Most people opt for body waxing in order to have their unwanted hair removed on certain parts of their body. It involves the use of wax and cloth that are applied on the area that they want unwanted unwanted hair removed. Once the cloth that sticks on that particular area is removed, the pulling force is able to remove the unwanted hair from its root. This particular hair removal method can be done at home or at beauty care center. This method is extremely painful that most people who prefer their hair shaved by using the conventional or the electric shaver. However, there are few disadvantages of body waxing:

  • Sensitive areas such as genitals and nipples can only be done by certified cosmetologists. Normally, the cost of getting a certified cosmetologists can be extremely high.
  • Some people have experienced red bumps, minor bleeding and ingrown hairs. Therefore, certain oil will be applied if someone has high sensitive skin.
  • It is extremely torturing when someone has thick unwanted hair. Such removal will be done periodically in order to have permanent hair removal.
  • This method is not suitable for individuals who have poor circulation or poor heart health.
  • Many women have experienced bleeding when they tried bikini waxing. Thus, performing such method on genitals has to be done by certified cosmetologists.
  • This particular method hasten the formation of wrinkles that may be harsh on one's delicate skin.
  • Some people have experienced rashes from this particular hair removal technique. Therefore, the materials used for this method have to be extremely clean.