bathing attire. While most of us are familiar with the current version of a sauna, we do not know about the different varieties of saunas which are now available such as the far infrared sauna.

The traditional sauna relies on obtaining its heating through a grill, which uses a variety of materials to be heated. These materials include such items as coal or rocks. Many times special chips of woods are introduced which often provide a special crisp scent. While the heating element warms the coals or rocks, the air in the sauna becomes increasingly hotter in a style of heating called convection. Individuals savor the hot air permeating the sauna and find themselves perspiring out toxins in their system.

However, traditional saunas are not without their flaws as their method of heating sometimes offers air which is not as pristine as desired. It is now possible to experience the far infrared sauna, which utilizes a different modality to warm the sauna's environs. This wonderful innovation is infrared radiation, like the heat provided by the sun. The warmth of this type of radiation is very effective and uses less energy so it is perfect for an in-home sauna.

The infrared sauna is much more effective in the way it heats the skin. A traditional sauna can only go skin-deep with it heat, while infrared radiation goes much more deeply into the body and provides a much better detoxification. Nonetheless, there is often a safety concern when using the type of radiant heat produced by the sun. It sounds harmful because of what we know about the sun's ultraviolet rays.

However, you can rest assured that the infrared saunas are quite safe, and do not even use ultraviolet rays. It is as though we are bathing in the sun without any of the negative repercussions and only the lovely warmth. . The key to the safety of the infrared sauna is its lack of use of the ultraviolet rays which are the cause of much skin damage and sunburns.

Infrared heat radiation is a very different type of radiation. It greatly asserts the detoxification of the body because it allows more sweating, which enhances the functioning of the lymph system and reinvigorates the body. If you are interested in maintaining and maximizing your health in your own home, the infrared sauna is an essential part of your home fitness arsenal.

Why not choose the sauna which delivers a more effective, better use of energy and health benefits. It is definitely worth exploring. You will not be disappointed.