Waxing may seem like an easy option to remove unwanted hair but it comes with many side effects. Taking into consideration your skin type and the technique, waxing should be done be done without haste and with cleanliness. Discover ways to reduce pain and skin sensitivities by scanning the article below.

It is necessary to understand your skin type if you are considering hair removal techniques. Amongst other techniques for removing hair, waxing is more long lasting and some say it helps to get rid of the sun tan too.

Process of Waxing for Hair Removal
Waxing is done either with cold or hot wax. Sprinkle some powder before applying the layers of wax in order to reduce the pain. Apply along the growth of the hair in thin lengths and strip with cellophane or clean strips of cloth. Using plastic or cellophane strips is considered more hygienic. Then pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove the unwanted hair. Use astringent as a disinfectant after the waxing procedure is complete.

Waxing Side Effects
Some common side effects of waxing are listed here below:

  • Painful
  • Red rashes here and there
  • Hair breaks
  • Inflammation
  • Bumps
  • Scarring

Waxing Side effects and Skin Types
The waxing procedure is not recommended for people suffering from the following skin conditions or problems:

  • Irritated, chapped or sun burnt skin
  • Skin with pimples, rashes or moles
  • Dry and peeling cracked skin
  • People who have enlarged and twisted veins
  • Persons suffering from diabetes or improper blood circulation as waxing can lead to increased chances of infection
  • If you already using drugs like Retin-A that can make your skin sensitive for waxing

Tips to Reduce Waxing Side Effects
Some tips that can help you reduce the chances of discomfort and pain after waxing are listed here below:

  • Avoid sun exposure immediately before and after waxing
  • Wear loose and natural fabrics to avoid skin irritations
  • After about 24-48 hours of waxing, cleanse and scrub the skin off all the dead skin
  • If you are already suffering from any skin ailment like acne or rashes then let them heal before waxing

Taking care of all the above details can help you prevent waxing side effects. However, some people suffer naturally even after taking undue precaution and care. The only way to tackle these few seconds of pain and distress is to tell yourself – “there's no gain without pain”.